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Ruth Davidson won’t accept indyref2 mandate even if over 50% back SNP – Towards Indyref2…

Ruth Davidson won’t accept indyref2 mandate even if over 50% back SNP

The SNP will not have won a mandate to hold a second independence referendum even if the party wins more than half the Scottish general election vote, Ruth Davidson has insisted.

The Scottish Conservative leader was responding to questions from STV political editor Bernard Ponsonby when she was asked about her party’s indyref stance.

Pressed on whether she would accept the SNP had a mandate to hold a second independence referendum if Nicola Sturgeon’s party achieved over fifty per cent of the Scottish vote in next week’s general election, the MSP replied “Absolutely not, no”.

Davidson’s defiance followed the publication of the SNP manifesto which referenced a second independence referendum.  According to the SNP should the party gain most seats in the general election then it will constitute a referendum ‘triple lock’.

The three components of the ‘triple lock’ constitute the Holyrood victory, the Scottish Parliament Section 30 vote and the UK general election.

Speaking at the SNP manifesto launch on Tuesday, Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Last year’s Holyrood election delivered the democratic mandate for an independence referendum in the event of Brexit, and the recent vote of the Scottish Parliament underlined that mandate.

“If the SNP wins a majority of Scottish seats in this election, that will further reinforce that mandate. And in these circumstances, any continued Tory attempts to block Scotland having a choice – when the time is right and the options are clear – would be democratically unsustainable.”

Davidson’s refusal to accept majority win for the SNP would constitute a mandate is identical to comments she made last year just before the Holyrood election.  Then Davidson told Bernard Ponsonby “She [Nicola Sturgeon] will not have a mandate on the manifesto she’s published even if she gets a majority.”

However Davidson has previously accepted that a referendum mandate requires only a majority vote in the Scottish parliament.

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18 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson won’t accept indyref2 mandate even if over 50% back SNP

  1. Arthur Martin

    It’s plain to see that the Unionist parties are in turmoil with this issue. If they block a section 30 order and fly in the face of democracy it will be game over and Independence will follow.

    If they do the unthinkable and shut down Holyrood and end devolution, chaos will ensue and Independence will be all but guaranteed in the aftermath.

    They really are in a fix, and the more they obsess over Scottish Independence particularly with the spectre of Brexit hanging over us, the more people are waking up and smelling the coffee and seeing Independence as a viable option.

    It’s game over now and just a matter of time. The Tories, BLIS, and the LibDems just increasingly disgrace themselves with their outrageous protests.

  2. TheStrach

    They really must be worried if they are willing to admit that they’d ignore the democratic right of the Scottish people to choose their own future following yet another win for the SNP in the general election.

    It’s very worrying when a politician states quite emphatically that democracy doesn’t matter. I think they call that a dictatorship or a tyranny. Well Ruth is in for a shock as we will not accept either.

  3. Robert Graham

    I believe her and most of her MSPs dont really recognise the Scottish Parliament , they didn’t want a Parliament in the first place , in fact i dont think they believe scotland is a country just an extention of greater england , so in effect its ruths way or no way do as you’re told there’s a name for that a dictatorship is what the tories want ? .
    its a great pity a whole lot of scots maybe dont agree thats why they have been telling the tories to f/k off for the last 50 years are they deaf or just not listening , probably both she cant hear because she too busy bloody shouting .

  4. Scott

    This is part of an email I sent to the Mouth and still on reply.

    “Davidson says Nationalists are not real Scots patriots” this is your quote I believe, I am a Nationalist and class myself a very patriot Scot.

    I would like to hear from you what you think of these people one of whom you had your photo taken with are these the kind of people you regard as Patriot Scots.

    I know you are not keen to reply to my emails and this to me shows you are not keen to answer these questions like the other email I sent you about this family Jason and Christy Zielsdorf, who have five children and ran a shop in the small Highlands community of Laggan, are to leave voluntarily on Thursday.

    Calls for suspension of Tory candidate who told indy-backing Scottish teenager to “F*** off”

    A TWITTER account containing racist, homophobic and sectarian remarks – which belonged to a fisherman photographed with Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson on the campaign trail last week – has been closed down.

    “somebody should take the Nat bitch out” and “somebody take her down please.”

