SNP MP heckled and barracked as she presses PM to apologise for Windrush policies

An SNP MP has hit back at Tory critics after she was loudly heckled and shouted down in the House of Commons whilst attempting to ask the Prime Minister to apologise for introducing the policies that led to the Windrush scandal.

Joanna Cherry began her question by pointing out that the Windrush scandal was a direct result of Theresa May’s own policies.  However as she sought to invite the Prime Minister to apologise for those policies, she was drowned out by a cacophony of noise from the Tory benches.

Reacting to the attempt to shout her down, the SNP MP later tweeted: “No matter how hard the Tories shout me down I will reiterate that #windrush is the result of Theresa May’s toxic immigration policies & continue to demand an apology for those policies.”

However Ms Cherry was then involved in an online spat with Daily Record reporter Torcuil Crichton after he claimed the MP had lost her cool.

The Daily Record journalist tweeted: “Never lose your cool – @joannaccherry let’s her frustration show and is barracked out of her question demanding (another) PM apology on Windrush.”

The SNP MP hit back: “I’m used to Daily Record misrepresenting my position. I seem to have got under their skin which can only be a good thing.”

There was support for the SNP MP on social media with scores of people condemning the behaviour of Tory MPs.

One person said: “No other ‘profession’ in the world behaves in a such a ridiculous, contemptible and disrespectful manner – you’d be fired on the spot. Explaining to my 11yo daughter that these are the people who run our country. She thought it was a ‘special needs’ place for grown ups”

Another added: “It showed a severe lack of courtesy & professionalism which to me & most of the viewing public must have been sickened of. @Mr_speaker_uk should have spoke up & chided them as for the level of petulance being displayed, But yet again he showed his colours by staying silent.”

Last month the Prime Minister apologised for the anxiety caused to the Windrush generation and their families.  She said the questions over the “unique” group’s immigration status were “no fault of their own” and she said she was determined to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

However Theresa May has failed to apologise for introducing the policies that led to the scandal.  She presided over the implementation of the so-called ‘hostile environment’ strategy when Home Secretary.


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8 thoughts on “SNP MP heckled and barracked as she presses PM to apologise for Windrush policies

  1. Donald anderson

    Good for Joanne Cherry. The the British Nationalist Government is one big mess and the sooner Scotland leaves them behind theb etter.

  2. Robert Graham

    I thought this Circus had a ring master or was he cheering them on as well , it’s time all the bars dotted around this medieval monstrosity were closed , after all it’s supposed to be a place of business .

    This kind of behavour is replicated in Holyrood must be a tory trait , they dont like to be confronted so they try to silence the speaker well done you imbeciles .

    As for the arse-wipe on the daily Vow ,this idiot must have watched a different clip because she didn’t lose anything , because of the noise she got to answer the question three times and every time it was clearly heard despite the howls from the rabble across from her .

  3. john

    Typical Tory behaviour , total schoolboy mentality , Johanna was correct to keep repeating the question , but The Speaker (John Bercow ) , once more showed his complete bias by not doing what he normally does when it is a Unionist speaking by saying , “I don’t care how long it takes , the question will be heard ” ! .The Tories at Holyrood are of the same ilk , banging their desks to make a point , total hooligans .

      1. Robert Graham

        Probably half pissed like the rest of them , only in this place can these people get away with behavour that outside would probably invite a comment from a local Bobby , thats if one could be found after all the cuts down there , but that won’t bother the tory lot up here because just like the BBC say it’s all the SNPs fault .

  4. Big Jock

    Don’t forget folks that Torchil ,or how ever the F you spell his daft name. Is incapable of being neutral or fair when it comes to the SNP. The level of hatred and bitterness he has for them is incalculable. He is the Michael Kelly of journalism.

    Someone from the isles should know better about Tories and Scotland’s past. However the venom he should be directing at the guilty party is instead directed at the accuser. Labour in Scotland would prefer being governed by Tories forever than for Scotland to be independent. That’s the level of their thought process.

    1. Cubby

      Good question to put to any Labour supporter.

      Scotland governed by the Tories forever or Scottish independence? We would soon see the true colours of the red Tories.

      Red Tories and blue Tories – the two cheeks of the same backside.

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