Some BBC Scotland presenters deserve to be called out

robertson-adamsShona Robison doesn’t want to see training for more British doctors.  Yep you read correctly.  Scotland’s Health Secretary objects to a plan by the Tory government to make England self-sufficient in terms of doctors.

How do I know this?  I know it because Radio Scotland presenter Gary Robertson said so as the clip below reveals.


Robertson repeated the claim shortly afterwards as he prepared to interview Scotland’s only Tory MP David Mundell.

The claim though is false.  Shona Robison has no objections to more training for British doctors.  In fact you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone in the entire UK who objects to more training of this nature.

What Shona Robison was objecting to was a threat by the UK government to deport foreign doctors already practicing in the UK.  The Scottish Health Secretary was responding to comments from the Prime Minister Theresa May who has stated that foreign doctors will only be allowed to stay in the UK for an “interim period” until ‘British’ doctors are fully trained.

May said: “There will be staff here from overseas in that interim period – until the further number of British doctors are able to be trained and come on board in terms of being able to work in our hospitals.

“We will ensure the numbers are there. But I think it’s right that we say we want to see more British doctors in our health service.”

May’s implicit threat to deport foreign born doctors is the latest in a series of xenophobia laced announcements from her Westminster Tory government.  Others include plans to compel companies to reveal how many of their employees are foreign and to prove they have made every effort to recruit a ‘British’ born person first.

Gary Robertson, or whoever wrote the script he read from, made a conscious decision to misrepresent the underlying reasons for Shona Robison raising her objection.  In doing so the presenter ensured that listeners not fully up to speed with the facts of the issue were left hopelessly misinformed.

His subsequent interview with Robison witnessed the BBC Scotland presenter frame his questions around his own deliberate misrepresentation.  You can listen to the exchange below.


It wasn’t just Gary Robertson who attempted to corrupt this important issue.  His BBC Scotland colleague Kaye Adams also decided misrepresentation was more desirable than fact.  Listen to this short clip as she introduces the subject on her morning phone-in programme.


According to Adams, Shona Robison thinks a plan for “home grown doctors” is “short sighted and irresponsible”.  This isn’t merely a misrepresentation of the issue; it is a twisted corruption to the extent that one is left wondering what the hell Adams, or her research team, were thinking.  Can professional people really be this inept?

The answer is no.  Of course they aren’t.  Gary Robertson and Kaye Adams are as capable of understanding Shona Robison as I am.

They both know full well what the issue is and it is not about training more British doctors.  It is about the xenophobic undercurrents currently running through this Westminster government.  It is about the worry being forced upon an ever increasing number of people who have made their home in the UK, especially Scotland.

Rather than present an accurate picture of the differences between the Scottish government and its UK counterpart on this issue, we have presenters who deliberately corrupt it.  The result is that Shona Robison has been presented as someone who is trying to prevent more British doctors from being trained.

Adams’ morning phone-in even tried to present foreign born doctors and more British doctors as somehow mutually exclusive.  In other words you can either have one or the other, but not both.


I don’t care who Gary Robertson is, nor do I care who Kaye Adams is.  Nor do I subscribe to the view that everyone at BBC Scotland is an honest professional just trying to do a good job.  The fact that they work for the BBC is no guarantee of anything other than they will do what the BBC wants them to do.

Today both were guilty of deliberately misrepresenting the views of a Scottish government minister.  I’d love to hear both argue otherwise, but of course that won’t happen.  Robertson and Adams are protected by the British Broadcasting Corporation.  They answer to nobody in Scotland … certainly not the people who pay their wages … people like me and other TV licence payers.

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15 thoughts on “Some BBC Scotland presenters deserve to be called out

  1. James

    I listen to BBC Scotland almost every morning, I would say that in nearly 90% of the Kaye Adams phone ins always result in yet another #SNPBAD attitude. Today’s program was no different, a response to a different question used to push #SNPBAD. Further to this they had the moronic Edwina Currie making her usual remarks about Scotland, you could hear the contempt in her voice every time she mentioned Scotland.

    She even advised the Junior doctor that had called in to disagree with Hunt, that she would be earning more than the average person and followed this up with especially in Scotland. The fact that she laughed at the 50 additional places the Scottish government is funding for placements, Currie couldn’t contain her laughter and commented “that’s not going to make any difference, we are creating 1500 in England”

    poor journalism on behalf of the BBC per the norm now.

