Salmond crowdfund cash will be used to defend sexual allegations, claims Labour MSP

Cash generated by Alex Salmond’s crowdfunding campaign is to be used to fund his defence against sexual allegations, a Labour MSP has claimed.

In a message posted on social media, Jenny Marra said: “Anyone who ever gave Alex Salmond the benefit of the doubt as he whipped up nationalism can get the measure of the man tonight -crowdfunding his defence of sexual allegations. Twighlight zone.”

The Labour MSP was responding after the former First Minister announced the launch of his crowdfunder in order to help pay legal costs for his action against permanent secretary Leslie Evans.  Ms Evans conducted an investigation after allegations were made against the former First Minister in January.

However, the claim by Ms Marra has been labelled inaccurate and potentially defamatory by supporters of Mr Salmond.  The former SNP leader’s fundraiser states that all cash raised will be used exclusively for call for a judicial review of the process employed by Ms Evans which has nothing to do with the allegations.  Any fundraiser excess will be donated to good causes.

Ms Marra is not the only person to suggest that the Salmond fundraiser will use the cash to defend the former First Minister against the harrassment allegations.  Daily Record political editor David Clegg has made similar claims.

Speaking on the morning radio show Good Morning Scotland, Clegg said Salmond’s crowdfunding appeal is “effectively to fund a defence against sexual misconduct”.


The Daily Record, which is pro-Union in its stance, was the newspaper to break the story of the Salmond allegations.  Its political editor has since found himself feted by the BBC with a special appearance on Newsnight on Wednesday which witnessed the journalist make a variety of claims relating to the SNP.

The decision to invite Clegg onto the programme but have no guest offering a counter to his claims has led to at least one complaint being submitted to the BBC.

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15 thoughts on “Salmond crowdfund cash will be used to defend sexual allegations, claims Labour MSP

  1. John

    Wondered how long it would take Marra to chime in , not long , just waited for the right moment to pounce .
    How does she know that the money will be spent on his harassment allegations rather than the judicial review ,is she a clairvoyant as well as a rabid SNP hater .
    Marra knows any Labour MSP herself included , or MP , Corbyn included , couldn’t raise a five pence piece for their crowdfunder , never mind £78,000 which is where it stands at the moment .

    1. Jon Musgrave

      £87,000 as of 9-30pm tonight -and still 27 days to go… 🙂
      Must stick in the English Nationalist craws that Alex Salmond is so popular despite their endless smears.

      1. John

        Agree , they are fuming , it has backfired on them , they were hoping no-one would contribute then they could say independence was dead . We have now gone for plan B , today the headlines are the “division in the SNP ” or the ” SNP at war ” headline , running scared doesn’t cover it . Heading towards £100,000 now .

  2. Big Jock

    We look after our own when they are in troubled waters. Marra might want to reflect that Salmond may be completely innocent. She seems to think he has no right to defend himself.

    If we are now conducting trials by media then we really have reached rock bottom. Justice will prevail.

    If I was Salmond I would sue her.

  3. Davy

    Yep the unionists are certainly crapping themselves at the success of Alex’s crowd funding campaign.

    The simple fact is they have no-one to equal or even come close to Alex Salmond, as both a politician and a true ‘servant of Scotland’.

    The likes of Jenny Marra and Murdo Fraser and their ilk, would eat their own young if it would give them a cheap shot at the SNP or Alex Salmond and definitely at Scotland.

    And at the end of all this kerfuffle, I know the SNP will still be the only political party who puts Scotland first and foremoist.

    Ah the best Eck.

  4. Karen

    If anyone is still buying the Record then it is time they dumped it. oh so because AS managed to raise funds for a judicial review this means he is guilty of some crime? Ms Marra is so wrong.
    What is it they are afraid of? That he might be innocent and some lies will be exposed legally?

    1. Alasdair Macdonald

      People by the Record because it is the paper of Rangers and Rangers fans are predominantly unionist. Indeed, most would prefer Scotland to be part of England.

  5. Jockanese Wind Talker

    What used to be considered the Holy Trinity of British Unionism in Scotland.



