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Ruth Davidson moving to centre ground and pitching to be next FM says BBC Scotland reporter – Towards Indyref2…

Ruth Davidson moving to centre ground and pitching to be next FM says BBC Scotland reporter

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson is moving to the centre ground in order to increase her chances of becoming the next First Minister, a BBC Scotland reporter has claimed.

Andrew Kerr was speaking on BBC Scotland’s Politics Scotland programme when he was asked about the Conservative MP’s latest speech in which she appeared to challenge policies her own party was pursuing at Westminster.

The BBC Scotland reporter said: “Something that’s afoot is a very definite pitch from Ruth Davidson that she wants to be, or attempting to be, the First Minister of Scotland at the next Scottish parliamentary election in 2021.

“I think very carefully trying to position herself in the centre ground.”

Kerr justified his claim by listing vague pledges made by Davidson in a Glasgow University speech the MSP delivered on Tuesday, telling programme host Gordon Brewer: “Ruth Davidson was also saying that the NHS is at a crunch point and any future tax rises should now be foregone to make sure that that money goes directly to the NHS.

“She was talking almost about hypothecated taxes – taxes directly linked to make sure that someone’s money is going to hospitals.

“She was also setting out a pitch for younger voters, calling for better housing, vocational education and to older voters, saying that she was looking for improved social care.

“So, there was something for everyone there.”

Questioned by programme host Gordon Brewer on the realistic prospects of Davidson becoming First Minister, and who she might form a coalition with, Kerr replied. “She partly addressed this in her speech yesterday.

“She was saying, that in the 2016 Holyrood election she set out a clear prospectus that she was running for a strong opposition and in the speech yesterday she said, well, you can’t do that the second time around, you can’t run in 2021 saying that she wants to be a strong opposition, she’s saying now she wants to be the First Minister of Scotland.”

Despite acknowledging the prospect of a Ruth Davidson First Minister was “very unlikely” many serious political observers will be bemused that such a far-fetched scenario could be presented as remotely realistic by a BBC Scotland reporter.

The analysis follows near saturation coverage of Davidson’s speech from the Scottish media, with broadcasters and newspapers following a similar pro-Ruth line.  The Scottish Conservative leader was presented as challenging her own party’s policies on the NHS and immigration.

However, there was criticism of what many felt was a near total refusal on the part of the media to question the MSP who appeared to contradict statements she herself had made in the past.  The voting record of Tory MSPs and MPs also appeared at odds with the portrayal of the Scottish Conservatives as a centrist party.

The positive coverage and lack of scrutiny enjoyed by the leading Unionist politician in Scotland is set to continue as the threat of Scottish independence refuses to diminish.  First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said a decision on the timing of any second referendum will be made only when the Brexit situation becomes clearer.

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13 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson moving to centre ground and pitching to be next FM says BBC Scotland reporter

  1. Davy

    I don’t quite know what to say ?, is it a case of the “Emperors new clothes” and/or “Toom Tarbard”.

    Who the shit would want someone as First Minster who hides as soon as a problem appears, the dishonesty of our media to show Ruth Davidson in her true colours is a disgrace.

  2. Brian Powell

    He didn’t say who she would be in coalition with, so R Davidson isn’t the only one not answering questions. The LibDems said they would go in coalition with any pro union party, and of course Labour is so dim they couldn’t be ruled out.
    The BBC is staffed by Tory wanks, simple as that.

    1. Davy

      its one thing to be in coalition with the torys at council-level but if Labour went in coalition with the Tories at Holyrood level it would be the finish of them in Scotland for 50 years at the minimum.

  3. john

    Ruth is on manoeuvres , the BBC are on manoeuvres , why ?. Are these best pals trying to get the Scottish public to think the Tory’s in Scotland are different from their London masters , pretending they care about immigration and the NHS , why ? . The recent march in the streets of Glasgow by Under One Banner got the wind up the Tory’s , they never expected such a big turnout , 94,000 is not to be sneezed at . If all the Scottish Media bile is not having the desired effect to make this discontented lot disappear it is time to pretend to change tactics . Davidson and the BBC can try to kid us they are changing course , we know the truth ,Tory’s lie , they promise Scotland more fairness then pull the rug from under it’s feet , we have grown wise to this . Davidson is a master at U-turns , she does it on a daily basis then goes into hiding . So forget your manoeuvres , the games up !

