Reporting Scotland fails to report FM’s post-Brexit concerns for NHS

Reporting Scotland has failed to report significant concerns raised by the First Minister for the NHS as a result of Brexit.

Nicola Sturgeon was scheduled to give a keynote speech at a major cancer conference in Glasgow, and had issued a statement to coincide with the event.

The SNP leader called on the UK government to come clean on the cost of Brexit to the NHS.

Speaking ahead of her speech at the National Cancer Research Institute Conference, Ms Sturgeon said: “Far from the £350m extra a week promised to the NHS from Brexit, there is growing evidence of mounting costs.

“It’s now time the UK government came clean on the scale of the cost to our health service.

“The prime minister failed to guarantee there would be no interruption in medicine supplies after Brexit.

“This came after UK ministers published a truncated tender, at a cost of tens of millions of pounds, associated with medicines stockpiling.”

The statement was covered in early morning news bulletins on Radio Scotland and featured briefly in the BBC Scotland main news page.


However when the Sunday evening edition of Reporting Scotland aired, the story was nowhere to be seen.  There was no mention of the First Minister’s speech or the conference.

The flagship evening news programme instead contained a story related to Labour’s position on a second independence referendum, and another containing criticism from Scottish Labour of an NHS board.

The refusal of Reporting Scotland to cover the Brexit story comes exactly one month after a similar episode witnessed another Brexit warning dropped by the news programme.

On October 4th, the Chief Executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, Ross McEwan, told the BBC that a “Hard Brexit” might lead to the UK economy going into recession.  The story received almost two minutes of air time on the UK news.

However it was missing completely from that evening’s edition of Reporting Scotland.

Critics of BBC Scotland have accused the broadcaster of playing down and suppressing Brexit related stories for fear that they may lead to more support for Scottish independence.

Despite evidence to the contrary, BBC Scotland chiefs insist no such agenda is being followed and that all their political output is fair and balanced.

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4 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland fails to report FM’s post-Brexit concerns for NHS

  1. bringiton

    The British state broadcaster regard our FM as the witch doctor in chief of the revolting natives in their northern colony.
    They are not the problem,it is those Scots who continue to believe in the impartiality of the broadcaster.
    None so blind……

  2. Robert Graham

    Oh just the BBC in Scotland operating normally .

    I have noticed recently National networks taking an interest in changes the Scottish Government have been making to try and improve life for everyone in Scotland despite hindrance and obstruction from the usual suspects .

    This morning on LBCs James O’Briens Show after yet more stabbings in London he mentioned the Strathclyde Violence Reduction Unit and he showed interest and was asking if lessons could be learned by English Police forces , well its happening London & New York forces have been taking a close interest in its success , does the BBC in Scotland highlight this ? Aye in your dreams, add this to many successful projects that are taken up by the National Government with little or no reference to the origin of these projects ,

    One comes to mind Plastic ,an initiative by the Scottish Government only taken forward when SKY started pushing it with no reference to work previously done in Scotland , The BBC by activly pushing Scotland’s shite and useless in their blinkered pursuit to protect the union are making themselves look ridiculous and petty , add this to Fracking – Unit pricing for alcohol – baby boxes – carbon capture – the list is endless and how bloody far is this Government Propaganda Unit prepared to go to ensure our Government never get any acknowledgement they might just be doing things a bit better , a bit smarter that this English Tory Government

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