The ‘BBC Bias’ documentary is our chance to hit back

bbc all dayOn Friday I had the pleasure of viewing the documentary inspired by my book.  Also called ‘London Calling’ the seventy minute film captured for me the essence of the BBC’s coverage of the independence referendum.

The film was originally scheduled for completion in June this year, but as with most major projects there were issues that led to delays.  Then there was the decision of what to include, what to leave out and whether certain ideas would work.

The result is a documentary film that draws you in and takes you back to the heady days of the campaign.  You relive some of the key moments as presented by the BBC.  It’s an emotional rollercoaster.  Laughter is followed by anger at the BBC, then pride at the camaraderie that was Yes.

vote no bordersContributions from academics, writers, broadcasters and activists from Scotland, England, Catalonia and the USA lend the film weight.  And this is a film.  Clever special effects married to a sound track that oozes melodrama ensure that this documentary is not just another series of talking heads.

But the key measure of success is whether it presents a compelling case against the BBC.  And boy does it.  This film takes some of the worst examples of the BBC’s highly questionable coverage of indyref1, and fires them right back at the corporation blowing a hole in its reputation.

Independence supporters need no convincing of course when it comes to the BBC, but this documentary will give soft no voters and undecided voters pause for thought when it comes to trust in the corporation.  Believe me, this film hits back hard at a BBC already under pressure north of the border over its news and current affairs shortcomings.  It also comes at a time the BBC is now coming under scrutiny south of the border over its treatment of Jeremy Corbyn.

The completion of the documentary doesn’t of course mean the work is done.  What it brings are another set of challenges, chiefly how best to promote the film and get people to see it.

Arrangements for a Premiere are already underway.  There are pledges to people who generously donated to the appeal which provided funding for the documentary film.  Other screenings will follow.

It has been decided not to upload it to Vimeo and Youtube immediately but rather to make it available for specially arranged screenings.  This documentary really has to be seen on a larger than usual viewing screen with a decent quality sound system in order to be fully appreciated.

There is already huge goodwill being shown towards the documentary production team by people keen to help promote the film.  Some grassroots groups have already expressed an interest in screening the documentary at specially arranged events.  These screenings will be key in promoting the film and increasing interest.  The hope is that the documentary establishes itself of a part of the indyref2 campaign with activists bringing family and friends along to view it.

The documentary is structured in such a way as to make it a very interesting experience for those who aren’t normally fully engaged in politics or even aware that the media continually manipulates news.  When these people leave the event, they’ll leave with eyes that were once closed, now at least beginning to open.

bbc camerasNormally it is the BBC who point the cameras at us.  This time it is we who are pointing the cameras at the BBC.

The BBC acts with impunity in Scotland.  It answers not to our parliament and certainly not to the Scottish public who pay for it.  It does what it wants to do and will do so again when indyref2 is eventually called.

With this documentary the little guys finally have an opportunity to hit back.  It’s our time to give the broadcasting mouthpiece of the bloody Noes a bloody nose.

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27 thoughts on “The ‘BBC Bias’ documentary is our chance to hit back

  1. Fiona

    Can’t wait to see this. Will it be screened from Shetland to the borders? From east to west? North to south? I do hope so. 🙂

  2. Fraser Darling

    Any chance that you’ll be able to get it screened on RT and on European TV channels (might be a bit of interest in BBC bias there).

    What about getting screenings in universities and would it be possible to get it screened in any cinemas ?

  3. John Simpson

    Looking forward to seeing this, I took the time to complain to BBC Scotland over there reporting during the indi campaign, and I bought London calling.
    I wish you every success in promoting the documentary, we will gain our independence even with the state interference.
    Soar Alba.

  4. Dan Huil

    This is exactly the kind of thing we need. Congratulations to GAP and all those involved in making this documentary. Please keep us posted on viewing times and locations. Thank you.

  5. George

    Looking forward to seeing this. All the YES crowd will understand this film and many a NO person will too (if they’re honest with themselves). But I think this film will be of great interest to people south of the border who support Jeremy Corbyn and are seeing, maybe for the first time, just how duplicitous the BBC can be. I hope it has an audience well beyond Scotland.

  6. Andy Borland

    Fantastic news!
    I bought the book and contributed to the film fundraising and can’t wait to see the finished product now.
    Ca’ canny but ca’ awa 😊

  7. Jim Hume

    I can’t wait to see this film. It’s time the people see what BBC is in reality. They are simply the Propaganda Machine for Westminster’s Unionist Party’s and totally anti Scottish Independence.
    The Pravda of the West

  8. Morton Callander

    Excellent idea of ‘Fraser Darling’ to try and get it screened on places like RT. It needs to be seen by non-Yes.

