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Salmond allegations: BBC provides platform as Unionists launch smear attack on Sturgeon – Towards Indyref2…

Salmond allegations: BBC provides platform as Unionists launch smear attack on Sturgeon

Unionist politicians have seized on allegations against Alex Salmond in order to launch a smear campaign against Nicola Sturgeon.

Fresh from demanding the SNP leader suspend Mr Salmond from the party, Unionist politicians have now began to imply the current First Minister has been engaged in a coverup.

The news that former First Minister Alex Salmond had been investigated over allegations he had sexually harassed two female Scottish government employees shook Scottish politics last week.  However there has been nothing but praise for the way Nicola Sturgeon has handled what many agree is a very difficult situation.

That began to change when Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon demanded Salmond’s suspension from the SNP.  The calls were echoed by Lennon’s party colleague Rhoda Grant two days later.

Both appeared on the flagship evening news programme Reporting Scotland on Friday and again on Sunday.

On Monday Unionists upped the ante and launched a smear attack on Nicola Sturgeon.  Scottish Labour implied the First Minister was withholding key information and was engaged in some kind of coverup.

The smears found their way onto BBC Scotland’s flagship morning news programme Good Morning Scotland with MSP Rhoda Grant given a platform to promote her party’s smears.  Moments later the innuendo was repeated by GMS presenter Gary Robertson who asked if Nicola Sturgeon needed to be “more transparent”?


The smears were repeated in subsequent BBC Scotland broadcasts which included additional innuendo from the Scottish Conservatives.


The platform afforded the Unionist smear attacks have led to concerns the BBC is again promoting an anti-SNP news agenda.  The bulletins followed the repeated broadcast of an anti-Salmond graphic containing a Daily Record front page three nights in succession.

Other reports have seen Alex Salmond compared to the former media mogul Harvey Weinstein who has been accused of rape and a string of serious sexual offences spanning years.

The coverage has resulted in criticism being aimed at the broadcaster by pro-independence users of social media. Many have contrasted the intense scrutiny and high-profile coverage of the Salmond allegations with the near absence of similar scrutiny of Ruth Davidson over Dark Money and other controversial issues surrounding her party.

BBC Scotland continues to insist there is no anti-SNP agenda in operation at Pacific Quay.  However the ease with which Unionists appear on the station attacking the SNP will do little to persuade its fiercest critics otherwise.

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12 thoughts on “Salmond allegations: BBC provides platform as Unionists launch smear attack on Sturgeon

  1. Independent Woman

    Talk to friends and colleagues about the way the BBC is behaving. People are often astonished to have the obvious pointed out to them. When they have the information they may start thinking for themselves.

    Get out and support YES street stalls. Even if you only have one or two conversations these can bear fruit.

  2. Robert Graham

    To be expected i suppose ,trial by media and innuendo ,the amount of time expended over and above anything ever launched about any of the other unionist parties is really quite sickening .

    Michelle Thomson’s whole promising political career was totally destroyed by the media , the totally unnecessarily long investigation was played out for weeks by a hostile media , any quiet news day saw her name appear with all the rehashed junk . in the end totally innocent .

    I would have thought lessons would have been learned about her experience , the SNP management should have protected her , I hope Alex is not treated to the arms length approach , apparently Nicola Sturgeon is being criticised for not immediately acting to suspend Alex well if thats party rules so be it , do it ,but dont pander to the unionist feeding frenzy by continuing to comment on it there is a ongoing process thats it no further comments should be made .

  3. Ros Callander

    I’ve said all along that this time Westminster would play dirty and look what’s happening…..they’ve been using paid agitators to try and undermine confidence in the Scottish government and now they are using their propaganda mouthpiece, the BBC to smear and discredit the major figures in the Independence drive….Salmond and Sturgeon.
    DON’T FALL FOR IT…its nasty, its biased and its all aimed at putting the breaks on another Independence Referendum and by doing so THEY ARE TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS.
    Please feel free to share or copy/paste this post and to get the message out there to those who don’t use social media….we need to be countering this on the doorstep, in clubs and associations, at local events etc. Marching tells Westminster what SOME Scots want, but DOES NOTHING to educate and convert those who get their information from TV, Radio and the press.

  4. John

    Labour have Alex Riley back on their benches without any stink from the Daily Record or the BBC , maybe that’s because he is an inconsequential Politian or because he is one of their own and you don’t dish dirt on one of your own . Rhona Grant is revelling in her new front bench position in Leonard ‘s team , it’s a change from being stuck at the back , being a list MSP . Monica Lennon is the same , she sees herself as someone who is going places and likes to contribute to any SNP baad rhetoric . Surprised Jenny Marra hasn’t surfaced yet but there is still time . Labour and the media do themselves absolutely no favours in their shameful tactics , lets hammer them when it’s time to put crosses in the box !

  5. Mark Richards

    Impossible to actually prove but one cannot be blamed for coming to the assumption that this is indeed a “partnership stitch up “!. Tory actioned then leaked with labour taking the helm with constant demands for this & that,professionally covered from start to finish by the beeb(and their secondary station stv). What I find extremely disturbing though is the history of both those parties with regards to extreme peadophile activity,it actually makes your skin crawl it is so severe,yet not a whisper from those tv stations nor indeed their sister newspapers. Welcome to British politics,the largest soap opera in the world today.

  6. Bellend Pete

    You lot sound like toddlers trying to work out how small people get inside the telly. You certainly have no clue about journalism, and make no effort to understand. Is blogging to an asylum filled with your fellow swivel-eyed nutjobs the best you can do? Why not go back to your day job driving a taxi in West Kilbride.

    1. David Lester

      Do illuminate us all then about journalism, since you’re obviously an expert on it! If possible, omitting the more lurid and unsubstantiated terms like ‘asylum’ ‘swivel-eyed’ ‘nut jobs’. Simple English will suffice.

    2. Jim

      There, there dear. Have another can o’ kestrel and slaber some more. How’s brexit going by the way? And the empire?

    3. gregor

      You are essentially ridiculing those with serious mental disorders, the public serving taxi driving community, and population of West Kilbride.

      Social cohesion is a good thing.

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