SNP “rushing to the aid of the British state” says Scottish Independence Convention member

An executive member of an organisation that has described itself as an umbrella group for the Yes movement has accused the SNP of helping the British state.

Jonathan Shafi, who sits on the executive committee of the Scottish Independence Convention [SIC], tweeted: “The SNP are the ones rushing to the aid of the British state, surely.”

Shafi posted the accusation after clashing with other twitter users over his claim a No Deal Brexit would offer opportunities under a Corbyn-led UK government.

The SIC member argued that it was time to “put some actual pressure on Brussel” and accused Theresa May of having failed to do so.

He added: “And if they don’t want a deal, fine, leave and conduct a programme of massive state investment and rebuilding. The left in control of Brexit process is a totally different dynamic.”

Another user challenged the Radical-left activist, saying: “Brexit doesn’t offer any opportunity for rupture with neoliberalism – only tactical retreat or outright surrender. Why do you, as a Scottish independence supporter, want to *strengthen* the British state? I thought your reason for voting leave was to weaken it.”

Shafi’s stance appeared to be backed by Common Space writer David Jamieson who tweeted “Brexit weakens the British state. How could it be otherwise?”

During the exchange, Shafi also appeared to praise Jeremy Corbyn, saying alternative Labour leaders might not have “the steel Corbyn does to resist poltical pressure”.

Shafi’s attack on the SNP and his views on a No Deal Brexit will cause concern amongst many within the pro-Independence community given the former RISE national organiser has a seat on the executive committee of the Scottish Independence Convention.  SIC describes itself as a “stakeholder organisation for all those who wish to see Scotland be an independent country”.

According to SIC, Shafi and the rest of the executive were elected through a vote which saw 19 pro-indy organisations take part – one of which was Common Weal with which Shafi serves as the campaigns officer.

The Scottish Independence Convention was relaunched in November this year.  An earlier launch in 2016 petered out despite significant media coverage and two well attended events generated thousands in cash.  The initial re-launch was hamstrung by controversy and rows with key SIC figures launching attacks on prominent pro-independence bloggers.

The 2018 relaunch has sat alongside an appeal for cash from the pro-independence community that has thus far raised just over £100,000.  SIC recently confirmed a design company, Tangent Graphic, had been commisisoned to design a website, social media accounts, posters and printed materials.  SIC has also advertised for a full time co-ordinator with a salary between £28000 and £32000.

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12 thoughts on “SNP “rushing to the aid of the British state” says Scottish Independence Convention member

    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      100% correct.

      Also if you support Corbyn you don’t support the will of the Sovereign Scottish People to remain EU Citizens.

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Beware the splitters.

    RISE appears to have the usual Corbynite Labour chancers (Boyd for one).

    Hitched their wagon onto the Indy Scotland caravan and showed their true BritNat colours when they thought Corbyn was electable.

    Now a majority of the UK electorate are switching on to the fact Corbyn is a Brexiteer they will come back to Indy (I suspect for self aggrandisement).

    SIC was always going to a useful toll for the divide and conquer BritNat Establishment.

    Unsure why the grassroots needs an “Executive Committee”, all very Marxist.

    I assume there will be purges shortly?

  2. Alastair Naughton

    Commonly known as a useful idiot. Clowns like this should have no official role whatsoever in the umbrella organisation co-ordinating the independence campaign. Cat Boyd is another one.

  3. Judith Reid

    Isn’t it a pity that Shafi hasn’t actually the guts to stand up and be the front man for Labour for Independence.

    Perhaps then I may have more respect for him… but then again… does he actually say that is what he fights for?

    . Or is he simply grabbing onto the shirt tails of the Independence movement to peddle his ware?

    Beware of those who shout the loudest from the back seats of the Unionist bus!!

  4. Tommy O’Rourke

    I was chatting to a Marxist IS member at the all under one banner March in Edinburgh. Nice bloke, but when I spoke of the debacle they made of the Scottish socialist parties time at holyrood, and the constant bitter bickering of that traumatically divided movement since, and how it had single handedly destroyed any Socialist party from presenting an alternative to the social democratic snp, or the dysfunctional Labour Party in Scotland for a generation. So they do what they always do. Get elected to positions of power, irrespective of their support in the country. Sad to say this, but it’s true I feel.
    Socialist for the SNP.

  5. Mikewr

    Do we need a self appointed umbrella organisation consisting of worthies seeking political office off the back of an independence campaign?

  6. Kenny

    There’s a definite issue with the over-representation of Common Weal and their fellow travellers in the SIC set-up. A lot of what SIC says is very different to how it acts.

