The Alex Salmond Show – Episode 2

Guests include former Formula 1 racing champion Sir Jackie Stewart and former Labour party spin-doctor Alastair Campbell.

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4 thoughts on “The Alex Salmond Show – Episode 2

  1. manandboy

    Well done, Peter, in showcasing The National and Alex’s new show on RT. A great idea!

    The Alex Salmond Show is better by far than anything Andrew Neil or the Newsnight team produces. The British Brainwashing Corporation must know their stranglehold on political broadcasting is under serious threat from Alex Salmond if he continues to make such interesting and high quality shows as we have seen in these first two programmes.

  2. Robert Innes

    I thought Alex’s presentation on the first show seemed a little “forced” and unnatural, almost theatrical. Much less so in the second edition.
    This programme is already in danger of becoming a “must see” and for all the best reasons.

  3. David Bruce

    Not really a fan of chat shows or Alex Salmond for that matter, only watched the first show out of curiosity after all that negative blaring from GBM (had to watch it on catch-up as RT doesn’t play well on my telly). The interview with Catalan’s President was reward enough.
    The second episode was far better, AS interview with Jackie Stewart was a delight, both informative and touching. I particularly enjoyed him calling AS ‘tight’ for not providing a dram!
    The interview with Campbell was excellent too (he’ll be named ‘traitor’ by the mail).
    I will probably continue watching…

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