Ruth Davidson – Fake policies, fake news and a fake politician

By Alan Knight

In an article exactly one week ago I predicted that our main stream media machine was going to promote a scam attack on the SNP.  The attack would centre on Primary One standardised assessments.  At the centre of the scam would be Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tories.

Below is a short extract from my article.

This is the beginning of a coordinated attack on the SNP … In the vanguard will be BBC Scotland.


… the Scottish Conservatives are going to vote against national standardised tests for primary 1 pupils.  A policy they themselves called for.  A policy Ruth Davidson boasted of having called for.


This is political opportunism.  Indeed it’s probably more accurate to call it political corruption.


For this attack to succeed requires … the media to refuse to cover this act of political corruption. In short, it requires a marriage of political corruption with media corruption.

The attack is indeed underway and BBC Scotland is, as I predicted, in the vanguard.

On Sunday the broadaster led its online news with just such an attack.  John Swinney was presented on the defensive.

The de-facto attack on the Scottish government education minister was also included in Radio Scotland news bulletins.


Missing from the online article and the radio news bulletin was any mention of Ruth Davidson’s Tories.  This is despite the fact that it is a Scottish Tory motion that Holyrood will be voting on.  The motion will call on the Scottish government to scrap P1 standardised assessments.  The same policy that Ruth Davidson demanded be introduced in her 2016 party manifesto as can be seen in the image.

So why did BBC Scotland fail to mention this significant aspect of the story?  For the same reason Reporting Scotland failed to cover the scam when Nicola Sturgeon raised it at FMQ’s last week.

Yes, that’s right.  Nicola Sturgeon exposed the Scottish Tory scam last Thursday, but BBC Scotland didn’t think it worthy of coverage on its flagship evening news programme.  And things got a whole lot worse.

The day after refusing to report the FM’s comments, who should pop up on Reporting Scotland but none other than Ruth Davidson.  Davidson’s appearance shocked many on social media. Why?  Because the previous day Good Morning Scotland presenter Gary Robertson revealed that Davidson had insisted she would not be available for interviews until her party conference.


But what about the Reporting Scotland interview?  Its purpose was clear.  Ruth Davidson was being given a platform to issue a statement defending Theresa May.

Her defence of the Prime Minister led the BBC Scotland news reports.  The Reporting Scotland set-piece was just as much a scam as the Primary One assessment attack is.

Indeed, Davidson wasn’t questioned on her forthcoming motion calling for Primary One assessments to be scrapped.  Yet BBC Scotland already knew the motion was going to feature prominently in its news coverage.  It was the number one issue on Sunday’s politics programme where John Swinney was aggressively questioned by Gordon Brewer and asked whether the SNP administration would respect the vote.

Below is what I wrote last week:

SNP politicians will face aggressive interviews asking if they will respect the ‘will of parliament’.

The programme featured Daily Record political editor David Clegg and a former Lib Dem MSP Margaret Smith who both pushed the same anti-SNP narrative.

Below is what I wrote last week:

Discussions will take place featuring newspaper journalists and other trusted pundits. They will all say the same thing. There will be media unity.

It also appeared on Reporting Scotland later that evening.  The P1 assessment attack was wedged in between two quite incredible promotion pieces for Ruth Davidson.  You have to watch the clip below to appreciate the extent of what effectively is political propaganda masquerading as news.

On the P1 assessment attack, below is what I wrote last week:

Reporting Scotland will lead its programme with the ‘growing pressure’ Nicola Sturgeon is ‘coming under’.

Everything I said was going to happen has indeed happened.  The media has promoted the Primary One assessment stunt without highlighting Ruth Davidson’s chicanery.

What I didn’t anticipate was that the media would engage in an orgy of ‘Ruthmania’ simultaneously.  Ruth you see has a book to promote.  Ruth revealed in her book that she used to self-harm.  David Clegg and former BBC Scotland reporter Penny Taylor turned up on the Sunday Good Morning Scotland newspaper review.


This was saturation propaganda, aided and abetted by the state broadcaster.  There wasn’t a hint of genuine journalism in any of the coverage.  It was an incestuous orgy of like-minded media figures nodding in agreement.

Leaving aside the Primary One assessment attack which will gather pace this coming Wednesday, we have the promotion of a media-created fraud-politician whose mythical ‘success’ has never been truly defined.  Ruth Davidson is a success only because the media continually say she is.  The orgy of adulation was all over the BBC.

What do I think of her ‘self-harm’ revelations?  I don’t think anything of them.  Davidson is a self-promoting charlatan who has defended the Rape Clause and whose party has introduced policies that have led to vulnerable people taking their own lives.

