Scottish Labour ridiculed after forgetting when own party was in power

Scottish Labour has been ridiculed on social media after an attack on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon backfired spectacularly.

The party led by Richard Leonard took aim at the SNP leader who, in 2016, had said austerity should be dealt with the same way as it was in fiscal year 2009/10.

In a tweet posted on Thursday afternoon, Scottish Labour said: “Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to close Scotland’s deficit is to copy and paste George Osborne’s austerity economics.”

However twitter users were quick to point out that George Osborne wasn’t the chancellor in 2009/10.  The Chancellor of the Exchequer during the period cited by Nicola Sturgeon was in fact former Labour MP Alistair Darling.

One message read; “Aye but in 2009 to 10 it was Labour that was the WM Government Guess who was chancellor of the exchequer then. Oh dear it was Alistair Darling !”

Another twitter user didn’t hold back: “Your party was in power in 2009 you roasters – Not the Tories. I bet you were really proud of that meme too when you posted it – and all you’ve done is once again show us all how f’kin incompetent you truly are.”

At the time of publication of this article, the Scottish Labour tweet was still visible.

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5 thoughts on “Scottish Labour ridiculed after forgetting when own party was in power

  1. John

    This is Labour in Scotland scurrying around as usual around looking for a nut of anything to throw at the SNP so desperate are they to get back into power . Unfortunately for them they are so useless at research they always get shot down in flames by people who know better .Would you want this crowd of inept incompetents running Scotland , no , I didn’t think so ! .

  2. Robert Graham

    most of us gather labour in scotland are pretty dumb but do they really need to keep proving it .

  3. Jockanese Wind Talker

    It is hard to know whether British Labour in Scotland are:

    1. Pathologically stupid

    2. Pathologically incompetent

    3. Pathological Liars

    4. All of the above

    One thing is for sure the BritNat Media won’t ask them which it is.

    The other thing for certain British Labour (UK wide and Scotland in particular) hope the electorate aren’t paying attention or have short memories.

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