The best may not be good enough

“a crisis over GP recruitment”

“furious controversy over its Named Person scheme”

“the rise from oblivion on the Scottish Conservative Party”

Iain Macwhirter continues to demonstrate how susceptible he is to the cosy consensus of the metropolitan media. It doesn’t matter that, here in the real world, there was no “crisis over GP recruitment”. That’s what was ‘reported’by the British media – so it must be true.

It doesn’t matter that the supposed controversy over the Named Person scheme was entirely hysteria driven by opportunist politicians and the sensationalist press. You’d have to be able to see that hysteria for what it was in order to appreciate the falseness of it – and Mr Macwhirter is too much in awe of the British establishment to entertain such doubts.

It doesn’t matter that the “rise from oblivion on the Scottish Conservative Party” is entirely an artifice of the media celebrity manufacturing apparatus. Ruth Davidson is appearing on panel shows – therefore she must be politically significant.

Iain Macwhirter is among the more astute and perspicacious commentators on Scotland’s political scene. There are times when that is a rather depressing thought.

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8 thoughts on “The best may not be good enough

  1. Andy McKirdy

    We’ve spoken many times about people whose main agenda isn’t Independence, Harvey, Boyd, and others, Macwhirter falls into that category, he is a federalist first and foremost and like the others his own agenda always takes precedence.
    He is also a product of the MSM and although his commentary is certainly more balanced and sympathetic to our side of the argument there are still many times I find myself shaking my head and grinding my teeth!!!
    The headlines above are typical anti Scottish MSM nonsense and I thought MacWhirter was smarter than that.
    And since when did 25% in the polls constitute a rise from oblivion, it’s surely still oblivion. Simply a realignment showing that Scottish politics is now more than ever about Independence or the Union and Labour having nowhere to hide now.
    Macwhirter and all the rest will soon have to nail their colours to one mast or the other.

  2. Geejay

    “Iain Macwhirter is among the more astute and perspicacious commentators on Scotland’s political scene. There are times when that is a rather depressing thought.” Are there any independent-minded (not just Indy), forthright, honest journalists writing today – those that can see through the lies and deception that is the daily currency of virtually all of the MSM? As far as I can see they are all Unionist propagandists following in the footsteps of Lord Haw Haw.

  3. Robert Kerr

    Methinks Mr McWhirter is conflating the Scottish Conservative Party with the Ruth Davidson Party as portrayed to us prior to the Scottish Parliamentary Election.

    A proper journalist would have commented on this renaming ruse as a lie to hide Toryism from us and garner votes under a false flag!.

    McWhirter does no service to Scottish Independence or himself.

  4. Clydebuilt

    If MacWhirter is the most pro Indy journalist Writing in the Sunday Herald. And he’s not really that much pro Indy…… Then what does that say about the Sunday Herald as a self proclaimed Indy supporting paper

  5. Anagach

    In a way he is right. It does not matter that Scotrail is average for a UK rail franchise, because a media storm saying its a total failure does damage to the Scottish Government. The same is true for Doctor recruitment, Education attainment and the latest is the budget down or up for local councils. As long as the media and opposition present a coordinated and sustained attack, avoiding facts presented in a balanced and comparative way, then only people who go to original data sources will know differently.

  6. gregor venters

    As a GP locum I know there is a crisis in GP recruitment- at least in Lothian and the Western Isles – and that it is likely to get worse over the next few years. There are a number of reasons for this – many driven by the UK government – but putting your head i the sand about it doesn’t help to make your case.

    The Scottish govt have been more sympathetic to GPs than the UK one (which is systematically destroying the NHS and trying to find ways to make it look like someone else’s fault) and I believe that GPs in Scotland have better morale than in England but would be interested in your assertion that “here in the real world there was no crisis in GP recruitment” – anecdotally that does not feel correct.

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