Respected commentator Margaret Curran

Regular readers of my articles will know that I have long argued that the so-called ‘newspaper reviews’ that are broadcast on Good Morning Scotland should be scrapped.

The slots on the midweek version of the show are all too often a proxy for anti-SNP/Independence messages as the short clip below from last week indicates.


The weekend version is more an opportunity for so-called ‘respected’ commentators to push their own partisan views in the guise of ‘reviewing’ articles.  On Sunday both guests represented opposite ends of the constitutional divide.  Andrew Tickell and Margaret Curran were this week’s ‘respected’ pundits..

The slot was devoid of the usual gratuitous political opportunism that so often taints the discussion until I heard the following.


First off, why is a known hard-line Unionist allowed to promote, not news articles, but commentary pieces from well-known hardline-Unionist writers?  Euan McColm and Gillian Bowditch occupy what many people would acknowledge is the extreme end of British Nationalist commentary.  They are not known for impartial analysis when it comes to the SNP.

Secondly, why is Margaret Curran allowed to promote these partisan views of Nicola Sturgeon without challenge?  It’s obvious that Curran herself has sympathy with the views which is not surprising.  Curran is a former Labour MP and MSP whose bitter antipathy towards the SNP and its leadership is well-documented.  She once boasted that if Alex Salmond was run over by a bus she wouldn’t care who did it.

This isn’t the first time Margaret Curran has commented on a Euan McColm piece and used it to attack a senior SNP figure.  In November last year she actually joined the then GMS presenter Laura Maxwell as both promoted attacks on Humza Yousaf.


Describing Curran as one of Scotland’s most respected commentators is laughable.  But this is Good Morning Scotland where presenters will read out whatever is put in front of them.  And now the weather …


[Readers of this site maybe interested to know that there are currently discussions going on between several parties with a view to setting up a full-time service which will monitor BBC Scotland political output.  More on that shortly.]

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15 thoughts on “Respected commentator Margaret Curran

  1. bringiton

    About as much ‘respect’ as Arlene Foster….just a matter of time,and money of course.

  2. Big Jock

    She is an old scitzophrenic bigot. It takes a lot to hate your nation so much that you wish death to those who support its independence.

    I think Scotland is unique in that sense.Scotlands enemies have aye been within, even back to Bruce and Wallace’s days. The unionists like Curran are being used by the state, but they can’t open their eyes.

    They play the Westminster game and end up hating any Scots who don’t agree with the old corrupt institutions.

    To get freedom we need not defeat the English. We instead need to challenge the Uber Brits in Scotland. How we do this? Freud
    would struggle!

  3. Graham patterson

    It’s just more of the same crap from msm who we all know are institutionally biased towards the union and the status quo ! I find it hilarious when labour claim Tory bias and cry like bairns about it . Yes they may have a point, but it’s a mere fraction of what pro indie ( especially snp ) have to put up with on a regular basis !

  4. Robert Dennis

    The biased broadcasting company at ‘ pacific quay ‘ do this every morning on week-days at around 6-15am to 6-25am , news paper headlines with a definite unionist bias without reply , democracy I think not .



  6. Sandra Bennett

    Curran et al , what a joke she is,lost her seats through downright neglect and disrespect of her Constituency Voters
    This person is a typical Labour Minister , self gratification and ignorant of the people’s plights’ due to Tory austerity, they could’ve at least tried to sort it but Labour, over the last years have abstained and gone merrily on their way…you just have to look at the expenses bill. She is not fit for the job, and BROADCASTING , really? So pleased I do not listen to that programme xx

  7. Robert Graham

    While Union supporters Dance Gleefully at any damage done to the SNP by our State broadcaster on a daily basis , they in their joy are missing the point .
    Everything the state broadcaster and the media has used to attack the SNP can and will eventually be used against ” THEM ” if they cant see the value of a neutral media who report the facts , and not the twisted manufactured guff we get on a daily basis , masquerading as news , even the VOW must by now starkly show the BBC and the Media lie .
    The penny has i believe began to drop with the misuse of news in the media with on the spot reporters being harassed in and around that dreadful fire in London , people dont trust the MSM

  8. Brian Macfarlane

    Not just Good Morning Scotland is this brand of propaganda used SKY and BBC News are at it too, where they get two establishment figures on to push the establishment view. It used to be just late at night but now its on in the morning and Lunchtime. Andrew Marr show is another BBC Politics with Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn is another.

  9. Contrary

    Can I complain about radio Scotland Good Morning Scotland? Their news report, in the main news item was headlined:
    BBC investigation has found there are potentially thousands of tower block homes that do not have life-saving sprinkler systems.

    Their ‘news’ piece was short and uninformative along the lines of: has emerged there are about 300 high rise properties are not fitted with sprinkler systems. The Scottish government has started full investigations into fire safety and fire suppression …

    They interviewed someone from the NCE (new civil engineer) magazine – Not someone from the fire service – who said sprinkler systems were great.

    I am not disputing that sprinkler systems are great, they seem to be, but there is no context in this carefully worded report! [300 tower blocks without sprinkler systems – pause – Grenfell tower was not fitted with sprinklers]<<– draw your own conclusions.

    The BBC online news has more substance, but still ignores the lack of flammable material in all those tower blocks, how they all have fire doors, smoke detectors, regular patrols from concierges, etc etc. How can a supposed public broadcaster think it is fine to focus on something that has the status of ongoing consideration and not a direct immediate threat – it must be bad enough for those living in tower blocks without more, unnecessary, anxiety. Why not an interview from the fire service? Why not a proper update on status? Why no reassurance.

    My MP wrote an update for constituents, and I am sure all other SNP MPs / MSPs will be keeping folks updated.

    Shame on the BBC yet again producing fear and confusion with its misinformation. What they gain from this I have no idea.

  10. M Brogan

    I agree with what you say, I heard all this comment from Margaret Curran, a bitter unionist.
    Much better, and more informed and entertaining is the regular slot on Saturday from Eamon O’Neill, a professor of journalism, who has an intelligent world view unlike Ms Curran. He is regularly on at lunch time on a Thursday, with Stuart Cosgrove, I believe, sometimes Kevin McKenna too.
    Weekend radio has never been the same since Derek Bateman left and now Isabelle Fraser appears only infrequently. She is the best, most intelligent journalist that Radio Scotland has left.

  11. grizebard

    Oh Magrit, “Bitter Together” personified. I can’t ever forget her election speech when she (temporarily) won back Glasgow East for Labour. There have been many cases of sore losers, but she is the unique example I have ever observed of a sore winner!

    It would be good if every young voter in Scotland had at least a few minutes’ exposure to her past outbursts. (More would be cruel.) Then they might realise just what turds they would actually be voting for if they ever were tempted to suppose they were voting for that geezer from Islington.

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