How Reporting Scotland played down, then dropped, a major Brexit story

This morning a story broke regarding a Brexit warning from the Chief Executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, Ross McEwan.  McEwan told the BBC that a “Hard Brexit” might lead to the UK economy going into recession.

He also claimed that firms were holding back on investment because of the uncertainty of Brexit. This was a major story.

The story was in top spot on BBC Scotland online on Thursday morning.  It was also the first news item on the morning editions of Reporting Scotland.

The item on the early editions of Reporting Scotland lasted less than twenty seconds.  There was no analysis nor any input from any Scottish politician.

Would the 13:35 edition of Reporting Scotland expand on the story, or perhaps include analysis from BBC Scotland’s business editor Douglas Fraser?  The answer was sadly no.  By the time the early afternoon edition of Reporting Scotland aired the item had been relegated to fourth spot, behind flu vaccinations and two alleged murders.

The RBS/Brexit item again lasted less than twenty seconds.  There was no attempt to expand on McEwan’s warning or analyse what it meant for Scotland.  There was no input from any Scottish politician.  A rather tepid filler item about agriculture and climate change was allowed over two and a half minutes.  That’s over seven times the amount of time given to the RBS Brexit warning.

The playing down of the Brexit warning was in contrast to the profile the story received on the BBC UK national news.  The story received almost two minutes of air time on the lunchtime UK news.

Why would BBC Scotland play down this story?  At the time of publication of this article we were waiting to see if the RBS/Brexit story actually appears on the evening edition of Reporting Scotland.

By the time the evening edition of Reporting Scotland aired, the RBS Brexit warning had been dropped.  Readers can draw their own conclusions as to the reason for this editorial decision.

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4 thoughts on “How Reporting Scotland played down, then dropped, a major Brexit story

  1. Robert Graham

    BBC in Scotland have form on anything to do with Brexit ,

    One quote from Brewer sticks out ” the consistency of paint and labelling ” that was their whole emphasis on the returning of powers from the EU ,

    Despite two damning reports of the real danger to the Scottish economy ,the BBC in Scotland continue on their merry way its business as usual, and thats SNP bad , progress in many areas is ignored because it makes the Scottish government look competent and actually working quite well , now that wont do ,anything that makes their precious union look superfluous and useless to the daily lives of most people must be removed , thats how shaky this union is when they have to use the media to dupe so many people .

  2. Les Wilson

    No one is surprised by the deliberate mis-directions and subtefuge applied to all content output bestowed onto the Scottish people by the BBC in general, and Ebc’s in particular.
    All articles vetted by some phsyco anyalist for maximum effect before getting through their filters.

    An utter sham completely under the wing of Westminster to yet again attempt to destroy any thought of self determined democracy in Scotland.

    A dying colonial state is the most desperate state,but now, they will not stop their slide into an ever greater cesspit of entierly own making
    We need to be very wary of what they will try against us as their slope gets ever steeper and the more desperate they become.

    They have had it all their own way for 300+ years, that is a major problem for them, as we here in Scotland plan our escape and have decided we will have no more of it.

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