  2. Col

    Truly shocking propaganda by the BBC this morning. Blatant lies.
    What are the SNP going to do about it? They should boycott them and highlight their reasons for doing so. Even if just for a week. They should demand an apology from both britnat presenters and they should both be suspended from their positions pending an investigation.

  3. Dave Hansell

    So lets get this right. Prime Minister May, along with her Cabinet, MP’s and brain dead Conservative/UKIP voters seriously believe that openly and publicly announcing a policy, in advance, of saying to any non UK born citizen who is currently employed practicing medicine in the UK will only be allowed to practice in the interim until the feudal English Establishment regime has trained a sufficient number of UKoR (United Kingdom of Ruritania) subjects to take their place at which point they will be ‘asked’ to leave, will not lead to a rapid stampede for the exit to find alternative employment elsewhere in the world by said non UKoR doctors?

    This is insane because its impractical. Just because someone has passed through a training course, no matter how long and detailed, does not mean they have sufficient experience to take over from an already experienced practitioner of medicine or any other job of work for that matter. It would take decades to get to a position where UKoR subjects have sufficient training, knowledge, experience and expertise to properly take over from non UKoR citizens. Not that it would get to that point because the non UKoR doctors will have long gone before any home grown replacements have got through med-school.

    And that’s just the doctors. Add in other health service professionals and support staff, including social services, homes, hospices and home helps, along with all the other vital to our economy work which is done by non UKoR citizens will merely multiply the unfolding disaster and calamity which such a policy will bring upon this country. No one in their right minds, reading these policy runes, headlines and attitudes who is from anywhere else in the world working here is going to hang around until they have been replaced.

    They are going to be looking around for work outside these shores and when they go, and they will, no amount of wishful thinking by the terminally thick and brain dead little englanders will produce a result in which those jobs will be adequately filled from a queue waiting at the bus stop.

  4. Andrew

    Excellent article donation will follow
    Check what they were saying about John Cleese yesterday painting it as an attack on all Scots and missing the point it was unionist Scots he was hitting at

  5. Joe t

    FGS. Why are so many people still paying the TV license fee? If someone robbed your house do you run after the with a gift of money?

  6. johnny rudkin

    the scottish government should demand they are allowed time on the good morning scotland program also the kay adams show to put their point about the training of nhs doctors as they have been misrepresented its time to put a stop to the biased bbc

  7. John Young

    It is time a highly respected Scottish worthy such as David Hayman or Elaine C Smith led a “Don’t pay your TV Licence” campaign and cited this article and similar as reasons.

    1. David

      Good idea John, I think we’ll wait too long for our politicians to start to address this problem with the priority that it needs.

  8. Geejay

    Keep outing them GA. In fact they deserve to be sacked for wilful incompetence. I don’t have a tv so I don’t pay the liecence. What else can I do?

  9. millie

    BBC Scotland today was on full damage limitation mode on behalf of the Conservative Party and the British establishment in general.

    The BBC in Scotland needed a deflection strategy and hence, as usual, pulled in the SNP.

    The BBC in Scotland is an utter disgrace- it can’t get any worse, it’s not possible.
    Can you really imagine a Scottish SIX?- Its mission would be ‘sanitising’ the bile from the British establishment before serving it up as for Scottish consumption- (did you hear BBC Scotland ‘selling’ Trident to us tonight on Reporting Scotland). The thought of a Scottish SIX makes me shudder.

    I’ve just listened to Shona Robison’s interview for the first time, and I’m really shocked by the angle the interviewer took, Ms Robison shouldn’t have had to justify her policies on this- the Conservatives should have been put through the wringer on this policy.

    With regard to the phone-in; It should have asked the question- “Do you believe the UK Government’s anti-immigrant policy will damage patient care in Scotland?”

    **Your phrase in the article – “a twisted corruption”- pretty much sums up my view of the output from the BBC in Scotland.

  10. Clydebuilt

    Is Scotland the only country in the world that pays a State Broadcaster to attack it’s Government?

  11. Clydebuilt

    On Monday 3rd BBC Radio Scotland 9am news Mike Russell was referred to as “Scotland’s SO Called Brexit Minister” .

    Barefaced Cheek


    Excellent idea! Now at last there seems to be a way that people can discover the truth for themselves free of political and media influences. ‘informscotland’ will be an asset for Indyref2.

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