So where does that leave us?  BBC Scotland, the dancing gargoyle of fake news, half-truths and bogus-journalism, continues to use Scottish TV licence payers’ cash to promote the media-celebrity Ruth Davidson.  It promotes an attack on the SNP while omitting factual information essential to balanced journalism.

But, as we well know, the BBC doesn’t do ‘fair and balanced’ – it continues to infantilise the Scottish population with its desperate, grotesque propaganda.  Question Ruth on her assessment test scam?  Are you kidding?  Look what she’s been through.  Have we told you how brave she is?


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23 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson – Fake policies, fake news and a fake politician

  1. Col

    Well they have certainly stepped up the propaganda like we knew they would. Problem is that they’re nowhere near half way turning up the volume. Shit’s going to get really ugly. Disappointed that the turnout for the last BBC demo was so low. If we can’t get people in enough numbers to Glasgow then surely we need to try something else?

  2. stu mac

    Obviously a site like this will concentrate on BBC Scotland but for a long time now BBC UK/England has been a pro-Tory anti left wing propaganda unit. It just has a different flavour up here.

  3. Robert Graham

    Anyone seen anyone from the SNP on any of the media lately ?.

    FFS even Kezia gets a shot at NO INDYREF2 this morning .

  4. Rose Strang

    Maybe this is a really obvious point, but I think it’s worth exploring more – I think her self harm revelations are totally inappropriate in the context of her political position, where she’s a public figure with power and influence.

    It’s one thing for a victim of injustice or someone with lack of power/influence to reveal such experiences – and another thing entirely when its someone with Ruth Davidson’s influence. I think this goes to the central idea of democracy – i.e. that those with least influence and power have impact on the way society is run.

    The question is – what purpose do her personal revelations serve? I don’t see that they had anything to do with righting a societal wrong in general. It looks like a tasteless bid for sympathy to me. If anything it highlights the reasons behind her callous attitude on for example the rape clause.

    Sometimes people who’ve suffered pain don’t learn to empathise, instead they become brutalised, less sympathetic and more entrenched in their viewpoint – lacking the self awareness to see that in overcoming pain by adopting an aggressive stance they’ve inadvertently become a bully. She may see herself as vulnerable inside – but lacks the intelligence to perceive her external impact.

    Can you imagine Nicola Sturgeon revealing personal experiences to such an extent?! If she did it would only be to highlight an issue in general (for example judgements women might receive if childless)

    1. Contrary

      Thank you for this, I was trying hard to find a way to articulate my thoughts about Ruth’s revelations, the best I could come up with was -hypocrite- so it is good to hear a view that doesn’t say ‘she deserves our sympathy, but’. I don’t believe her revelations help anyone (except herself).

  5. Ethel McInnes

    This is blatant corruption at its worse! Hopefully the first thing the SNP will do once we’re free, is disembowel the BBC and send them back to where they belong, in the toilet of the UK!!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    1. Screaminkid

      I always knew BBC scotland was only there for the Controlled Conditioning of the Scottish public and to distort the public Narrative!

  6. Independent Woman

    Where is the SNP unit which was announced recently whose job it is to tackle head on these kinds of attacks? The BBC, the wider media and the Tories are an unholy alliance of misinformation and SNPBAAAAAD.

    SNP get on the attack.

  7. Lochside

    ‘Punching walls and drinking too much’?…where was this ‘Fingers Bar’?
    This fabricated product politician has all the hallmarks of a sociopath not a saviour.
    Where’s her empathy for people with real mental health issues…when she blithely
    recounts how she gave up medication by ‘willing herself to get better’!!. What kind of advice is that to those who urgently require medication as part of their treatment?

    Worse, her lies and u-turns go unremarked as does her callous support of the Rape Bill and attacks on the disabled’ access to desperately needed benefits. Remember her sitting in a motorised wheelchair grinning like a Cheshire cat….a gross insult to all those thousands who had their mobility allowances removed?

    Despicable is the word for Davidson.Degenerate is the word for the BBC in its idolatry of its ex employee as a future phantom leader of a Scotland that still rejects the tories after two generations and the grisly world view that they represent.

    1. Ian Foulds

      Last para spot on. All of this makes my blood boil. I so want a Scotland I can be proud of as an Independent nation. If I was (much) younger, I would be doing a Wallace or a Bruce – unfortunately nowadays that might not be the answer – but at the moment I do not know what is, except for head down and keep at the b’s.

