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Taking turns with the stupid stick – Towards Indyref2…

Taking turns with the stupid stick

Do the British parties operate some kind of rota system by which their MSPs and MPs take it in turns to make fools of themselves? Or are the likes of Ross Thomson actually volunteering for the privilege of being allowed to debase themselves in the name of their anti-democratic British nationalist ideology?

Is Thomson genuinely as abysmally stupid as he appears? Or is it merely a very convincing performance?

Even if one had no first-hand knowledge or experience of the domain name renewal process, would not a person of normal intelligence simply assume that this would fall due on a particular date? How else might it work? And yet Ross Thomson seems to be quite convinced that senior figures in the SNP could barely wait to get into the office on the Monday following conference so that they could personally attend to a trivial administrative task which would have been done automatically anyway.

Or is it that he supposes the rest of us are as stupid as he seeks to appear? Does he really think people will be fooled into sharing his comically melodramatic outrage? Of course, he will be aware that British nationalist fanatics will lap this up. In general, they certainly are stupid enough to believe whatever #SNPBAD drivel oozes out of the likes of Thomson. But what possible reason is there to suppose that others will be so foolish?

And what of the role played by Tom Gordon and The Herald in this farce? It may be that Ross Thomson simply can’t help himself. It’s entirely possible that he would be an idiot regardless. But, at the very least, the willingness of the British media to pander to such inanity must encourage it.

When incompetent and indolent journalists indulge the buffoonery of bladders like Thomson they insult the intelligence of every one of us and do a grave disservice to our politics and to democracy in general.

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5 thoughts on “Taking turns with the stupid stick

  1. bringiton

    The people who elected him don’t expect him to be intelligent or do anything except oppose Scottish independence.
    Isn’t that the single issue ticket unionist MPs were elected on after all?
    These voters,it would appear,would rather have decisions which may affect them being taken in darkest Belfast rather than here in Scotland.
    Strange people.

  2. Scott

    This the same MP who has let down the women of Moray who he was willing to share a photo with I wonder what they think of him now.

    New Moray MP Douglas Ross is being urged to take a stand against the UK Government in support of women affected by accelerated increases to their state pension age.

    The SNP’s Mhairi Black challenged him to sign a parliamentary motion calling for “fair” transitional arrangements to be put in place for the Waspi women.

    She questioned why the Tory had not already done so, having backed their campaign pledge in the run-up to the general election to “work in parliament to find a solution”.

  3. Bill McDermott

    No, Ross Thompson is one of the other no-marks that were ‘elevated’ to the mother of parliaments from Holyrood. He was my particular doe-head who always position himself behind Ruth the Mooth nodding away and banging his desk appropriately.

    I hear on the grapevine in Elgin that Douglas Ross was one of those kickable types at school who thought himself a cut above everybody else. Well he is a Tory after all!

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