The emergence of the North British Nationalist Party means it’s end-game

We’re nearing end-game in the three hundred year old struggle to restore Scotland’s sovereignty.

The civil war engulfing Scottish Labour was foretold by many independence supporters when the SNP won power in 2007.

The rag-tag remnants of Scottish Labour were always going to cling on til the bitter end. What seemed like lucrative career paths a decade ago have been replaced with dirt roads to political oblivion, soiled with the festering turds of big beasts past.  The SNP killed their ambitions.

The group of nine Labour rebels in Aberdeen are merely playing out a role fate had already decreed. It was always going to be thus.

The Aberdeen Nine have not left Scottish Labour, for the mythical party never really existed. It was always British Labour in Scotland. Scottish Labour was always a media construct designed to dupe traditional Labour voters in Scotland into believing there was indeed a Scottish alternative to the nationalists. Unionism needed a ‘Scottish’ Labour party to combat the SNP.

That need has now gone.  The game has changed.  Elections can no longer be won by Scottish Labour.  The contest is now the constitution.  Scottish Unionism is reinventing itself.

What we have in Aberdeen is the first glimpse of a genuine North British Nationalist Party. Labour’s nine rebels had to choose between an alliance with a left-leaning pro-indy group or an alliance with a right-wing Unionist group. In the contest of party-principles versus constitution it was the constitution that won.

The alliance in the North East is the latest manifestation of a process started by Ruth Davidson.

When Ruth turned the Scottish Conservatives into a single issue ‘no second referendum’ party she was sentencing Scottish Labour to death. Labour’s Yes voters had already all but migrated to the SNP.  It’s No voters, if they wanted to thwart the nationalists, had to do the same – migrate.

Aberdeen Labour recognise their party is now a lost cause. Why should they hand over the trappings of office to the SNP in order to help a doomed general election campaign and a doomed leader? Why not join with their Unionist allies and thwart their mutual enemy?

The Tory group in Aberdeen have installed a puppet regime. Ruth Davidson is now their de-facto leader. The North British Nationalist Party has control of its first council.

The end-game in the story of Scotland’s constitutional journey was always going to see a single Unionist entity emerge to take on its Independence rival. That entity is here, it is right-wing, it is ruthless [no pun] and it is slowly crushing its weaker Unionist rivals. Scottish Labour and the Scottish Lib Dems are doomed.

But it is also attracting extreme British Nationalists.  The bigots, xenophobes and racists are also emerging.

Ruth’s extreme rhetoric [see below] has emboldened them.


This then is the way the Union will end.  The final referendum will see Project Fear replaced with Project Ugly. The outward looking Scottish Nationalism of Yes will contrast with the boorish backward British Nationalism of No.  A welcoming smile versus an aggressive sneer.

Scots will reject this gnarled caricature of the Union they were presented with in 2014. Why? Because we aren’t mad and we aren’t bad, that’s why.

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15 thoughts on “The emergence of the North British Nationalist Party means it’s end-game

  1. C avery

    She clearly wants to fight. Mind you she did visit Alyth last week to promote Ian Duncan. Two prominent LGBT Conservatives in Alyth at the same time no doubt caused a stir amongst the local ageing Tory farmers and incomers. At least it stopped them flooding the toon for awhile.

  2. Iain Ross

    I really hope you are right that the Scots shall reject these people. If they don’t then for me Scotland shall not exist anymore and I shall be ‘stateless’ in a defacto foreign country. We shall then probably look to emigrate. Still let’s hope sense prevails and that it shall not come to that but I must admit that my confidence has been knocked recently by the number of people who seem to be happy to vote Tory out of pure spite for the SNP and the idea of Scotland as a country.

  3. Brian

    Thankfully I may not be around to see the unionist version of the end game , because if the unionists win there will be no scotgov to fight them . In that scenario , I’m either going to leave Scotland , or as I’m disabled killed off by Tory austerity . Such is the future for many in Scotland if the unionists win this election in Scotland . The only alternative is voting for a Independence Party ( SNP or green ) and fight till we get our independence from the uk .

  4. George Herd

    Good read. If there is mileage in this as an outcome, it seems to me that we need to start looking forward – as Nicola Sturgen says frequently – to the kind of country we want to be. We need to be more explicit and appeal to the ‘good’ in both camps. For instance, New Scotland will not tolerate bigotry – here is an apportunity to put the past behind us, start again, and begin to learn to live more harmoniously. If there is no union, then there is no basis for the kind of extremism we have sometimes seen in the past. We need to explain and give examples of just what we mean by “government for the people”.

  5. Big Jock

    Yep time for us all to consider whether we want to live in an autocratic dictatorship. Or leave and go to a welcoming EU country like Eire. I can’t stay here and watch everything we cherish being ripped apart while Brit Scots do nothing.

    This is a horrible country absolutely disgusting. You wouldn’t choose to live here!

  6. Lochside

    I’ve always known this would happen.You have put it most clearly and eloquently Mr P. My worry is that if we don’t win this time that the flood of RUK white flighters will continue into Scotland.They who despite their desire to escape their home country, desire not to assist us with freedom by a factor of 4:1. Meanwhile the young YES Scots population will continue to become disallusioned and emigrate, as they have been doing in large numbers since 2014. Leaving the rest of us captive and reduced to certified slaves along with the intractable old, stupid, bitter and colonisers.

  7. Big Jock

    Well May is now using the classic:” public consent”.

    In other words she wants to ignore the democratic route to independence. We could elect 59 mps and she wouldn’t agree it was a mandate. This is the start of the end of democracy.

    Look what she tried to do over article 50. Bypass wm!

    We are now into a legal war situation between Holyrood and London. It’s going to court and will probably be Supreme Court and they will be bought.

    Then it’s UDI and going to Geneva for recognition!

    1. bringiton

      The Tories intent to remove themselves from accountability to European courts will be a double edged sword.
      How much credibility and more importantly,sympathy will this engender with other democratic states around the world.
      Their only friends will be those who shun the democratic rule of law and this appears to be recognised by Theresa May in the sort of people she is trying to do deals with.
      Their efforts to suppress Scottish democracy will not go unnoticed now.

  8. Clydebuilt

    If your reading this and want Scotland to become independent, get out and help your local SNP candidate.

    1. Alan Crerar

      I’ll second that, Clydebuilt. Enough of the negative comments like “If the Tories win, I’m leaving”. As a Scot, if I lived somewhere else, I’d be back to help make Scotland free. I’m staying till the end. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  9. Ian McCubbin

    I agree with big Jock. Neither May or Davidson will accept any democratic process where SNP and Yes continue to persuade people that self determination us our right. UDI by U.N. charter 1541 is out only way and hope now.
    This takes much courage and will take as many years as an agreed independence. The losers will be the New Brit Nationalist Party and little England. I however feel for many in England saddled with this right wing agenda

    1. Douglas

      Strangely, are the best hope for England.

      Part of the right wing stranglehold on England is the ‘there is no alternative’ lie.

      If we gain independence and show by example that a different way is possible, it undermines their power.

      That is why independence is so feared by the powerful.

      Onward to save Scotland… and England

    1. Muscleguy

      As the article points out the constitution trumped stuff like that.

      It epitomises how rabid the remaining Slabbers are. If you are a trade unionist feminist and you are not already in the SNP (who have more affiliated trades union members than SLAB do) then there is no hope for you.

      This is probably someone who also has half an eye on an OBE or even an MBE and then who knows? Someone who thinks like that is always going to hate the idea of Indy when all that will be gone.

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