Ruth Davidson and Nick Eardley … No questions please

I think it’s safe to assume that Ruth Davidson is never going to be questioned by anyone at BBC Scotland over the racism and bigotry that resides within her party.

She might be asked a token question at some point in the future, but let’s face it, the buffalo gal has ridden out the storm.

The final act in the farce that was BBC Scotland’s coverage of the episode played out last week when a BBC camera crew was despatched to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre to film Ruth Davidson.  The footage can be seen below.

When it appeared on Reporting Scotland, the item was fronted by Nick Eardley.  Naturally I, along with many others, assumed Eardley had been involved in the filming.

My article – Ruth, Racism and Bigotry – Now BBC Scotland has questions to answer – cited Eardley as the frontman.

But I was wrong, as Eardley made clear in a subsequent ‘helpful’ tweet.

I ignored the ‘conspiracy theory’ jibe.

My immediate thoughts were why did Nick Eardley present the Reporting Scotland item if he hadn’t been involved in the filming?

If he wasn’t involved, then who filmed Ruth?

I posted my questions to Eardley.  This time the response was rather less helpful.

I’m not going to let you try and bully my other colleagues. I presented it because I know the story.

I ended the exchange there and then and blocked Eardley.  I had no wish to find myself accused of online bullying or harrassment.  However the exchange, rather than clarifying the situation regarding Ruth Davidson’s statement and the lack of any questions to the Scottish Conservative leader, served only to cloud it further.

Who arranged for a film crew to be despatched to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre and why there?

On the day in question [Aug 24th] Ruth Davidson was scheduled to take part in an Edinburgh International Television Festival event with Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow.

The event, which was part of his MacTaggart Lecture, had been well publicised.  Davidson’s participation was advertised two weeks earlier.

Scottish Conservative MSP Ruth Davidson will go head-to-head with the Channel 4 News presenter, Jon Snow, in the post MacTaggart session.


In the Post MacTaggart Interview, the Scottish Conservative MSP for Edinburgh Central and Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, will pose questions and debate the central themes raised in Jon Snow’s James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture.

Ruth Davidson has been running scared from interviews.  She has refused to appear on BBC Radio Scotland to face questions on the racism/bigotry scandal.  BBC presenters are tweeting that she is unavailable for interview.

But can BBC Scotland maintain the ‘Ruth-not-available-for-interview’ line when she is simultaneously publicly appearing, and answering questions (!), at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.  No it can’t.  And what’s more it knows it can’t.  Ruth Davidson was exposed and vulnerable.

Is it beyond the realms of possibility that a mutually convenient solution was hatched, whereby a BBC crew would meet Ruth outside the venue where the Scottish Conservative leader would deliver her scripted statement to camera?  The quid-pro-quo would require a guarantee no questions would be asked.

The BBC will surely have had a crew in attendance – perhaps from London.  It is after all a huge international media event taking place at the height of the Edinburgh Festival.  A quick call is all it would have taken to set things up.

Nick Eardley himself might have inadvertently given the game away when he stated “I presented it because I know the story.”  This implies the crew who filmed Davidson didn’t know the story.  This suggests it wasn’t a BBC Scotland crew.

I don’t know if the scenario above is accurate or not and Nick Eardley definitely isn’t saying.  But it would explain why Eardley fronted a video piece he had no part in filming.  It also explains why Davidson fielded not one single question if the crew had no idea of the back story.

Whatever the truth, the whole situation stinks to high heaven.  It’s the stench of institutional corruption.

Thanks to poster Andy Inglis who provided much of this information in a comment on another article.


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9 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson and Nick Eardley … No questions please

  1. Ayrshirelass

    Well the new session of the Scottish parliament will be due to start soon and Davidson wont have anywhere fo hide despite the comcerted efforts of the media to protect her.

    In any event the contrast between the professional behaviour of the SNP and the ibehaviour of the opposition in Scoltand merely helps the case for independence.

    Perhpas she should follow Kezia Dugdales example.

    She clearly has no leadership ability if she is unable to deal with behaviour in the conservative party ranks.

  2. Scott

    As I noted and said in the other part of this if the man on the phone who is seen walking about could be identified maybe he could throw a light on who was doing the camera and if it was BBC London. Eardley could easily clear this up but then telling us the truth would might damage his career.

    I still have not received a reply from Davidson regarding her councillors think I will do it again for the 4th time.

  3. bibbit

    In the clip RD explains to the camera that nil by mouth is ‘the anti-sectarian organisation in Scotland’.

    The words ‘in Scotland’ definitely supports your theory that davidson was dictating to a London crew, otherwise why say completely superfluously to another Scot ‘in Scotland’ if the person she was dictating to, lived and worked in Scotland?

    No, she used ‘in Scotland’ the way you would explain that to a person unfamiliar with Scotland’s organisations and thereby not someone living or working in Scotland.

    BBC Scotland are utter shits and clearly they and their southern BBC counterparts were in cahoots with Davidson in a damage limitation exercise for her.

    The Scots Govt should appoint an ‘British Nationalist Propaganda Minister’ to refute the BBC incessant propaganda in this manner.

    The way I feel about the MSM in Scotland, especially BBC Scotland propaganda, makes me feel the way East Germans must have felt during the Soviet Bloc era, when all news was spun through a Soviet prism, and West Germany was ‘bad’. All our news is spun through the British Nationalists agenda of maintaining the British Nationalist Establishment in and control of Scotland, with their relentless and deliberately planned SNP ‘bad’ leitmotif.

  4. Jas

    I find it curious that if you attempt to investigate and dig for some truth, BBC liggers resort to the ‘bully’ ploy. Yet how many times have we witnessed BBC hacks hound SNP politicians, hoping to do a bit of damage?

    The one example that sticks in my mind is when some youngish journo, whose name escapes, and who now reports from somewhere in America, hunted down, guerilla-fashion, Nicola at a George Square event and demanded answers to his impertinent line of questioning. What struck me was the complete lack of any kind of respect for the First Minister’s office: the tone was insulting and disrespectful, even though Nicola obliged, as she usually does, and didn’t go into hiding like brave, brave, Commando Ruth!

    1. Jas

      The name I was struggling for was James Cook. He’s out in LA now. Maybe he could try doing what he did to Nicola to Trump?

  5. gordoz

    Having seen Eardley in action in my home town and the time wasted for 15secs of filming I can assure everyone he must be part of the BBCs inner circle of smearing secrecy.

    Make no mistake he is going places in the organization, pretty sure hes getting mentored by the dark arts.

  6. StFillansDream

    Here’s a wee helping hand to your uniformed theorising: Eardley is a Westminster corr so he’s based in London. Sometimes he’s brought up to cover Scotland, especially when local staff are on holiday, but is based in Glasgow. The Edinburgh office has a ton of capable reporters able to doorstep Davidson so it was convenient and cheap to get one of them to do it. If only someone on this site had a clue about broadcasting and its structures

  7. StFillansDream

    Eardley is not a great journo, but he’s right about you being a bully, and wrongheaded to boot. Your own “investigations” are pisspoor and uninformed depsite Bateman trying to educate you

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