Ruth Davidson refuses Channel 4 reporter’s request for interview at speech event

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has refused to answer questions or face interview at a speech making event in Glasgow.

The claim, by Channel 4 reporter Ciaran Jenkins, followed news that the Conservative MSP was set to make a speech on the economy at Glasgow University.

In a tweet, the C4 reporter said: “Ruth Davidson is outlining her vision for the economy later in a speech at Glasgow Univeristy. I’ve been told I can’t interview or question her about it. Regrettable but important you know we tried.”

The refusal on the part of the Scottish Conservative leader to be interviewed follows a similar pattern going back over a year.  The MSP has ducked several interviews on BBC Scotland on a range of controversial issues.


The speech by Ms Davidson was covered by BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme Reporting Scotland.  Viewers heard the Conservative MSP appear to criticise her own party at Westminster over its policy on immigration.

However the Conservative MSP appeared to have faced no difficult questions from the BBC Scotland reporter.  Despite a reluctance to face questions, the Scottish Conservative leader has enjoyed considerable coverage courtesy of BBC Scotland.

The statement on immigration from the Scottish Conservative leader is the latest in a string of similar comments that have garnered her uncitical headlines from the broadcaster.

Davidson first raised the issue of immigration during last year’s snap general election, claiming that immigrants found Scotland unattractive.  Despite falsely claiming Scotland attracted only 4% of total UK immigration, the MSP escaped censure.

In August last year she made headlines on BBC Scotland when she again raised the issue of immigration and gave the appearance of challenging her own party.

She appeared on the BBC just eight days ago making similar comments around immigration and again generated headlines.

The Glasgow University speech was the fourth time in ten days the Scottish Conservative leader has enjoyed headlines on the BBC courtesy of speeches or articles.  On Saturday May 19th she appeared on Reporting Scotland, again appearing to challenge her UK party.

Some independence supporters have voiced a suspicion that Davidson is being presented as ‘opposing’ her own party at Westminster in order to help deflect some of the anger generated by policies being promoted by Theresa May’s government.


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16 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson refuses Channel 4 reporter’s request for interview at speech event

  1. Karen

    Why is she getting away with this? She wants to spout her stuff without being questioned but rapid fires abuse and questions at SNP

    She should be pulled up for this by leaders of all parties in SG

  2. Big Jock

    Media are presenting her as if she is actually the First Minister. What is the game plan?

    They are trying to sideline Nicola Sturgeon as the opposition. The agitator to the true leader of Scotland. It’s sinister but it’s all they know this disgusting media.

    They want to create a perception of Nicola as a failure and holding office in defiance of Scotland. The truth is that she has double the vote of Davidson. The media can’t change the numbers so they switch the seats in people’s heads.

    What a parcel of rogues indeed.

  3. john

    The state broadcaster once again comes up trumps for Davidson , great cover once again on GMS today , allowing three speech clips during the report . Fantastic BBC , your doing a grand job for your former colleague . As you see her as the saviour of Scotland and the UK as a whole , will you start to grill her the way you do to the actual First Minister as you are the only media outlet she talks to . No ? , didn’t think so !

  4. Graham

    Ruth Davidson used to be a BBC reporter. Why would she face tough questions from the BBC?

  5. Robert Graham

    Not just the BBC, SKY yesterday joined in the farce by allowing some tory arsewipe to prattle away extolling the virtues of what in essentially just a MSP and leader of a party that commands 20% support of the scottish electorate , all this accompanied by the banner headline at the bottom of the screen advertising her forthcoming speech .

    Even in the speech she tries to distance herself from her paties loathsome polices ,yeh nothing to do with you Ruth eh , what a bloody actress supported by a Media that is essency assisting and promoting a totally Fraudulent perception of a Con Artist .

