THE BREXIT LEAK anatomy of an economic disaster


2016 PM David Cameron gives way to the Tory right-wing and calls a referendum on EU membership. The inevitable Remain win will solve Tory party divisions & halt UKIP’s rise. Media focus on the leadership battle and fail to examine economic claims. Leave wins. Cameron Resigns. Time for the Brexit plan…There is no Brexit plan (and there still is no clear plan 2 years later). Scotland faces being forced to leave the EU against its will by a Tory party it didn’t vote for who have no EU exit strategy. The Scottish Govt produces a plan for Brexit but it’s ignored by UK Govt. UK Govt claim to be working on Brexit impact reports then deny they exist. Scottish Govt release analysis showing Brexit could cost Scotland £12 Billion a year. Scottish Tories dismiss the ScotGov’s report as ‘exaggerated scaremongering’. Buzzfeed publish a leaked UK Govt report predicting Brexit will be a disaster, devastating or catastrophic; validating the Scottish Govt’s analysis. Scottish Tories go into hiding (while BBC Scotland looks the other way once again). Labour? The Party is divided on EU. Corbyn backs Hard-Brexit. Labour have failed to capitalise on Tory chaos (see latest polling). Brexit will damage Scotland’s economy and the devolved powers to do anything about it now face serious threat. Scotland has a choice: independence or potentially decades of subservience to an self-serving, right-wing Tory party hellbent on Brexit at any cost.

Buzzfeed’s report on the Brexit leak.

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2 thoughts on “THE BREXIT LEAK anatomy of an economic disaster

  1. Robert Graham

    this myth theistory party have some god given right and everyone will to bow down and do exactly what they this party want , is totally delusional they are in cuckoo land , we want dosnt cut it with the EU , they have managed to fool the english public a deal is there for the taking , there will be tears before bedtime when the penny finally drops .

  2. Big Jock

    The thing that is baffling me at present is why the SG are waiting. As far as I can see this is full on hard Brexit. Not only that ignoring the requests of the SG time and time again is disrespectful and challenging democracy.

    I fear that time is running out and the trigger must be pulled on indy ref 2. One thing is clear. This Tory government are political and cerebral basket cases. However they are still dangerous to Scotland and it’s parliament. The threat is real not imagined. They will stop at nothing to disempower Scotland.

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