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Still dead – Towards Indyref2…

Still dead

As is so often the case, Tom Harris exemplifies everything that is wrong with British Labour in Scotland (BLiS). When hes says that the status of “Scottish Labour” is “something people do not care about”, what he means is that it is an issue that is of no concern to himself and the rest of the pretendy wee party’s old guard. It is not so much the British nationalists in the upper echelons of the real party that are the problem. Their allegiance to the British state is largely unthinking. What is destroying BLiS is the fanatical British nationalists in its own ranks. The ones for whom devotion to the old order and the old ways is not simply a matter of lack of imagination, but a tenet of a rigid ideology.

It simply wouldn’t occur to Tom Harris or any of his ilk that it matters what the people of Scotland think about BLiS. I doubt very much if this internal consultation was broad enough in its scope to discover the views of even ordinary British Labour members in Scotland. It certainly took no account whatever of what the wider electorate hopes for from a “party” that seeks their mandate.

Remaining within the bosom of British Labour suits Harris and those whose thinking is as shallow and narrow and short-sighted as his own. That it means British Labour candidates becoming unelectable in Scotland does not influence this “thinking” at all. It is not a consideration because deluded fools like Harris still see political power as their right. They regard it as something to which they are entitled, rather than something they have to win by persuading voters of their worth. They still see their current situation as the result of a temporary aberration and genuinely believe that they need do nothing very much but wait until we all see the error of our ways.

They might tolerate a few cosmetic rule changes. But they sure as hell don’t see the need to do anything as drastic as becoming a real party with a real leader and real authority to formulate real policies that are relevant to the people of Scotland. People they aren’t listening to anyway.

If they were to listen, BLiS would realise that their only hope of political relevance is to become a real Scottish party. If they had any political awareness at all, they’d see that time is up for British parties in Scotland. If they were not blinded by their own dumb complacency and sense of entitlement they’d recognise that what they stubbornly tell themselves is just an electoral fad is actually a sea-change in Scottish politics.

If they were not prey to the denial and delusion that afflicts Tom Harris, they’d accept that there simply is no place now in Scotland’s political landscape for British Labour in Scotland – and never will be again.

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One thought on “Still dead

  1. Jas

    I remember watching some bits of a documentary about the workings of Westminster (made pre GE15) a while back and caught sight of Harris wandering about the ‘palace’, goggleyed like a child entranced by the wonders of Santa’s Grotto, a sense of entitlement oozing from every pore.

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