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Sick laughing – Towards Indyref2…

Sick laughing

I smiled when I read David Mundell’s claim that the UK Government was not obstructing Nicola Sturgeon’s talks with EU leaders because they welcomed her initiatives. Did she ask permission? As she launched her efforts to honour the democratic choice of the people of Scotland the day after the Brexit vote, did she seek consent from Mundell, or anybody in British political establishment? That would have been difficult given that they were all in hiding at the time.

Let’s be honest! The UK Government has been massively embarrassed by the contrast between Sturgeon’s exhibition of positive political leadership and the British establishment’s befuddled inertia. If they had a way of muzzling and shackling the First Minister they would have done so. The idea that they actually want her to succeed is preposterous.

But if that gobbet of oily duplicity from Mundell raised a smile, I laughed aloud at his attempt to resuscitate the old Project Fear line about uncertainty over independent Scotland’s membership of the EU. He actually said that there would be “huge amounts of uncertainty about what the position would be”. He really did! He said that! The representative in Scotland of an administration which has plunged the entire UK into a morass of doubt and precariousness has the temerity to lecture us on the risk of “uncertainty” should we choose to take to ourselves the duties in which Mundell and his cronies have been so spectacularly derelict and the responsibilities that they have so disastrously failed to fulfil.

It is perfectly clear that the only Brexit deal that is “doable” for Scotland involves us restoring our rightful constitutional status and, thereby, the capacity to freely negotiate the terms on which we associate with the nations of Europe and the rest of the world.

Only the terminally deluded can possibly imagine that Scotland might be advantaged by leaving those negotiations in the hands of British politicians who have utterly and irretrievably destroyed the UK’s relationship with the EU – making a sick mockery of Mundell’s insistence that it is only by remaining in the UK that Scotland can have access to the single market.

But we can be grateful to Mundell for one bit of inadvertent honesty. All unwitting, we may be sure, he makes it clear what his priorities and and where his loyalties lie. In stark contrast to Nicola Sturgeon’s unwavering commitment to serving Scotland’s interests and respecting the democratic will of Scotland’s people, Mundell casually acknowledges that his overriding allegiance is to the British establishment and the Westminster elite that has failed us so appallingly. His priority is to keep Scotland bound to the British state even as it drags us into the mire.

For Mundell, as for all his British nationalist ilk, it is a case of “The Union At Any Cost!”. And that’s no laughing matter. Because the cost of preserving the British state may be be crippling for Scotland.

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5 thoughts on “Sick laughing

  1. Gordoz

    Mr Mundell sees himself as a double agent in some great Brittanic scheme spinning witless, oblivious ‘Jocks’ with the usual WM lines.

    The wisest see him for what he is its blatant and conspicuous.
    The pompous colonial Viceroy of Blighty
    Emperors’ clothes and all that.

    We can laugh but he is sinister rather than humorous .

    The pantomime gate is funny though.
    Fits the role perfectly.

    1. Steve Mackie

      I think you are being a tad unkind to Fluffy. He is not what one might call, one of natures limelight seekers. He is also clearly not entirely comfortable with being Scotlands senior Conservative politician, a position he would have happily and easily avoided had anybody else (absolutely anybody else) been available but I am of the opinion that he will contribute in some small measure to the loyal opposition of the Scottish Conservative Party in a post Independence Holyrood. There are others who are more worthy of your withering opprobrium.

  2. Dan Huil

    Mundell is Westminster’s Lord Haw Haw. All the more so because he is desperate to wear the bloody ermine of Westminster.

    1. Jan Hendry

      He’s not, unfortunately, on his own. I saw Michelle Mone dismiss Nicola Sturgeon’s efforts on behalf of the Scottish people as an “ego trip.” Michelle Mone. Yes, right, she knows all about ego trips.

  3. David MacGille-Mhuire

    Ms Mone, the ego expert via hard, undercover experience.

    “Massas” Mundell and La Woof de Moof, in contrast, seem to be neophytes at hubris and dissembling venom hiked-up via Brit socio-body-line-engineering going mental and flogging their muttons for Britannia for a bung or two or three or a Baker’s Dozen multiplied ad infinitum.

    Twa coofs.

    A trinity of cnuntz.

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