Segwit Activation Complete

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24 Aug 2017.

Segregated Witness (Segwit) was an idea that was introduced by software developer, Peter Wuille, in 2015 at the Hong Kong Scaling.

27 aug 2019.

Since Segwit was activated on Aug 1st 2017, Blockchain(.)info claims to have created 31 million new wallets. That's 31 million wallets that don't.

Creating SegWit Addresses and Transactions on SegWit Activation DaySegregated Witness, of SegWit, is een verbetering in de indeling van transacties binnen een bitcoin-transactieblok. SegWit verhoogt de.

24 Aug 2017.

The Segregated Witness (SegWit) soft fork has activated on the Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin's biggest protocol upgrade to date, this introduces a whole.

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SegWit for Litecoin has been activated! Learn more about what this means for Litecoin miners as well as overall Litecoin value here!

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