Taking a stand

The real significance of the stooshie over flags may not be immediately obvious. Firstly, it has to be recognised that the issue here is not flags at all, but the casually malicious dishonesty of the British media and British politicians. But the most interesting aspect of the whole affair is the way British Nationalists have played right into Nicola Sturgeon’s hands.

It has been evident for some weeks now that the SNP, both as a party and as an administration, was taking a more robust approach to challenging the smears and lies which ooze like stinking pus from the British parties at Holyrood and their accomplices in the print and broadcast media to pollute Scotland’s politics. Targets of this venomous propaganda include, not only the SNP and the Scottish Government, but the Scottish Parliament, NHS Scotland, Police Scotland and any institution, organisation, process or tradition which is representative of Scotland’s distinctive political culture.

The First Minister herself hinted at this new approach when, in her New Year address, she referred to the Scotland that would emerge in 2018 being “an emboldened, more confident and more assertive nation”. It was clear that this would require a change in the way our elected representatives dealt with the ongoing campaign of disinformation and denigration being conducted through media which are either meekly compliant or actively cooperating.

There was always going to be a tipping point. While the new assertiveness was initially confined to social media – where responses from SNP MSPs and MPs became notably more pointed – Nicola Sturgeon could be certain that the British press would provide her with an opportunity to very publicly challenge the falsehoods. And that’s precisely what has happened.

There will be a backlash. The imperious sense of entitlement that characterises ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism is, perhaps, nowhere more strongly manifested than in a certain breed of journalists’ conviction that they have some sort of dispensation which permits them to act with total impunity. Any who protest the deplorable behaviour and challenge the arrogant attitude will be loudly denounced as the enemies of free speech by those with all the power to drown out dissenting voices. We all must stand strong against the witch-hunt which will surely ensue now that Nicola Sturgeon has had the temerity to confront the corrupt propagandists and insist on basic standards of journalistic professionalism.

If you like the idea of an emboldened, more confident and more assertive Scotland then you must be prepared to play your part. Just as Nicola Sturgeon is playing hers.

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8 thoughts on “Taking a stand

  1. Proud Cybernat

    “Any who protest the deplorable behaviour and challenge the arrogant attitude will be loudly denounced as the enemies of free speech by those with all the power to drown out dissenting voices.”

    They’ll bloody well know, alright! We in the Indy movement have now problem with ‘free speech’. It’s the ‘free lies’ we have the problem with. And we’ll call you out on it every time because we all know that the truth shall set us free. And that’s why YOU in the SMSM & BBC must tell lies – to keep us in chains.

    Good to see the ScotGov being much more assertive with the lying toadies in the SMSM.

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon – Getting Bams Telt!’

    1. grizebard

      We in the Indy movement have no problem with ‘free speech’. It’s the ‘free lies’ we have the problem with.

      Amen to that.

  2. Big Jock

    For entirely different reasons and on a spectrum far removed, this is similar to the bias against the elected president Trump. Yes he is a right wing scumbag but the principal is the same,he was also elected by the people and the press don’t like the peoples decision.

    The press on this occasion in the UK are right wing extreme nationalist bullies, and the SNP left wing democrats.

    1. Clydebuilt

      Big Jock. . . . Yeah I Definately see Trump getting the SNP treatment from American And UK media . . . .
      As the UK is desperate for a trade agreement with the US, I don’t see why Theresa May doesn’t clamp down on the UK press rubbishing of Trump.

      Even Steve Wright on Radio 2 regularily brings on a Trump impersonator taking the piss . .

    2. grizebard

      Just wait a minute. In America, who exactly is it who’s telling the lies? It ain’t the media. Only yesterday, the New York Times published a story, backed by no less than four fact-checked sources, that Trump had tried to get Special Prosecutor Muller fired (and why, you might wonder?), which he only back-tracked upon when the White House attorney himself threatened to resign. If Trump had gone ahead, he was in serious danger of being impeached like Nixon was (about to be) for doing the same damn thing. Yet Trump is on video after that escapade being directly asked about Muller, and sweet as you like, he claimed he hadn’t ever thought about sacking the prosecutor. Barefaced LIAR.

      So get your own facts straight. Otherwise you’re just mud-slinging and polluting the discourse. I wish we here in Scotland had a media as honest and determined to tell the truth as the Americans have, at least in part. (Fox News excepted.)

      If we had media of that range and quality here, the indy movement would be in a far better position than it is.

      1. Luigi

        Oh dear,

        Trump Hater bias BS alarm goes off.

        You are way off the mark.

        ” a media as honest as the americans”

        Geeeez. Are you serious?

  3. Robert Graham

    40 years ago my first visit to London and it took about 10 minutes to figure out Scots are regarded in the same way as any other nation to most english people and it’s very simple

    Not one of us , ” not english ” so not on the same social scale somehow beneath them this in built inferiority complex is bewildering , and a lot of scots dont recognise the contribution that scots have made to the modern world , it anything we should be bloody looking down our noses at them .

    So why do House Jocks believe doing a performing seal like a circus act makes them acceptable to their english masters is baffling , they dont regard you as equals you fools .

    Exactly the same as the daily rubbishing of anything Scottish its what they do it’s in their nature because its been going on so long they believe its acceptable .

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