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Scottish! Not British! – Towards Indyref2…

Scottish! Not British!

I get the distinct impression this entire article was written as an excuse to use the joke about Deliverance being a feature film about Donald Trump supporters. There’s nothing else of substance here.

We may be thankful that Kevin McKenna devoted a paragraph to disowning the comparison between Nicola Sturgeon and the Trump/Brexiteer mob which, until then, he had seemed to be leading up to. The fact that that he considered it necessary to include such a disclaimer might have given him pause for thought, had he not been so carried away with the threadbare ‘peak SNP’ that he was using to prop up his oh-so-witty jibe.

The stuff about supposed the ‘failures’ of the SNP administration in the areas of health and education might have been more credible if the parroting of the British parties’ propaganda had been tempered with at least a nod in the direction of the very real achievement of even maintaining standards in the face of the British state’s efforts to force Scotland into line within the rest of the UK. And maybe some recognition of the fact that the Scottish Government simply doesn’t have the powers that some imagine.

Patrick Harvie can afford to be dazzled by the glittering generalities of ‘More Powers’. He has no responsibility for the deployment of those powers. Nicola Sturgeon and her government have to deal with the reality of an imposed devolution settlement which has nothing whatever to do with empowering the Scottish Government and everything to do with making things as difficult as possible for an administration that the Westminster elite desperately wants to fail in every imaginable way.

Take the new powers over taxation and welfare, for example. It is a truism that the tax/benefit system should function as a coherent whole. It follows that it must ideally be managed as a single rational system. Just about the worst arrangement possible is for the Scottish Government to have partial control of bits of a system which is already so disjointed and fragmented as to be massively dysfunctional.

It is less a case of using those ‘More Powers’ to achieve anything positive and more a matter of avoiding the political and fiscal traps whilst ensuring that no actual harm is done.

All of this signals a significant failure of analysis on Mr McKenna’s part. But what caused me to gasp in astonishment is his claim that the rise of the SNP and the decline of British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) are disconnected phenomena. That it is mere coincidence – or a “happy accident” – that the SNP has come to the fore just as BLiS has hit a bit of a sticky patch.

This is the kind of arrant nonsense that we would expect from a blinkered British nationalist like David Torrance. What it tells us is the extent to which, for all his lukewarm and often unconvincing support for independence, Kevin McKenna continues to be mired in the notion that the old Tory/Labour faux rivalries represent ‘real’ politics. The clear implication of his woefully glib remarks about the SNP being “gifted” the opportunity to govern is that, like so many of his journalistic colleagues, he persists in seeing the current state of Scottish politics as an aberration.

The distinctiveness of Scotland’s political culture, relative to the rest of the UK (rUK), is regarded from a British perspective as a disconcerting but temporary departure from the comfortable norm of British politics. A disturbance in the ‘Matrix’. And KcKenna seems as susceptible to this shallow-minded attitude as any of the rank and file of mainstream media commentators.

Things don’t just happen. BLiS is where it is because that is where the SNP has put them. Or, to be more accurate, it is where the electorate has put them as voters turned to a party offering a positive message on Scotland’s potential; a progressive agenda; an evident commitment to serving the interests of Scotland’s people; and principled pragmatism in government.

Scotland’s distinctive political culture is no accident, happy or otherwise. It is the outcome of a process in which the people of Scotland are engaged in a substantial and meaningful way. It is not a passing phase that will soon give way to ‘business as usual’. It is a self-perpetuating and self-reinforcing democratic process that inevitably leads to Scotland’s government being brought home and Scotland’s Parliament having the normal powers of an elected national assembly.

The idea that the better, fairer, more prosperous society to which we aspire can be delivered by any devolved administration from which essential powers are withheld is an insidious diversion from the absolute necessity of independence. Nothing less!

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9 thoughts on “Scottish! Not British!

  1. Andy McKirdy

    To be absolutely clear, McKenna is no friend of Scottish Independence!!!!
    He kids on that he has YES sympathies but is without doubt a dyed in the wool Labour man and like all of these so called “political commentators” thinks his opinions are really instructions for the plebs.
    They do all think that their natural order of things will soon be restored and fail utterly to understand the enlightenment that Scotland experienced in the Indy process.
    The Labour Party especially failed the people miserably in 2014 with their party first betrayal of Scotland and no amount of instruction from the McKennas of this world will make people return to their former ignorance.
    Devolution now enables Westminster to retain control over their last colony, Scotland now knows that independence is the future and controlling our own interests will do nicely thank you.

    1. Stephen Mann

      The Labour Party in Scotland have been betraying the Scottish people for generations. They had plenty of opportunity at local and devolved level to do some of the things the Scottish Government are doing now. For example completing west central Scotlands motorway infrastructure (we don’t like the disruption, but its nation building in action). Labour had their opportunity and instead of putting the people they serve first, they ripped us off. For example, look at the jobs for the boys culture in North Lanarkshire Council. Labour cannot be trusted, they are the Conservatives in disguise, ensuring power is centralised with a local elite or central establishment. They conserve power, corrupted by status they tell lies to cover tax avoidance and evasion; when they should be serving the needs of the people.

      1. jk.scobie

        Agree Stephen, for umpteen years Labour was in command here, what a relief it was when SNP won it. Labour , like the Cons are in it for themselves but they still want to keep the union, dont they understand that in an independent Scotland All parties will have an equal stance for government,or, is there something better within the union ?

  2. Cameron

    I’ve just done some arithmetic. In Indyref1, 55% of 85% of Scotland’s population voted No. That’s 38.5% of our total population. In the EU referendum, 62% of 67% of us voted Remain. That’s just under 42% of us voted Remain.

    42% of Scots voted for the EU, 38.5% voted for the UK. And that’s without taking account of the fact that non-UK EU citizens didn’t get to vote in the EU referendum, nor that most of them voted No in Indyref1.

  3. Clydebuilt

    Ooor Kev has written some very anti SNP articles in the English press.
    You can’t hate the SNP the way he does and want Independence.

  4. Geejay

    He’s a hired pen. He changes his position depending who he’s writing for. A chameleon, a butterfly intellect. There are many who see him as an agent provocateur – or worse.

    Like so many of the unionistas they either know what they’re writing is simply propaganda in the tradition of Dr G, Pravda, Daily Mail etc or they’re completely deluded, unable to tell truth from lie, fact from fiction, reality from their fevered imagination. Either way they should be seeking counselling.

  5. Bunny Daft

    Just a wee aside. I was just reading this article in bed and my boyfriend (used to be a bar supervisor in a Glasgow cocktail establishment) recognised the fat ugly mugshot at the top of the article. Says ‘that guy’ used to leave without paying his bills all the time, and was suspected to have been shagging a lassie in the women’s toilets one time. None of the staff liked him.

    It’s not political opinion, but I think it’s quite a character testimonial.

    A class act all round, I’m sure you’ll agree!

  6. Kat hamilton

    Thanks Cameron for giving me hope. If we can’t secure 51pc of our population to support yes in Indy 2 then frankly we don’t deserve to…what other nation would say no to self governance and allow the systematic dismantling of everything around us…it’s curtains if we remain shackled to this nightmare….time for action….

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