Scotland’s top pro-Indy website raises £60,000 in just 12 hours

A fundraiser for Scotlnd’s most popular pro-independence website has attracted almost £60,000 in donations in just twelve hours.

The Wings Over Scotland site, run by Stuart Campbell, launched the fundraising appeal on Tuesday morning.  The ambitious target was set at £45,000.

Within eight hours the target had already been achieved.  Four hours later it had reached a staggering £60,000, including direct donations.

Campbell, who describes himself as a ‘media lie detector’, revealed his surprise at the success of his latest appeal, saying in a tweet: “I was seriously worried this year, because February was absolutely dead for politics and I had almost no internet for the last two weeks of it, so traffic was well down on usual. Yet we hit the target only half an hour slower than last year.”

Although continually criticised by Unionists and some on the left of Scotland’s pro-independence movement, Wings Over Scotland remains by far the most popular site on the alternative-media scene.

Many pro-independence social media users have voiced their support for the site and have urged fellow Yessers to continue to donate.  In 2017 a similar fundraiser attracted over £140,000.


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8 thoughts on “Scotland’s top pro-Indy website raises £60,000 in just 12 hours

  1. Alan Johnson

    This is good news. The issues at stake are so profound now, we must surely resolve our differences and all work together to make Scottish Independence a reality. The SNP seem strangely reticent when it comes to biting the bullet, but arguably we will never have a better opportunity to set Scotland free and control our own destiny, free from Westminster interference.

    1. Clydebuilt

      Westminster are backing the Scot Gov. into a corner re Brexit and Indy Ref2. Is Westminster forcing the FM’s hand to hold Indy Ref2 before the Full Brexit disaster unfolds.

      1. Alan Johnson

        Quite possibly, Clydebuilt – but it is important that we do hold IndyRef2 before we leave the EU (if we do) in March 2009. My only worry is the numerous “feartie Scots” in our midst. Will they support us this time round?

  2. gregor

    Awesome, very heartening.

    Fake News BBC has been notified of this important, relevant and newsworthy development.

    Solidarity in the name of the common good.

    1. Donald MacKenzie

      We don’t have the knowledge, skills or time to unearth the falsehoods of the mainstream media and to de-bunk some of nonsense spilled out by those opposed to independence. We need a source of truth. Wings does all of this.

  3. Clive Scott

    If every one of the 100,000 or so SNP members took it upon themselves to do what should be their duty to Scotland and donate £10 to Wings the War Chest that Stuart would have at his disposal would be £1 million. He is so effective with the modest financial resources he has had to date – just imagine what he would achieve with £1m. The SNP needs to become much more aggressive in its dealings with MSM and in its dealings with the Unionist cabal at Holyrood.

  4. Lochside

    Fair Play to this site for acknowledging ‘Wings’ and the amazing efforts to raise such an amount.
    However, I hope some of it comes to this site, as I believe that the BBC is the main enemy. Rev Stu is a brilliant journalist, but he can’t cover it all. Also, the site has become a haven for attack dogs who don’t approve of Independenistas who are not slavishly pro SNP in every respect, and I don’t mean Rise etc. This has driven away many good contributors. Nevertheless, the cause could not survive without it and Rev Stu.

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