  8. twathater

    Let me state this clearly , I am not and have never been defeatist , but this article’s exposure aligned with today’s bbc’s jockland mince and interviews , and the DAILY incessant lies and drivel by this and the other broadcasters is going to be the death of independence .

    Although more and more people question the validity of news reports , this rancid and fetid garbage is being spewed into our homes incessently , and as many of us know there are always some puir gullible sowels who will believe anything a RESPECTABLE POLITICIAN says . ( just look at the people who elect Rennie , Dugdale , or tRuthless .

    Unless and until the SNP SG DEMAND and FORCE these companies the right of reply and response we are fcuked . The SNP SG HAVE to treat these quislings as the enemy , they have to forget niceness and manners , these people are openly and brazenly trying desperately to DESTROY our country and people , that has to be at the forefront of every interview or speech .

    We are in a BATTLE for our very own existence and until the SNP SG react accordingly we will be defeated by these CORRUPT LYING CRINGEING BRIT NAT MONSTERS

  9. bringiton

    This is not just a Scottish issue.
    Across the globe politicians,especially of the right,only need to appear on TV for a few minutes and spout a few sound bites which appeal to the hard of thinking and the next thing you know,we are heading for yet another disaster,democratically of course.
    Democracy is being undermined by a synchophantic press who fail to hold these unscrupulous people to account.
    One of the responsibilities of the press is to hold the executive of governance to account but that must also be the case for the political parties who oppose the governing party.
    Sadly,not in Scotland,it appears to be only one way.

  10. Independent Woman

    I have had a rather nasty thought about this whole business with Ruth Davidson. I thought it was a rather contrived and unnatural piece of information from Ms Davidson. I am the last person to be unkind to anyone with mental issues since I have have a child who is affected.

    First Nicola Sturgeon discussed her miscarriage; then Ruth Davidson announces her pregnancy. Nicola Sturgeon discussed being bullied at school; Ruth Davidson discusses her depression and self harming as a teenager.

    We are all aware of Ms Davidson’s habit of adopting any stance that suits her prime motifivation in life, i.e. self-promotion even if it means denigrating policies she was advocating a few weeks, months of years previously.

    I am loath to attribute self promotion as a prompt for Ms Davidson’s actions but the chance to outdo the First Minister might have had at least something to do with her recent actions.

    1. Ian Foulds

      Understandable sentiments when it is the subject being considered, notwithstanding she may, for once be telling the truth – possibly the only time she ever will.

  11. Bibbit Blair

    I suspect Ruth Davidson is getting her book out now during ‘peak Ruth’. She knows in the next General Election (possibly as early as next April, May or June when the no-deal Brexiteers seize power from Theresa May after March) Scotland will not re-elect ‘her’ supine thirteen. They ignore her.

    Still, it’s nice of her BBC pals to give her book a boost, with salacious tid bits. When the book tanks, it’ll be harder for the BBC to keep saying she’s Scotland’s next saviour.

    Remember how they fawned over Jim Murphy. Where is he now?

    Still they keep trotting out Gordon Brown as some kind of expert, don’t they? Last time I was in Bargain Books there were unsold piles of unflogged Gordon’s autobiography going for a song.

    They’re all destined for the scrapheap, davidson, BBCScotland and all of them. Time to cleanse Scottish politics’ Augean Stables.

    1. Richard

      Jim Murphy is waiting, like the subject in Bowie’s song ‘Time’, in the wings. Like Time, Jimbo also ‘speaks of senseless things’. I would also wager that on the morning of the 19th of September, 2014, he also fell ‘wanking, to the floor’ as the vote count approached its alarming conclusion.

      He’s in the back. Like Henry Kissinger.

  12. Mike

    If only we could read such articles in the MSM because we should. This is exactly what we should be reading and listening to through Scotlands media and its testament to the despotic state controlled and media sanitised nature of the UK that we aint.

  13. Arthur thomson

    Davidson is not initiating any of this from her own very, very limited brain cells. From day one she has been ‘created’ by the Britnats as God’s Gift to Scotland. She is indeed a charlatan.

    It has to be admitted that she seems to have achieved Thatcher levels of support in Scotland and that doesn’t surprise me. The red Tories, the ‘respectable working class’ curtain twitching labourites, have turned to her. But for how much longer? By definition these are not people who are full of empathy for anyone or they wouldn’t be backing the Tories.

    The one bit they will like is the bullshit about throwing away her crutches – the most cynical part of her publicity stunt. We will see how that holds up in the fullness of time.

    As usual the Britnats may just have overcooked it.

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