    Daily Record

    They were used to getting fat off their troughing at the expense of the electorate and a seat in the House of Lords as a reward.

    Now just pathetic jokes of organisations.

    Victor Hugo sums up these fuckers vs Alex Salmond:

    “You have enemies? Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea. It is the cloud which thunders around everything that shines. Fame must have enemies, as light must have gnats. Do not bother yourself about it; disdain.“

    And he sums up the current situation these fuckers find themselves in vs the Independence Movement:

    “Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.”

    They are the BritNat Zealots desperately trying to stem the tide of Independence.

    Reminiscent of the hardcore Nazis in 1945 fighting to the last man and the last bullet in defence of their 1000 Reich.

    Funny how David Clegg doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, Philip Cross in action sanitising in defence of the Realm?

  6. Brian McGowan

    Surely they can’t go much lower, I keep telling myself. But they do. The despicable comments from Marra, Baillie, Grant prove they are all in the gutter. Along with a compliant media.

  7. C avery

    I attended a lecture by Dr Stuart Waiton last year in Glasgow his topic I recall was on the growth of victim culture in the prosecution of cases: It’s no longer the alleged victim it’s the victim ipso facto the accused must prove his innocent. What I can’t understand is why in the Salmond case the investigation was carried out internally- surely there should have been some independent process with external parties conducting the enquiry?

  8. Contrary

    All the speculation that has been going on since the ‘leak’ – and in particular the lies put forward by labour, Tories & the BBC, and newspapers [the crowdfunder page states very clearly the money is going towards the judicial review, so anyone saying otherwise is lying to us and defaming (?) Alex] – just shows how much a judicial review is needed!

    Everyone should have the right to complain with total confidentiality, and the circus the BBC is making of it will destroy any confidence in the procedure and put it back into the dark ages. Everyone is vulnerable to having a complaint made against them, or to need to make a complaint, and all parties should be able to trust whoever is investigating to make the correct judgements – Evans sounds like she cannot be trusted, but I leave the judgement of that up to the judicial review, which is only happening because Alex is making it happen. I hope this will result in making the systems for the Scottish gov’t fair ones. Unlike the cesspit that is Westminster.

    The strange thing I noted in David Cleggs interview was that he said that Alex brought Scotland to ‘within an inch of independence’. Within an inch? Really? I thought it was an overwhelming No vote, that’s what I keep hearing; ‘we’ voted No and we meant No, etc etc. Was this a subconscious statement by Mr Clegg? Showing what the real fear is, ‘within an inch’ seems to imply very very close and so it won’t take much to tip into several inches of Yes in the next vote. Anyway, it was a small thing, but not something you would normally hear on the BBC.

  9. Robert Graham

    I hope Alex and his legal team are taking note of these comments by unionist commentators and politicians on a now daily basis ,

    They are falling over themselves to outdo each other with more ridiculous comments every day , they in their rush to smear him have now escalated what was a inquiry into misconduct
    Has now morphed into one of sexual assault ,

    If thats the case the police should have been involved from the start , thats their job inquiring into crimes , they then present their findings to the fiscal who either moves forward or dismisses the case .

    The only reason this is now news on a daily basis is because thats the idea get Salmond by any means just rubbish his whole career and destroy his character .

    The whole vicious attack is not really just on Alex ,it’s the whole idea of independence , the only reason i can see is the unionist establishment are getting worried they cant stop the growing support , nothing is working it cant even be slowed down they are unable to anything about it so its over the top panic measures, prepaid for more of the same shortly .

  10. Independent Woman

    It seems that Jenny Marra cannot understand the difference between challenging the process by which the complaint was handled and the allegations of criminal misconduct made by the complainants. If she really does not understand the difference then she is intellectually unfit to be an MSP; if she does understand the difference then she is guilty of a disgusting slanderous smear and she should be thoroughly ashamed of herself.

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  11. Maurice Slater

    Another thing is Police Scotland may look at the complaints and decide there is no case to take to court the man hasn’t been charged with anything just a political witch hunt with one aim to take him out before the next indy ref or to stop him running if there is a snap general election.

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