Scottish Tory candidate deletes ’round up Jewish families’ tweet after it causes outrage

A Scottish Conservative candidate has deleted a tweet in which he suggested the SNP would endorse the rounding up of Jewish families in return for a second independence referendum.

In his tweet, Paul Penman said: “The SNP would prop up an Anti-Semite PM in exchange for Indyref2 and no Trident.

“What if the PM in question asked for the round up of Jewish families in Scotland.”

The tweet was tagged with multiple SNP hashtags including the name of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. It also tagged in several national and local newspapers.

Penman posted the offensive message on twitter to coincide with the start of the SNP’s Autumn conference. The ‘Anti-Semite PM’ was believed to be a reference to UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Scottish Tory council candidate for Edinburgh Leith Ward removed the tweet the next day after it provoked furious responses on the social media site.

Penman claimed the tweet had been a joke saying: “12k views of my SNP18 wind-up tweet.”.  The Scottish Conservative candidate labelled his detractors “Dafties”.

However it has since emerged that Penman has a history of posting highly inappropriate and offensive message on twitter.  Writer Cameron Archibald uncovered a string of similar messages.

The messages included implying Nicola Sturgeon was a Nazi, that Kezia Dugdale was ugly, describing a former party colleague as a Quisling and calling on Police Scotland to fire rubber bullets at cyclists.

The string of offensive tweets prompted some to ask how Penman had passed Scottish Conservative vetting.

Penman is the latest Scottish Conservative to be caught posting offensive material on social media.  Last year The National reported that seven council candidates standing for Ruth Davidson’s party had faced accusations of racism over comments and messages posted on social media.

The news followed a string of scandals involving racism, sectarianism and even one episode involving child abuse images.

Last year two councillors were suspended from the Scottish Conservative party over accusations of racism and bigotry, although one was eventually reinstated after attending diversity training.

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7 thoughts on “Scottish Tory candidate deletes ’round up Jewish families’ tweet after it causes outrage

  1. bringiton

    I think Tory vetting only goes as far as asking candidates if they have shuvved their granny aff a bus and if the answer is affirmative,they get the nod.
    The nasty party.

  2. Robert Graham

    The natural home of the more unsavory people in our society in scotland appears to be this current tory party ,
    Me first , and bugger the rest of you re-Maggie there is no society just individuals ,this whole ethos is ingrained in these people , me , me ,me
    This Tory party are always out of step with the rest of Scottish People they just dont fit .thats why only one fifth of people actually vote for them , yet they seem to be overly represented in the media ,
    This lot have managed to fool the leadership of Labour into doing their work for them hence them activly working in many councils just to spite the SNP who are trying to carry out things dear Jeremy is prommissing in England , Labour would rather see people suffer than assist the SNP thats how utterly twisted this lot are , it’s hard to figure out what party is the more dangerous , in the end they both work for London and Scotland a distant second , Tragic .

  3. grizebard

    It’s wierd, isn’t it, the way that Corbyn gets pilloried in the media for things he didn’t say and which he clearly doesn’t believe, yet North British Tories keep coming out with all sorts of unpleasantnesses (subsequently deleted) yet Big Boss Ruthie is never asked about what she thinks of any of it?

    (Or maybe not so wierd, really. Media protection is a valuable asset for London Establishment stooges.)

  4. John

    The Toaddies , a law unto themselves , they say what they like , do what they like , abuse who they like ,
    with no consequences. The nasty , nasty party ! .

  5. C avery

    The only incident of anti Jewishness in Scotland took place in the 1940s when Irgun killed and booby trapped the bodies of two young British army sergeants in Palestine. It’s therefore difficult to see how we in Scotland would start rounding up Jewish families!

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