Scotland heading for independence if Brexit goes ahead, according to new poll

Scottish voters are more likely to support independence in the event of Brexit, according to a new poll.

A survey commissioned by Channel 4 shows 51.39% would choose independence in a new referendum against 48.61% who would opt to stay in the Union.

The survey, carried out by Survation between October 20th and November 2nd, also found that Brexit had pushed more Scots towards independence.

38% of those taking part said they would be more likely to back a Yes vote, against 25% who said they would be more likely to vote No.  6% said they didn’t know.

The results coincide with growing uncertainty regarding a Brexit deal between the UK and the EU.  Speculation that the UK could be heading for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit has been growing in recent weeks.

With Theresa May seeking a so-called ‘Hard Brexit’, which will see the UK out of both the Customs Union and Single Market, the choice for Scots is looking increasingly stark.

The poll results will be welcomed by the SNP.  However it leaves the party in the extraordinary position of publicly backing a rerun of the EURef, which could see Brexit reversed and with it the independence opportunity Brexit offers.


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6 thoughts on “Scotland heading for independence if Brexit goes ahead, according to new poll

  1. John

    Say nothing more on a second EU vote , let the Blue , Red and Yellow English Tories fight it out for themselves , after all it’s all about them , they couldn’t give a flying fig about what Scotland thinks . Scotland had a decisive vote , we don’t need to do it again .
    The more we go on about having a second EU vote the more it will come back to bite us in an Indy ref with a narrow win , and a narrow win I think it will be ! .

  2. gregor

    ‘The people’s Vote’ is an insult to Scotland’s people (and all people who participate in democratic discourse) who overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU – over the specific issue.

    51.39% is a great starting point for a referendum campaign on Scottish independence.

    1. scrandoonyeah


      sometimes you just know…….

      Just after indyref in 2014, in the October I posted in the Guardian:

      cameron will be shafted by Boris
      Milliband will never be PM
      Tories will win the election. Boris PM
      Labour will get slaughtered in Scotland
      England votes leave, Scotland votes remain

      Indyref2 in 2018 and the result a whopping Yes.

      Okay, Boris is not PM….. yet and maybe have to wait a wee while longer for indy, but I can live with that.

      Sometimes you just know

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