Reporting Scotland fails to report positive economic news for Scotland

BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme has failed to report not one, but two independent reports showing Scotland’s economy booming.

On Monday morning a report emerged showing Scotland’s economic growth had outperformed the rest of the UK.  The good news was boosted when another study revealed Scotland had achieved record foreign investment in 2017.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon acknowledged the significance of the exceptional economic performance.  Following news of the inward investment, she tweeted: “With Brexit reducing UK attractiveness overall according to this report, there is certainly no room for complacency – but the detail of this (which is well worth a read) shows another year of outstanding Scottish success in attracting investment.”

The SNP leader later commented on the economic growth figures: “Scottish growth ‘outpacing UK as a whole’ – good news to add to last week’s HMRC figures showing Scottish exports rising faster than other parts of UK – and this morning’s @EYnews survey showing another record year for inward investment to Scotland.”

However, despite their obvious significance, neither story featured on BBC Scotland’s flagship evening news programme Reporting Scotland. The programme covered items including organ transplants, buses, trains and an item on Scottish troops in Iraq.  Below is a short clip showing the intro to every news item.

The failure to cover the excellent economic news is in stark contrast to the considerable coverage afforded downbeat economic forecasts eleven days ago.

On May 31st, a report by the Scottish Fiscal Commission led Reporting Scotland and enjoyed considerable resource as can be seen in the clip below.

The decision by Reporting Scotland to maximise coverage of economic bad news whilst completely ignoring economic good news will do little to address the growing erosion of trust in BBC Scotland’s political output.  Despite considerable evidence to the contrary, those in control at Pacific Quay insist the station’s output is politically neutral.


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8 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland fails to report positive economic news for Scotland

  1. John

    Not just the BBC ,STV didn’t report in either in the 6 o’clock news as far as I was watching it and that was the whole bulletin . It becomes ever clearer that the broadcasters and press in Scotland have been told by their overlords what they can and cannot report in Scotland . That means , no positive reports of any good economic , health , education , industry , innovation , infrastructure ,school building , hospital building , I could go on but the list is too long . They will lightly touch on some of these good news stories , sometimes , giving them a passing mention , but there is no joy in their delivery , it is done grudgingly .They keep the big headlines and air time for any story they deem to be SNP baad , and they are very diligent and enthusiastic on that mission !

  2. Robert Graham

    Well it’s their Baw and their game so this is the result, Its either Negative or the usual failure to let viewers know what is going on , If for some reason they are compelled to mention any good news it always contains the ” BUT” the most frequently used word by the BBC in Scotland .

    The BBC in Scotland doing the Day Job undermining the Scottish Government at every opportunity , all complaints are filed in the nearest Bin because they do what they want when they want with no oversight because in the end its a government propaganda department .

  3. Jason Smoothpiece

    This is the sort of conduct which is now the norm for the Broadcasters TV and radio.

    The regime subsidised so called newspapers are of course just the same.

    The problem now is most people, with the possible exception of older folk, are well aware that so called news is well managed from the Centre and daily contains attacks on the Scottish government and the Scottish people.

    This is undemocratic and clearly wrong the problem is if the media attempted to to cover a real story of importance, stop laughing at the back, people would not give it credence.

  4. Billy

    Had it been bad news or fake news they would have splashed it all over the media.
    Sad thing is many people only get their info from the mainstream media.

  5. Sverre koxvold

    Whenever there is an invasion, or a coup, the thirst thing they do is to take control of the radio/tv station. That way they can determine what they want the population to hear. They can massage the news the way they want. Just like BBC and STV has done over the years. As has the newspapers.
    So, it seems to me that Scotland needs to get its act together and launch a tv/radio station that people listen to. That they want to listen to. That becomes THE number one station for Scotland.
    Otherwise we’ll forever get the stories told through the opposition.

  6. Alasdair Macdonald

    An interesting aside to this:

    while most supporters of independence, such as I am, realised during 2014 just how overtly – and I mean wilfully overtly – biased BBC news and current affairs had become, many others were sceptical of this.

    However, earlier today, in a film group which I attend, one of the members of the group – a decent person, who was also a NO supporter – suddenly began talking of how propagandist the BBC had become. He was speaking in the context of the Trump/Kim talks and said that he feels that the BBC has been explicitly promoting ‘Trump the deeply strategic peacemaker’. He then added that he has begun to notice bias in many areas of its news reporting!

    Perhaps the Britain/England myth is beginning to crack and tarnish for many.

  7. stewartb

    Regarding “@EYnews survey showing another record year for inward investment to Scotland.” – its worth remembering that the ‘EY Scotland (and UK) Attractiveness Survey’ reports have been published annually for a number of years now. So Scotland’s performance in attracting foreign direct investment (fdi) can be tracked from these surveys over time. Scotland has performed well over many years.

    Taking fdi as a measure of the confidence of international private sector investors in a place, in this case Scotland, it is instructive to look back at the EY data for 2013/14 – remember that time of terrible uncertainty and fear on the part of businesses? The EY data indicate that international investors were not put off investing in Scotland then.

    Given that resilience, the investors are unlikely to be put off in future especially if a newly independent Scotland is at the very least a member of the European Economic Area if not the EU. Worth remembering when the scaremongers spout.

  8. William Ross

    I am glad that Scotland is doing so well ” despite Brexit” Who would have thought it? Worth remembering when the scaremongers spout….


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