The Alex Salmond Show – Edition 1.

Below is edition 1 of The Alex Salmond Show broadcast on RT.




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7 thoughts on “The Alex Salmond Show – Edition 1.

  1. Clydebuilt

    Just watched show on RT. One things for sure, the Catalonian PM would not have been interviewed By a mainstream uk broadcaster .

    John Beattie’s dinner time show. . . . Heard Stuart Cosgrove defend Salmond’s choice of RT. Plus a load of rubbish from Eamon O’Neil and Anna Burnside. Running it down.. . . From Eck’s suit not fitting to he waved his hands too much about when speaking. . . .

    Will Definately watch it next week

    1. Iain MacLaren

      One thing’s for sure. On 4th October BBC’s Tom Burridge interviewed Puigdemont. Still on the BBC website if you want to check.

  2. johnny rudkin j

    well I was expecting a flop huge build up usually gets a flop I was wrong i enjoyed the show especially with the catalonian president alex wasnt putting words in his mouth or haranguing him they way jon snow did to alex he gave the man room to talk and explain that only peaceful protests will win the day not sure about the gay apology or the womans equality bit i am sure alex will get some passionate guests on his show and i will be watching it

  3. Alasdair Macdonald

    This was a well-constructed first episode. It contained a Labour member of the House of Lords, a Conservative MP and, a genuinely significant scoop, an interview with the exiled President of Catalunya relating to the possible division of a large European state.

    Helena Kennedy is always good value for any broadcaster. She is very clever, very successful professional as a legal eagle, a strong woman in a man’s world, a working mother of five children, someone who, through publicly funded education and coming from a relatively materially impoverished Glasgow background achieved signal success. She is unafraid to speak her mind in a witty, but cogent way. She clearly likes Mr Salmond as a person and this agreeable ‘chemistry’ made a satisfying entree.

    Crispin Blunt has always been an independent minded MP, with a distinguished military background. His social class and family make it almost inevitable he would be a member of the Conservative Party. Probably, he has the talent and ability to hold ministerial office – was there not a vacancy at Defence recently? – but his independent mindset probably made him too difficult to control. He has recently ‘come out’ as homosexual. The context for his interview was the decision by the Scottish Parliament (all parties) to apologise, via the First Minister, for the criminalisation of all men who were deemed guilty of engaging in sexual acts with other men. To have Mr Blunt endorse this was a clear rebuke to those who oppose the Scottish Parliament. It was also a sharp rebuke to the actions of the government of Russia for its attitude towards homosexuals. It was also a sharp riposte to the unionists who were outdoing each other in hypocrisy to condemn Mr Salmond broadcasting on RT, funded by the government of Russia, but licensed by the UK broadcasting authority, despite all of these parties having members who have rappeared many times over the years on RT.

    Finally, the interview with President Puigdemont, was something which all UK broadcasters ought to have done long before now, because it has real public interest. However, they were too wrapped up in their own anti-Scottish independence, narrow, mendacious unionism that they could not see the wider story here. As Mr Salmond concluded, “Catalunya is not Scotland and the situations are not comparable” but the people who live in Catalunya have the right to express an opinion on whether they wish to remain part of Spain, remain part of Spain but in a different relationship or become an independent country.

    If this standard is sustained, I think it will be an eye-opener for many furth of Scotland and not just in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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