Reporting Scotland under fire after ‘Dark Money’ avoider Ruth Davidson handed platform to attack the SNP

BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme has been slammed after it handed an under-pressure Ruth Davidson a free platform to attack the SNP.

Davidson, who has refused to give interviews over so-called ‘Dark Money’ donations to her party, faced not one solitary question during her brief appearance on Reporting Scotland.

The Scottish Conservative leader – whose appearance was prompted by resignation chaos engulfing her party at Westminster – was instead allowed to mount an attack on the SNP.  The attack by Davidson on her pro-independence opponents was the focus of later analysis by BBC Scotland’s political editor Brian Taylor who told viewers that Davidson “had tried to paint the SNP into a corner”.

The appearance of Davidson on the flagship news programme followed claims the MSP had gone into hiding to avoid answering questions on the ‘Dark Money’ scandal.  Davidson had repeatedly refused interviews after revelations by investigative website The Ferret questioned the source of hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations to her party.


Her sudden appearance on Reporting Scotland followed claims by her party that she was on holiday.  It prompted an avalanche of criticism on social media with many people angry at the refusal of the BBC to ask questions of the Scottish Conservative leader.  Many questioned the impartiality of the broadcaster.

“Funny how after all week complaining about not being able to interview Ruth Davidson about Dark Money, the first opportunity the BBC gets they avoid the subject.”


“Just when you think BBC have hit Rock bottom not interviewing Davidson. Up she pops for them and not a question on Dark Money. The BBC are her body guards no matter what. Disgusting.”


“You can clearly see Brian Taylor standing in front of her giving the impression there’d be questioning going on. Nothing. She just stood there and spouted off words and not one ‘hang on a sec there, Ruth’. Surely BBC Rep Scot is aware of the controversy of Ruth dodging questions?”


“@BBCScotlandNews this continues to be unacceptable. The agenda, quite frankly, is brazen. Corruption on a large scale. Now awaiting weasel words from the usual guilty parties.”


“I refuse to watch the programme and haven’t done so since 2014 … the first job after independence should be to shut down the Scottish arm of the company …”


“No serious person would believe a political report on RS now. Credibility shot to get in 2014 has been further erroded by the utter lack of questioning of Brexit or at a local level Ruth D. A BBC Production. Like Farage.”

BBC Scotland’s coverage of the resignations that have engulfed the Conservative party prompted criticism from respected journalist Lesley Riddoch that there was little analysis from a Scottish perspective: “David Davis has quit, Boris has quit, vote of no confidence in Theresa May looks imminent. Would BBC Scotland please revise schedules, clear down “silly season” standby material & explore implications 4 Scotland? R Scot lunchtime prog roundly missed today’s urgency & importance.”

The tweet prompted BBC Scotland reporter Nick Eardley to hit back, claiming there had been in depth coverage literally “all day”.  The young reporter later aimed a jibe at Riddoch.

Tuesday’s appearance on Reporting Scotland was not the first time a platform had been handed to Davidson during a time of difficulty for her party.  Last month after the SNP walked out of the House of Commons, drawing attention to the Tory Devolution Power Grab, the MSP was afforded a similar opportunity to hit back at her main rivals.

BBC Scotland chiefs have repeatedly denied operating  pro-Union bias.  However critics say the evidence suggests otherwise.

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10 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland under fire after ‘Dark Money’ avoider Ruth Davidson handed platform to attack the SNP

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Brian Taylor complying with the Royal Charter of the BritNat Broadcasting Corporation:

    6. The Public Purpose

    (4) “….help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.”

    He is just following orders folks.

    Don’t pay the propaganda tax.

    British Nationalist Broadcasting (Scotland Division) is our equivalent of the Rwandan radio station of the 1990s called Radio-Television Libre des Milles Collines.

    It exists to undermine the Scots Government, foster division and sectarianism and is backed by powerful people in business and Government of the UK and Opposition on Scotland.

  2. Moureen

    It just goes to show the power the establishment have over broadcasting!
    Scotland will never get an impartial view.
    Until we have our own broadcasting channel we will continue to have tripe served to us and our Govt slated at every opportunity!

  3. Robert Graham

    The BBC in Scotland have given up even trying to be impartial they simply dont care , not one newspaper or reporter will question their output so they just carry on ignoring half of Scotland ,

    Their obvious propaganda is wasted on the people who have woken up and figured out what is really going on , so they focus on the proud Scots who for some reason are in total denial ,

    They refuse to confront what is staring them in the face , and its uncomfortable realising they are a colony of England and not a favoured partner in this fantasy union .

  4. Brian McGowan

    The Scottish govt needs to be vocal on this. I stupidily thought maybe they are making waves behind the scenes. But there is no evidence of this, in fact ref this post the opposite is the case.
    Nothing will change inside the MSM, esp BBC, unless outside pressure becomes unbearable.

  5. johnny rudkin j

    its time for a debate in the scottish parliament about the propaganda coming from the tv and radio programs available to the people of scotland

  6. Peeble Monsandro

    Did you check what Nick Eardley said – because he was right, there had been coverage all day. Riddoch was wrong. If you want to be taken seriously, you do have to acknowledge facts, even if they are uncomfortable. Otherwise people will think this is a ludicrous unhinged website run by people who have no idea how balanced journalism and broadcasting works

    1. Robert Graham

      I had to read your ludicrous post again , are you actually suggesting we have a balanced media ? .
      This when 99.99 % of the media in Scotland back the union and ignore any information or stories damaging to that union , The dark money funnelled through Ireland Via the DUP was covered in depth by the BBC in Northern Ireland , this to the embarrassment of the BBC in Scotland who merely touched on it , quoting Eardley dosnt cut it ,

      The SNP walkout from Westminster was another example , after this when Ian Blacford was wrongly ordered from the chamber , questions were being asked by the English media , how did this happen , what events triggered this action ,

      Cue the BBC in Scotland who activly buried and totally ignored the previous evenings disgraceful events in Westminster where one English minister used all of the remaining 20 minutes to make sure not one Scottish MP was allowed to comment in the debate over the power grab .

      This is the BBC in Scotland in action censoring any and every bit of news that shows the union in a bad light , the public must not be allowed to learn how this union works against them ,

      Balanced Journalism my arse , you are either very trusting and naive , or you are just taking the piss , I will let others judge .

    2. Me Bungo Pony

      Riddoch didn’t say there had been no coverage, only that there had been little analysis from a Scottish perspective. Eardley got it wrong by implying Riddoch had claimed something she hadn’t. And then you unthinkingly just accepted what the BBC guy said. Which is what the BBC and MSM rely on. Well done.

  7. Jockanese Wind Talker

    BritNat Broadcasting Corporation sailing close to the wind of:

    The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

    General Comment No. 11: Prohibition of propaganda for war and inciting national, racial or religious hatred

    With its ongoing portrayal of the Scottish Independence Movement as vile grievance seeking separatists out to destroy the “Precious Union (Trademark)” as per its Royal Charter commitment to “contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.”

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