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Does Mundell really think Nicola Sturgeon is going to take the issue of a second independence referendum off the table? Not unless he is spectacularly stupid. Anyone with the vaguest understanding of Scotland’s politics would be aware that it is not possible for the First Minister to take the constitutional question off the agenda. It is not possible for anyone to do so.

It’s not that Mundell is unaware of the fact that something around half of Scotland’s people aspire to the restoration of Scotland’s independence; with a much larger proportion of the population demanding changes to the existing constitutional settlement. He knows all of this full well. He just doesn’t care. He wouldn’t care how much demand there was for a second referendum. What the people want is of absolutely no account to British nationalists such as Mundell.

He is asking the First Minister to defy the will of the people who gave her a mandate. He is saying she should ignore the voice of the people and listen instead to him – the sole representative in Scotland of a party that has been repeatedly and decisively rejected by Scotland’s voters. I don’t doubt that he genuinely believes his word should carry more weight than that of mere voters. Such is the nature of British nationalist exceptionalism. But does he actually suppose Nicola Sturgeon will take orders from him? Of course not.

The sole purpose of this silly demand for #indyref2 to be taken off the table is to fuel a unionist narrative which blames the Scottish Government for the consequences of the Westminster elite’s irresponsible behaviour. According to this narrative, any damage to Scotland’s economy is caused, not by Brexit and the British state’s austerity fetishism, but by the fact that the democratically elected government of Scotland refuses to deny the right of self-determination that is vested in the people of Scotland and insists on honouring the democratically expressed will of Scottish voters.

From Mundell’s perspective, democracy is the problem. And while he knows better than to expect that Nicola Sturgeon might do his bidding, he cannot entirely conceal his frustration at her refusal to adopt a British-style contempt for the people she was elected to serve.

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5 thoughts on “Snackbeard speaks!

  1. Me Bungo Pony

    As was the case in the lead up to the Holyrood election, and the Westminster election the year before, it is the Tories who continually talk of an upcoming IndyRef. Not the SNP.

    Independence is the ever-present raison d’etre of the SNP and absolutely no-one in Scotland is unaware of that. They have no need to mention it every five minutes. The Tories, however, do appear to feel that need. It is ironic that the rather limited “revival” of Tory fortunes in Scotland is due solely to their obsession with another IndyRef. Without that “threat” (as they want us to see it) they would be on half the electoral support they currently enjoy (though everything is relative; 20% is not that great).

    In short, the Tories are far more reliant on the perception of an imminent IndyRef2 to maintain their support than the SNP are …. hence their continual rabbiting on about it in the press.

  2. Steven McFadden

    The British government has went to great lengths in the past to stop it’s colonies from gaining there independence. This usually involves every dirty trick possible.

  3. Sheila Rae

    Unfortunately the repetition of the Tory angst against Indy, they hope will be as a dripping of water on a stone, in the hope it will gradually wear the enthusiasm for INdy 2 down and have folk rolling their eyes in boredom. Scotland has woken up and we will, like a terrier with a gone, not give up on being free.

  4. George boyd

    I posted concerning this as he said it on BBC Scotland ‘news’, his take was that the call for indy 2 was causing economic uncertainty and of course the interviewer never asked him about brexit,which is the real reason for any uncertainty at the moment. This is the first of the many to come salvos of establishment fear and lies and obviously bbc Scotland is going to allow the unionists to spout whatever nonsense (excrement) they like without probing these statements nor giving the indy side the opportunity to rebut. The bbc Scotland establishment propaganda service are/will carry on with the bias towards the Yoon side even after being caught out during indy1. They have no shame, morals or ethics. Naught but establishment mouthpiece.

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