Ruth Davidson accused of lying after street encounter with Indy supporter

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has been accused of lying about an encounter with an independence supporter she claimed had been “shouting independence slogans” at her.

The MSP has come under fire after posting a message on social media in which she claimed to have been followed and shouted at by the man as “his dogs barked”.

The tweet read: “At lunchtime today, a man followed me through the streets, shouting Indy slogans at me while filming me, as his dogs barked. 2014, ’tis as if you never left….”

However Ms Davidson’s account was challenged by former SNP MP Michelle Thomson who said she had witnessed the encounter between Davidson and the man.  In a response, the former SNP politician said: “As a matter of interest I was there with a friend. @RuthDavidsonMSP walked past us. There was a man with 3 small dugs who noted there were c90,000 peeps at march and that was, in his view, justification for #indyref2 RD (in her defence) spoke briefly to him. Ends.”

Davidson’s description of the enounter was also challenged by the man accused of shouting Indy slogans at the MSP.  Dean Halliday posted a message on twitter: “I never shouted any “indy slogans” why lie Ruth Davidson when you yourself knew I was filming the conversation.”

Mr Halliday posted a video of the enounter on Facebook that called into question the Scottish Conservative leader’s version of events.

In the video Halliday can be seen approaching Davidson and asking her a question whilst making some points.  The Conservative MSP responds by asking why he is “following a pregnant woman”.  One of the small dogs Halliday is walking is seen briefly but no barking or Indy slogan shouts can be heard.

Davidson’s tweet isn’t the first time the MSP has been accused of posting false claims relating to independence supporting men.

During the 2015 General Election, Davidson claimed there had been reports of “burly blokes” turning people away from voting booths if they didn’t “support a certain  party”.

The claim was eventually discovered to be invention.  Police officers were sent to the polling place at Newington Sports and Leisure Centre in the Dumfriesshire town and spoke to officials who said there had been no complaints.


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15 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson accused of lying after street encounter with Indy supporter

  1. John

    She better toughen up and get out more ,she is very much a bully , all big mouth when she is surrounded by her pals , but runs away when she is asked by a member of the public that pays her wages a direct question .Don’t start acting the pregnant woman victim Ruthie , we know you don’t care a fig about pregnant women ! .

    1. Anne Lindsay

      Ruth Davidson caught ’embellishing ‘ once again! At the very least, you’d think she’d have the gumshion to realise that there might be witnesses on a busy street, not to mention the incidence being filmed! I’m afraid lying is her chosen style of scoring points where and wherever she can. A true Tory indeed!

  2. Karen

    Why is she never held to account for her blatant lies? Even when there is video evidence of lying she seems to have a free card to say whatever she likes.

    Yes she is a bully and bullies always run away when asked questions.

    Can you imagine if this had been Nicola who had lied like this?

    1. George Deyell

      Yea they would have torn her apart. I won’t question Ruth Davidson’s intelligence lol

    2. Dean Halliday

      I will be seeking legal advice tomorrow. Karen.As Ruth’s tweet could’ve caused me to be in danger.She has made me look like some sort of “stalking abuser”

      1. Karen

        Yes I would do so Dean. She did make out some random weirdo was stalking her. Thank God you got it on video which proved she was telling porkies; and she “forgot” to mention she knew who you were.
        You asked her the question we all want an answer to. “Why do you lot keep saying there is no appetite for another referendum” ?
        I think they think if they keep saying this it will make it true.

        Another one is “people are fed up with referendums” What people are talking to them? Unionists that’s who.

  3. Andy Law

    Any respect that people might feel for Ruth Davidson being a street-fighter, even if one you disagreed with, will be diminished, indeed extinguished, by watching the reality of what happened against the spin she put on it. Toom tabard she is.

    1. m boyd

      I’m always surprised by how poor she is when approached off script she’s nearly as poor as her boss.

  4. Independent Woman

    As a former pregnant woman (about 35 years ago) I resent a healthy young woman seemingly claiming pregnancy as a condition which requires people to treat her with kid gloves. I am in favour of, eg a healthy young person giving up their seat on the bus to a pregnant woman, but Ms Davidson was walking down a public pavement and was clearly not being subject to any kind of abuse or intimidation.

    Her behaviour demeans all the pregnant woman who have in the past and are now getting on with more or less difficult lives. The dignity of the pregnant Libyan lady handed over to torture by the UK government shames Ruth Davidson

    1. Keltikpride

      Couldn’t have put it better myself mate, between her party’s rape clause and as you said the handing over of the pregnant woman for torture, 1 word…… DISGUSTING!!!

  5. Robert Graham

    Well who’d have thought it she is a Pathological liar and can’t change its in her nature.

    As Alex Salmond said Tories Lie as a matter of course it’s what they do.

    The only surprising thing is anyone is actually surprised by her actions , I wonder when BBC Scotland are going to treat her the way they treated Michael Thompson , of course the media in Scotland won’t let this see the light of day , or as they usually do twist it and turn it into , helpless women accosted on Edinburgh street , by out of control separatist . Then go on a investigation into the dark side of independence supporters .

  6. ShredderIsAlive

    Good report, but one small error.

    The tweet from Ruth about “burly men” turning people away at a polling station wasn’t from September 18th, 2014.

    It was from May 7th, 2015 during the General Election.

  7. geraldine armstrong

    Pregnancy is NOT an illness …’s HER choice as it’s millions of women’s choice ……but some women who are pregnant through being raped have to BEG this individuals government for money to support such a child ….they have to go through a very degrading questionnaire for supposed help ….miss Davidson is one of the luckier ones ….WE pay her salary ….& the least we should expect from her is the truth …ah! but wait a minute …the lady in question is a Tory….that explains a lot …

    1. Karen

      Exactly Geraldine. She chose to have a baby and went to great expense and effort to do so, as is her right.
      She has not one compassionate bone in her body for other women suffering terribly.
      Yes a tory pregnant lady is a different breed of woman altogether.

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