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Reporting Scotland in spotlight again after mention of First Minister edited out of Chelsea Clinton interview – Towards Indyref2…

Reporting Scotland in spotlight again after mention of First Minister edited out of Chelsea Clinton interview

BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme is in the spotlight again after explicit praise of the First Minister by American author Chelsea Clinton was edited out of the programme.

The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton was visiting Scotland to promote her new childrens’ book when she was interviewed by BBC Scotland.

Ms Clinton told interviewer Pauline McLean: “My admiration for your First Minister talking about the challenges of being a woman leader, I think that’s an incredibly courageous thing for her to do, to have that level of candour …”

However when the item aired on the flagship evening news programme Reporting Scotland, the segment containing mention of the First Minister was missing.  In its place viewers heard the interviewer say: “… and she says she has been particularly impressed with the way Scottish politicians, especially the First Minister, have been prepared to talk candidly about their experiences.”

The edit prompted questions on social media with people asking who cut the clip and why the six second segment containing mention of the First Minister had been removed.

Interviewer Pauline McLean replied: “I edited the piece – as I do all my items. The clip in which she names the FM was close to a minute long. I thought the more important line was her wider admiration of female politicians in Scotland – which she did say – and we’d namechecked FM across the day.”

Some users of social media remained unconvinced, with one saying: “Such a bizarre decision. Which other country’s media would edit out praise of its First Minister? That you see this as acceptable given the current conversation about Scottish media is telling.”

The episode is the latest controversy to hit BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme and follows the Jenny Marra ‘fake news’ scandal and presenter Jackie Bird’s blunder when comparing Scottish GDP with that of the UK.

The BBC was also recently accused of operating a pro-Union agenda after the broadcaster targeted two pro-independence bloggers in a row over copyright.  It eventually backed down.


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12 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland in spotlight again after mention of First Minister edited out of Chelsea Clinton interview

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Unedited it wouldn’t have upheld the BritNat Broadcasting Corporation (Scotland Branch) 24/7/365 message to the non politically engaged and non internet savvy of:

    “Scotland shite, ‘cos EssEnnPeeBaaad”.

    This as we all know would have constituted a material breach of the BBCs Royal Charter so Pauline McLean was only obeying orders and doing her Red, White and Blue duty in defence of “The Precious Union (Trademark)”.

    “God Save the Queen and Her Facist Regime”.


  2. David Henderson

    The absolute bias of the bbc is so obvious . It makes no pretence at being a britnat mouth piece . How is it possible for so many Scots to allow themselves to be slaves to such a corrupt broadcaster is beyond me , but I optimistically think Scotland is starting to wake up . About bloody time !!!

  3. Karen

    Its clear from what Chelsea Clinton was saying that she was talking about one particular woman. The edit was ridiculous. The clip mentioning the FM was 34 seconds. The “edited” version was 38 seconds

    shame on the BBC and Pauline McLean too

    1. Robert Graham

      Agreed Karen the unedited clip shows she was referring to the first minister then she went on to include other women politicians , the edited clips loses the whole essence of what she actually said it more or less reverses what was said .

      Very clever BBC eh , on its own it would seem petty and trivial ,but when it becomes the norm thats when the pattern emerges and it highlights the agenda the BBC are following , this will be presented as just more nutty nats getting wound up ,

      just like the oh cant you take a joke jock, thats usually repeated again and again and again ,aye we get it ,your taking the piss we know it and you know we know , if thats not too confusing ha ha .

  4. john burrows

    Occam’s Razor suggests that the simplest explanation is the likeliest to be true.

    The BBC stands to loose more than 350 millions/year from Scottish citizens with independence. This means the BBC have a financial vested interest in opposing independence.

    The idea this organization is impartial vis a vis the Independence debate is delusional.
    They will stop at nothing to defeat the proposition.

    Given just this last week’s performance, they are digging their own graves.

  5. John

    Now if it had been Davidson or Leonard the edit would not have happened , do these reporters really think we are so naïve we don’t know what’s happening . They can see Indy coming , they are in battle mode and will use every weapon they have to kill it off ! .

  6. ross

    Clinton only praises the vile, proven liar Sturgeon because she is a traitor to the UK and a bought, pro-EU mouthpiece.

    She is an ally of George soros just like the Clintons.

    Treasonous liars stick together. Wake up you plebs.

  7. Paul Freedman

    Thousands of people have voted with the money by writing to the BBC and explaining they no longer watch live BBC programs or record them.BBC very quiet on how much revenue it has collected from Scotland in the last 4 years

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