The artifice of the impossible

Former Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Moore, has warned that a UK Brexit agreement is “almost impossible”. Almost impossible? A UK-wide position on the EU is definitively impossible. How can it be otherwise? England and Wales want Brexit. Scotland wants bugger all to do with it. Those positions are intractably irreconcilable.

Which bids us wonder what Theresa May was talking about when she was granted an audience with the First Minister shortly after the vote. Given that it is such an obvious non-starter, what did she mean when she said that Article 50 would not be invoked until there was UK-wide agreement on a common position?

Experience of the British state’s propaganda methods, and the complicity of the media in their scheming, we must at least suspect that the ensuing hysteria about Nicola Sturgeon having a ‘veto’ over Brexit was planned. But fuelling the faux righteous indignation of the right-wing media’s anti-Sturgeon hate-fest may have been no more than a bonus. More likely, the purpose was to implicate the Scottish Government in the Brexit fiasco by pretending they were fully engaged with the process.

That was never going to happen, of course. This was one of those occasions when a politician’s declared intentions should be read as signalling precisely the opposite. Theresa May would not have made such a point of stressing that the Scottish Government would be included unless she actually meant to exclude them. Think about it! Ever since the first Scottish independence referendum and the SNP landslide in the 2015 UK general election, the Westminster elite has been looking for ways to sideline Scotland’s elected representatives. Why on Earth would we then believe that they were suddenly going to have a change of whatever substitutes for a heart with regard to the Brexit negotiations?

At which point the more astute observer might be prompted to ask, “What negotiations?”. Because there will be no negotiations until after Article 50 is invoked. What we have at the moment is not negotiation but posturing and procrastination as an embarrassed and discombobulated British political elite put off actually doing anything in the hope that something will turn up while frantically talking up the UK’s situation. Again, with the full cooperation of the ever-compliant mainstream media.

For example? Well, I just heard the BBC banging on aboout some campaign to keep the UK in the single market. As if that was even an option! That train left the station and went catastrophically off the tracks the moment England and Wales voted for Brexit. The inane phrase ‘Brexit means Brexit’ does have a useful purpose. It’s a way of avoiding saying ‘Brexit means opting out of the biggest single market in the world’. These people are campaigning for the UK Government to keep the UK in the single market when this is not a matter for the UK Government. The EU will decide the terms of UK access to the single market – if any.

Michael Moore doesn’t seem to understand the situation any better than Theresa May. The UK has no real options. They’re in an impossible situation, entirely of their own making. The UK-wide position can be summed up in one word – screwed! Scotland has options. We don’t have to be part of this Great British Fiasco.

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7 thoughts on “The artifice of the impossible

  1. Iain MacLaren

    May was able to use the perceived/presented arrangement after the meeting with Sturgeon to buy a bit of time to give the appearance of seeing whether the mess could be fixed, no doubt. (I don’t disagree with you about the likelihood of that being possible). It also suits Sturgeon, though, as she is able to appear to be considering a number of alternatives, of which an early referendum is but one. Both of them are currently sensibly playing for time.

  2. Jas

    If you ask me the whole Brexit thing is just one huge clusterf*ck. It wasn’t supposed to happen but the Remain side were totally out-manoeuvred by the Leave campaign who keot it simple by playing the race card and making false claims about ‘winning back their independence’. There is obviously no Plan A, B, or C all the way down to Z. So why do so many Scots still place so much faith in these bungling incompetents at Westminster? Because they appear competent due to their antique public school debating skills around which the whole HOC procedure is based.

    I noticed tonight that PQ were spinning some survey which claimed business projections were on the up and up, but it all sounded just like more fabricated propaganda from the Ministry of Truth. Sad.

    1. William Bryan

      Bang on the ball.When art 50 is finally invoked, is when the sh*t will really hit the air handling device.There will crying and wailing never before seen.Hell mend them.

  3. Jockanese Wind Talker

    I have no doubt the failure to trigger Article 50 is the elite are buying themselves time to transfer their money/stocks/bonds out of at risk areas so when the UK economy and the £ with it tank when Article 50 is invoked they will be all right.

    Think of it as the pilot bailing out a burning aircraft holding onto a suitcase of cash while the passengers are left hopelessly strapped into their seats plummeting earthwards.

  4. Iain Barker

    The Brit Nat Press and Media is in full sell Brexit to the sweaties mode though. It is pretty blatant.

    There is a collective refusal on the part of that anti Scottish Press and Media to say that there is a Brexit Winter coming of indeterminate length.

    It will be grey coloured snow as well as the Yoons pensioner population on the Continent will wake up to find that their pensions have been devalued etc. They are about to find that the Tories might not actually want them back putting strain on the Services they want set a torch to. Hell mend them!

    Of course the Tories backtracking on the points based Immigration system is Tory Yoon code for if you aren’t loaded with millions then you can GTF.

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