  7. thomas brotherston

    I am not a Corbyn supporter and have described him as an agent of the British crown where Scotland is concerned. His anti-imperialist stance is so confused as to make him a stooge of British imperialism. However contributors here are confusing two issues.

    Corbyn’s proposed electoral programme would challenge root and branch EU law and bring him into conflict with the progress of the neoliberal programme both in Britain and in Europe hence his ambivalence towards Brexit so Shafi is right.

    He is also correct that our own dear Nichola’s championing of the European cause is indeed helping the British ruling class’s campaign to reject and overturn the outcome of the referendum. Every clear minded independent thinker cannot fail to see the glaring
    contradiction in campaigning to leave one corrupt anti democratic union whilst campaigning (much more vigorously it has to be said) to maintain membership of an equally corrupt union which is neoliberalism on stilts.

    However my view is that most independence campaigners grit their teeth and place their faith in the belief that a sovereign Scotland can in the future make her own choices.

    Let Nichola campaign as vigorously for independence as she campaigns for Europe then we can all throw our weight unequivocally and unreservedly behind her. A good friend is one who give an honest opinion not simply a popular one.

    1. Bill Ellis

      We know that the SNP was founded for Independence and whether you don’t agree with some of their policies or not or are a non-political independence YES supporter you are in safe hands.

      Looking at the SIC I have grave doubts and they seem to have ulterior motives. Members of non independence parties and persons promoting these parties, Labour, Lib Dems, extreme right wing activists, and obviously the Tories should be kept out of SIC and strictly expelled.

      If they want to keep their party loyalties they should join or form groups campaigning for Scottish independence outside the London controlled party.

      The problem is, who is going to do this in the SIC. Maybe SIC should have a written constitution?

      Beyond anything else INDEPENDENCE is the primary objective, then we can build a better Scotland TOGETHER.

  8. Thomas Brotherston

    Bill i don’t even know what you consider a “better Scotland” to be. Is it to be a better Scotland based on a mini version of Britain? Is it to be a better Scotland modelled on the Irish model? is it a Scotland modelled on Iceland or Cuba? i will willingly accept anyone supporting any of these models within the independence as long as they support independence.

    Already before we have even won our independence you are talking about “expulsions” from the movement to win it. Do you think the enemies of independence will be as squeamish about their allies as we are? Just remember every ally we get to WIN independence win be an ally denied to the enemies of independence.

    Jonathon Shafi’s comments are absolutely appropriate concerning the emphasis of the SNP leadership’s concentration on providing Westminster with solutions to problems of their own making. The SNP needs to stop ignoring the mass movement for independence and start building it.

    let me be clear, i voted to leave the EU and would do so again but my countrymen voted to remain. i accept that, history will be our teacher. Whatever the future brings for the people of England and Wales, they have chosen to leave, we have chosen to stay. Let Nichola and friends concentrate on realising OUR aspirations for OUR country and its people.

  9. Bill Ellis

    Hello Thomas,

    A better Scotland will be decided by the people of Scotland and what they want. A good start would be a written constitution. I am reading one now called “Guide To a Provisional Constitution for Scotland” which seems to me a good place to start.

    My last sentence yesterday quite clearly said “the primary objective is to get independence”.
    To do anything we have to leave the archaic system in London dominated by English MP’s in an outdated parliament and an undemocratic House of Lords.

    I do understand the frustrations with the SNP that independence has taken a back seat for now for whatever reason I do not know, but they are the bedrock with over 30 to 40 percent of the voters. When it comes to voting, what party are we going to vote for in an Indyref2? the greens don’t have the numbers. That is the question.

    A few weeks ago I did a bit of digging in the “Over 60’s for Independence” facebook site by putting forward that we needed a 3rd party in Scotland based on independence to kill off the Unionist parties and the insults and abuse I got shocked me a bit. It was only a thought.

    What I do not understand is persons taking their place in an organisation (SIC) which is supposed to be uniting the independence movement then for whatever reason some of them promoting unionist leaders if that is true.

    I also qualified in my reply that the independence movement consists of many people outside the SNP, political and non-political and the more the merrier for at the end of the day its numbers that count at the polling booth. We do not want a person or groups promoting unionists leaders and their outdated undemocratic system of government in an organisation (SIC)which is supposed to unite all in the independence movement.

    There is a lot of talk about membership of EU and other world organisations which is a good thing although hypothetical at the moment, that is why a draft written constitution in plain language would be good to show the people of Scotland a future, a way forward and a discussion document before and after independence. Six hundred page manifestos are not going to do that.

    I will say again the Primary objective is to get independence and nothing matters until we achieve that as all is hypothetical. We all need to stick together with that one thought in mind.

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