  9. Richard montgomery

    We need to get as many people as possible to watch this before next referendum. Get it out on dvd and i will buy several copies to give to family and friends.

  10. Proud Cybernat

    Nice one Mr Ponsonby. And good timing as we embark upon the ‘Peep the Beeb’ campaign to alert uninformed Scots the length and breadth of the country to the BBC’s propaganda and, hopefully, help reduce it to a peep. Plans are well under way for this.

    BBC Scotland–the PEOPLE are coming for you. We will NOT stand idly by and allow you to subvert our democracy in the deplorable manner you have been doing since 2012. Your tea’s oot.

  11. Tony Gilmour

    I have been to YES meetings in community and other types of hall that have a projector and large screen. We have filled some of the halls to overflowing because of the guest speakers we had but I think this would require schedules similar the cinema. with afternoon and evening screenings….CAN’T WAIT

  12. Proud Cybernat

    Peep the Beeb Campaign.

    It’s not yet been announced but everyone and their granny knows IndyRe#2 is on the table and will be announced in the not too distant. The SG is already preparing legislation for it.
    That means we need to use the time we have NOW proactively. I say that because I very much suspect two things will happen:

    1) IndyRef#2 will be called suddenly.
    2) It will be a very short campaign, 3-6 months max.

    So we need to use the time we have to start campaigning NOW.

    My first port of call is to tackle the BBC. IMO, they were the biggest contributer by far to YES losing last time with their relentless anti-indy broadcasts.

    We obviously cannot stop their BritNat propaganda from being broadcast (it has never actually stopped) but we DO have the means to significantly dull its impact. The BBC may well control the airwaves but the PEOPLE control the streets.

    We need to get stickers made with the simple message that the BBC cannot be trusted; a simple message that will make unaware Scots (soft NOs) sit up and take notice of what the BBC has and is STILL doing. In short, if we are to win IndyRef#2, we must expose the BBC in Scotland for the propaganda unit of the London Government that it is. We must plant doubt in peoples’ minds about the BBC. We must damage its ‘perceived’ though unwarranted credibility.

    How? Well with GA’s film. But ALSO we get off our bums and get onto the streets and leave our protest there. We get tens, hundreds of thousands, fucking MILLIONS of anti-BBC stickies printed (‘BBC Misreporting Scotland’) and, my god, do we plaster them everywhere: bus shelters, lamp-posts, drain-pipes, post-boxes, phone boxes street bins, pavements, empty shop windows, back of toilet doors, Rooth’s Mooth, Kez’s forehead and Wee Willie’s arse. We get business cards printed with the same message. We leave them on buses, trains, planes, pubs, cafes, restaurants etc, etc.

    You get the idea.

    We get the message out there on the streets that the BBC is not to be trusted. We get it so that the State Propaganda Unit can broadcast all fucking day long but it is to no avail – the people will no longer be listening to them.

    That’s how we tackle the BBC.

    The campaign will need around 50 distributors all over Scotland to take 1,000 stickies each. If you want to help ‘Peep the Beeb’ campaign then send your contact details to the email at the foot of the page in the link below. The link also shows some ideas for the label. In your email also let me know your top TWO labels (numbered).

    The LINK:

    Together we can bring the BBC’s anti-Scotland propaganda down to a peep.

  13. James Munro

    Do what the major movies do; get a 2 minute dynamic trailer online as soon as possible to generate maximum interest prior to release.

  14. David McCann

    If the film is all about BBC bias, why not give it to STV, C4, Al Jazeera and anyone else interested, and get the BBC to defend their actions in a live debate?

    The sooner the BBC are brought to book the better.

  15. Lochside

    Can’t wait to see it. How about getting NETFLIX to take it?…oh wait a minute, Fanny Mae will end up doing a David Cameron and try to block it…which could actually make it even more sought out by the soft No’s and unenlightened curious. It has to get shown in areas such as the borders, Aberdeen and Edinburgh where the largest resistance lies.
    Well done GAP and Phantom Power!

  16. Robin J Barclay

    MIght I suggest contacting some people directly within the organisations mentioned above such as Max Keiser from RT or Jon Snow from Channel 4 News.
    Promotion from the more influential people within the mainstream whom understand what the BBC is about may help considerably in getting this into the mainstream.
    Perhaps CH4 might get their Dispatches team to create their own type of documentary with the slant that if they are doing it in Scotland (referencing the film), then they are doing it in England.

    The sky is the limit and that is where our freedom lies!

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