    Using the name Mulder1981, Majury has compared the SNP to Nazis, and accused Nicola Sturgeon of spending too much time talking about gay marriage.

    The businessman, who was elected as the councillor for Dunblane and Bridge of Allan last Thursday, also uses a niche adult dating website for men who claim to have big penises, where the Tory boasts about the size of his manhood, claiming it’s “7-8 inches” long, with a “medium to thick girth,“ and repeatedly asks for women to contact him.

    I wont say what I really think of Davidson but I’m sure you can guess.

  5. manandboy

    How we still struggle with the Emperor’s new clothes.

    When Unionism is under pressure, what is otherwise covered up, is revealed. What we are seeing openly displayed by May, Davidson and Dugdale is a refusal to apply democracy to Scotland. The method of refusal is by simply refusing to accept the truth. By so doing, Unionism is refusing to engage in the necessary process through which the purpose and effects of democracy are made real.

    This is how the British deal with their Colonies. It is how they retain power and control over Scotland and retain a secure platform for the continuous exploitation of Scotland’s vast natural wealth and at the same time provide themselves with the security blanket known as Trident.

    That just leaves the brainwashing. Sorted. According to the English, Scotland has no wealth and is dependent on the kindness of England to support it through charitable donations, known as the Barnet formula.

    Scotland’s historic tragedy is that too many believed the Colonial fairy story whereby the Crown will save the natives from impoverishment in exchange for control of the land and sea and everything on it, in it and under it. In 2017 however, fewer and fewer Scots believe in English fairies, hence the antics of May, Davidson and Dugdale when confronted with the truth.

    We now live in the time for self-determination for Scots. That’s about all there is to it. In resisting, the English reveal their true colours as a nation of plunderers and liars.
    May, Davidson and Dugdale only talk the way they do because they dont realise we can see them as they are. They are naked, dressed only in lies.

    In complete contrast, Nicola is clothed in the truth. Everyone can see that. Except of course those who are blind to the truth, the principal effect of propaganda.

    The British Unionist Establishment is the Emperor and he is stark naked. Very soon, the European Brexit negotiators, who don’t believe British Propaganda, will tell us just how naked our Colonial Masters are.

  6. Abulhaq

    Scots are slagged off as everything ‘inferior’ but the system is unwilling to let us go. We must have something it wants. I bet it’s all about land. The anal retentive, property fixated Brit mindset needs Lebensraum. The people, of course,can go to hell.

  7. Proud Cybernat

    A democratically elected politician who does not accept the fundamental principles of democracy i.e. the majority will of the people, is unfit for office and should resign immediately.

    Ruth Davidson must resign before bringing democracy itself into disrepute. She is an utter disgrace to be saying such things. Heaven help all of us if that stupid woman ever became FM of Scotland. She’d make North Korea seem like an open and free society.

    Utterly utterly disgraceful.

  8. Big Jock

    What about 70% or 80 we could go on. Basically they are saying Scotland is not a nation. They are bricking it. We will have our referendum even if we have to drag them through the courts to prove a point.

  9. Geejay

    So how is it the Tories in England have a mandate to do whatever they like on 37% of the UK vote in 2015? And if they get less seats than they had last time, but still have the most, will she agree that Labour, SNP and the others won – just like they “won” our local elections?

    This really is 1984, and in the end we will all say: “But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. [W]e had won the victory over [our]self. [W]e loved Big [Sister].”

  10. Dennis Bartholomew

    Ruth Davidson said that Nicola brought out the SNP manefesto 9 days before the election the manefesto was to come out on the 23rd may which had to be cancelled in respect to what happened in Manchester this is why it was brought out on the 30th thats why it came out 9 days before the election think before you speak Davidson

  11. stephen

    Its possible if every single SNP voters were to sue the Scottish Conservatives all at once that there would be enough litigation to prevent her continuing to lead their party.

  12. William Hogg

    I think we are in danger of inflating Ruthie’s ego. She does not have any authority to grant, or deny, an independence referendum. At best she is the leader of a minority Scottish party, or at least the branch administrator of a Scottish subsection of a U.K. Party!

    The colonial governor, aka the Secretary of State for Scotland, who may feel he has that power has not made such a crudely fascist statement.

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