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Glancing through the comments below this article I see a tendency to obsess about the scheduling of the second independence referendum and the imminence of an announcement. This is to miss the most significant aspect of Ross Greer’s comments. Namely, his acceptance of the primacy of the SNP administration in this process. When taken in combination with the Green’s recent constructive engagement in budget negotiations, this sends a powerful message of unity to the Yes movement.

It also serves as signal to those determined to deny Scotland’s right of self-determination and the sovereignty of Scotland’s people that the Scottish parties are resolved to resist the inevitable attempts by the British state to sow seeds of division within the political arm of the independence movement.

For the SNP and the Scottish Greens to cooperate effectively in the project to bring Scotland’s government home, it is essential that each knows and accepts its function. There can be no place for petty politicking and partisan spats. The task at hand is far too important for such trivialities.

This is eminently sensible stuff from Ross Greer. Without wishing to be condescending at all, he displays a level of political maturity that is gratifying to see. It bodes well for the effectiveness of the Yes campaign in the coming referendum. Whenever it might take place.

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2 thoughts on “Scotland’s team

  1. Mark

    Sensible point, sometimes people are too fixated on the primacy of their particular group: instead of concentrating on the big issue.

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