    1. Robert Graham

      Agreed the louder they scream the more we know they are Rattled it’s getting to them .

  4. Robert Graham

    Polishing a Turd comes to mind , it does not matter how well and how often it’s still a turd in her case with Lipstick applied , apologies to the Lipstick that probably doesn’t have any say in where it’s evenly put .
    Just because the media present this artical as a viable first minister , it dosent make it happen ,you would have to stretch credibility to breaking point to actually imagine she is any different from the Clowns who represent the worst government in living memory ,every single thing they get involved in miraculously gets worse as if by magic , they cant do anything right .
    This Clown Davidson stands in our parliament and acts as if she really is first Minister with 20% support she is going to have to fool an awful lot of people before she can fill that chair , emigration will sore to levels never seen before if she ever gets close to ever being the first minister .

  5. Big Jock

    One Caveat about her only having 20% support. There are plenty of fundamentalist labour voters who will vote Tory to damage the SNP. We witnessed this in the last GE. Tory support appeared to be 28% , but at least 5% of that was SNP hating Labour voters.

    She can’t win, but with Yoon support from other parties she can stop the SNP getting close to a majority. There is an unholy alliance , just look at the councils. Labour are completely bereft of any moral compass and will go to bed with the devil to stop the SNP and Scotland.

    With this in mind Pete Wishart’s idea of waiting until after 2021 is suicidal. Now that the yoons have galvanised around Ruth and the Tories they are a real and present danger to our cause.

    We must strike while we have a mandate. If there is another GE this year the SNP need to have their independence referendum before this.

  6. Independent Woman

    She changes her mind whenever the wind changes direction. I don’t think the electorate as a whole has such short memories. If it becomes obvious that they do it is up to us to keep reminding them of her total lack of committment to her ‘principles’. And of course, the FM to keep slapping her down, as she did so ably at today’s FM Questions.

    Ruth Davidson just had to sit there, in silence eventually, and take the pasting the FM gave her over her calls for a reduction in taxes for the rich at the last budget when compared with Davidson’s (sorry she is a pregnant lady and needs handling with kid gloves) Colonel Davidson’s
    demands for increased spending on the SNHS.

    1. Cubby

      Yes she does change direction with the wind as she is a big hot air ballon. This woman is a total waste of space. However Carlaw will probably make her look good when he stands in for her.

  7. Lochside

    The grotesque parody of what passes for media in this benighted country is displayed here in all its gory. The unspeakable tRuthless Davidson shamelessly, as ever, doing her regular volte face on ‘policy’. One minute hard line defender of the faith, the next bleeding hearted mum to be.

    There used to be satirical current affairs tv shows based on this utter bullshit. But ‘serious journalists’ lie straight-faced to the camera concerning the antics of this imposter and fraud. A jumped up bullying tom boy blusterer; a BBC reject; a police time waster and breacher of electoral laws. An apologist for bigots and borderline personalities such as herself.

    When is someone, anyone, going to legallychallenge the existence of these ‘Scottish’ branch ‘parties?. they are not separate and they do not have the autonomy to have different policies from their London H.Qs. If we could get them to call themselves what they really are, e.g British or the UK Tory party, Scotch branch, then even the toadies and arselickers of the yellow press might have to call them out on their blatant misrepresentation of their policies.

    1. john

      I call them what they are ,Labour in Scotland , Tory’s in Scotland , Lib -Dems , Greens , we should all be calling them that forget the Scottish bit , there is nothing Scottish about any of their policies !

  8. Macart

    Pretty much.

    Ms Davidson is neither moderate or centrist. Only in the fantasy world of the media is she anything like popular and only in that environment is she presented as any kind of serious politician. Mainly because she very rarely receives anything like due scrutiny and, and, and… reasons, squirrels etc. She is a media marketing creation. All sound bite and photo op, with a veneer of jolly hockey sticks precisely one atom in depth. A person propped by the votes she took from Labour and who courts and supports the very worst aspects of our society in order to retain those votes. Votes gained in a race to see which of the two had the best line in isolationist/intolerant politics.

    There is no statesperson in waiting here. No great political thinker. No one who you’d even consider linking with a duty of care to a population and THAT is the day job of a First Minister. A duty of care for ALL of your population.

    There is the media’s reality and then there is reality.

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