    When are these people who present themselves as News reporters and Journalists going to acquire a backbone or a Spine and confront this Con Artist , this is totally disgraceful and unacceptable,

  6. Independent Woman

    If she is basing her public behaviour on Mrs May she is sadly lacking in common sense. Mrs May is being tolerated by the Tory heavyweights only because she is fielding, or dodging, the flak. When the dust has settled I expect the nastiest, most unprincipled of the Tories to seize power and then to share out the top positions among the rest, probably in order of nastiest. I doubt if Ruth Davidson even registers on the consciousness of the likes of Rees Mogg. As for her alliance with Gove – that is laughable.

    Ruth Davidson is fortunate that she has the overt support of the media in Scotland. In a country with an independent media she would trail a long way behind the other political parties.

    Could the Independent invite her to comment on topical issues and every time she refuses make it a banner headline and keep a running total of such refusals on the front page?

  7. Ken

    The unionist media are clearly up to their tricks. Again.

    I watched the pat-a-cake interview with Bernard Ponsonby last night. Davidson not only got away with lying, again, but at one point talked about, “the Conservatives”, as if there was some disconnect between herself and the current UK government.

    I’m surprised Bernard didn’t just roll over and let Ruth tickle his tummy.

    (Apologies for mental image)

    1. Jas

      Then there was that moment when Ponsonby asked her if she ‘really was ‘the messiah’? Quite, quite bizarre!

      1. Ken

        Yes, Jas, both myself and my partner let out a loud, synchronised groan at that point.

        She’s not the messiah, she’s…(fill in at your leisure)

        The images of Davidson bouncing around May’s ankles like an overexcited puppy are some of the most cringeworthy I have ever witnessed. Her obsequiousness is truly stomach churning.

        So she’s not the messiah, just the court jester.

  8. Scott

    At five years old,the NHS saved my life,then saved my legs,after I was run over by a truck,a few years later they put me back together again when I broke my back all this and she can do all this dog walking, hillwalking and kickboxing as her hobbies.
    I am not saying these things did not happen but having been in a serious RTA there is no way I could tackle these things,dog walking yes.
    As an ex BBC maybe she has a lot of dark doors she could open.I always thought that Bernard Ponsonby was pretty good but after this way down the scale now.

  9. Big Jock

    It sounds like they are gearing up for an election. Davidson knows that a lot of those seats the Tories won are on a sticky wicket. So she is trying to lie to the potential voters that the Tories in Scotland are different to the Tories in London.

    It’s the only rational explanation for the media love in and the contradictory policies that Davidson is spouting. she never has to deliver the policies so she can make up any old shit.

    She knows the toxic tory policies won’t fly in Scotland. I just hope the voters are not so easily taken in by this snake oil salesman.

  10. millie

    What is going on with the BBC in Scotland regarding Ruth Davidson? – even on today’s Politics Scotland show – Andrew Kerr, David Porter AND Glen Campbell all full focus on Ruth Davidson- appeared to be pushing her case.

    I’d say at least half the programme was about Ruth Davidson.

    Nothing on Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Brussels – and she is First Minister of Scotland.

    The last time I saw the BBC pushing a politician to this extent, but never scrutinising them – was Jim Murphy.

    It is quite frightening to watch this on a public broadcaster, in a so- called democracy.
    There appears to be something afoot

  11. Big Jock

    Millie – and we know what happened to Jim Murphy. Let them eat cake it’s the last kick of a media and country in it’s death throws.

    Nicola is being side lined by the media but they don’t matter a jot. Davidson is a legend in her own mind and the medias mind. She is nothing out with the spin doctors wee circle of deception.

  12. Jason Smoothpiece

    The centre is very busy and very worried evidenced by the so called TV news and the complete crap pushed out by the print medis.

    Their private polling has possibly caused them some concern.

    This is being caused by troublesome sites like this.

    Hell slap it into them.

    Sorry got carried away there.

  13. Brian

    It’s all very well Jenkins saying this. He should have tried harder. Or got Crick involved, or maybe the guy with the dogs.

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