Scotland & Brexit – A Video

The Brexit madness continues, and Scotland’s future is seriously imperiled. However, for Westminster, Scotland’s future is irrelevant, as their only concern is their own survival and that of the corrupt British State, and are prepared to sacrifice Scotland’s economy and culture on the altar of a Mad Max neoliberal dystopia, as David Davis so convincingly assured us would never happen. Therefore, that’s exactly what they have in mind.

Given the endless lies, deceptions and confusion, along with the daily contempt for the Scottish public from these incompetent liars, it’s difficult for many in Scotland to make sense of the Brexit negotiations and its consequences.

As we already know, the Westminster-pliant mainstream media, headed by the BBC, are unwilling and unable to analyse and shed light on these negotiations and what they mean for our country. So, yet again, it’s up to Scotland’s alternative media to create material that can clarify what is likely to happen between now and March 2019, when the UK finally exits the EU.

After discussions with Prof Mark McNaught (who appeared in the BBC bias documentary ‘London Calling’), we are interested in producing a short video in which Mark will explain what exactly the consequences are for Scotland being unwillingly dragged out of the EU, and the chaos and damage that will result if we don’t leave the UK and vote for independence before March 2019.

Our plan is to set up a crowd funding campaign on to raise a minimum of £1000 to shoot and edit this video, which will include captions and other visuals, to be completed by early May at the very latest. The final clip will be available to share widely through the usual social media sites and word of mouth, as our target is the Scottish public who are being short-changed when it comes to accurate factual information on Brexit.

Once the people realise the consequences of Brexit for Scotland’s economy, and even existence as a sovereign entity, many will take a positive approach and vote Yes in the next referendum. The alternative doesn’t even bear thinking about.

It is our hope that we will receive enough financial backing to carry out our plan. We look forward to your support.

Alan Knight
Director – London Calling

The appeal is now live –

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