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Ruth Davidson’s self-harm revelations a ‘calculated move’ says BBC Scotland media pundit – Towards Indyref2…

Ruth Davidson’s self-harm revelations a ‘calculated move’ says BBC Scotland media pundit

A revelation from Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, that she self-harmed as a teenager, was a “calculated move” a BBC Scotland media expert has said.

Speaking on the John Beattie Show, Eamonn O’Neil said he had sympathy for Davidson’s experiences, but said: “I can’t help but think this was a calculated move by her in media terms over the weekend, both giving interviews on one hand and then the other thing of rolling her sleeve up and revealing these scars.”


O’Neil also suggested Davidson knew she would receive sympathy and praise from the main stream media given her past employment with the BBC.  He added: “Ruth Davidson worked in the BBC, Ruth Davidson knows how the system works.”


The comments followed days of sympathetic media coverage after the Scottish Conservative MSP revealed she had once self-harmed.  Speaking to the Times newspaper, Davidson also spoke of her excessive drinking and depression.

The ‘calculated move’ remarks from O’Neil are the first to appear on a main stream media outlet.  Scottish journalists and commentators have thus far been united in commending Davidson’s apparent bravery.

However many social media users have cast doubt on the Tory MSP’s motives with some echoing O’Neil’s remarks.  Many questioned why the MSP had waited until she had a book to sell before highlighting her past issues.

A poll by this site’s twitter account revealed a staggering ninety seven per cent of respondents believed Davidson’s self-harm revelations were calculated.

Fellow guest on the Beattie show, Stuart Cosgrove, also highlighted Davidson’s reluctance to face questions on controversial issues accusing the Scottish Conservative leader of “evading and avoiding interviews” and “seeking publicity” when it suits her.

In her Sunday Times interview Davidson also spoke of drinking “far, far too much” when younger and linked it to depression she had suffered.

She told the newspaper she had since moderated her alcohol intake.

However tweets posted by the MSP in 2016, whilst an MSP, showed empty beer, wine and spirit bottles she and friends had apaprently drunk that New Year.

The images were accompained by messages that made light of the amount of alcohol consumed.

Since becoming leader of the Scottish Conservative party, Ruth Davidson has been subjected to very little media scrutiny.  Notorious for making a series of political U-turns on a range of political issues, the MSP has enjoyed adulation amongst the professional media since helping her party secure 13 Scottish MPs in the 2017 general election.

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5 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson’s self-harm revelations a ‘calculated move’ says BBC Scotland media pundit

  1. Alasdair Macdonald

    In the past week, that metropolitan bastion of socialism, the Theresa May supporting New Statesman has run THREE articles sympathetic to Ms Davidson.

  2. John

    You have got to hand it to her , she knows her PR . She knows the Britnat media have always got her back , she knows they will always give her time and space to explain all of the aspects of her that she is prepared to give them , she knows how to use their platform to the max . The thing with all that publicity is we can see her for what she is , she’s a fake , a self promoter , she is the Ruth Davidson Show , a politician she is NOT ! .

  3. Robert Graham

    We know she is a self promoting circus act , able to fool some of the people some of the time , Are there no real honest journalists left in the Scottish media are they all spineless cowards doing what they are told .

    John Pilger published a piece recently ” hold the front page ” It was his assessment of Western media and it was a depressing view of how these journalists have been corrupted ,this should be required reading for all those who inhabit Pacific Heights on the banks of the Clyde , all the useful tools who know what they are doing but just keep their head down , well done folks I hope you’re conscience let’s you sleep easily at night ,because most of us believe your profession is in the gutter along with your morals .

  4. Eckle Fechan

    The gushing accolades of adulation from the Great Educated and the Marr sofa made me feel sick to the stomach, as though I’d swallowed the whole bottle of snake oil.

    A woman of substance she is not. A mediocre woman doing a mediocre job she is.

    It’s like watching ham-fisted Am-Dram, the constant outpouring of faux self-righteous indignation.

    However, having said all that, as life changing events go, I do hope motherhood changes her for the better and that she manages to elevate herself high above the sheugh where she currently resides morally and ethically, in her professional capacity I hasten to add, IMHO.

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