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Reporting Scotland fails to lead with FM speech as evidence of anti-SNP bias mounts – Towards Indyref2…

Reporting Scotland fails to lead with FM speech as evidence of anti-SNP bias mounts

Reporting Scotland has failed to give Nicola Sturgeon’s conference speech the same high-profile as that of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.

Instead of leading BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme, the SNP leader’s keynote speech was relegated to second spot, behind a story about attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

The decision by the editorial team to relegate the SNP leader’s speech contrasts with the programme’s treatment of Ruth Davidson’s speech one week earlier.  The Scottish Conserative leader’s conference speech was considered important enough to lead the programme.

The episode follows similar favourable treatment of Davidson who was given what many people considered to be a very easy interview by BBC Scotland presenter Gordon Brewer on the eve of her party conference.

The BBC man altered his approach markedly when faced with the SNP’s Ian Blackford one week later, repeatedly hectoring and interrupting the SNP MP.

The relegation of Nicola Sturgeon’s speech by Reporting Scotland, despite her status as First Minister, will be seen by many critics as further evidence of the broadcaster’s anti-SNP agenda.  Despite overwhelming evidence, the station denies its political output is biased against the SNP or independence.

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21 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland fails to lead with FM speech as evidence of anti-SNP bias mounts

  1. Gentile

    It really is time for the SNP and independence supporting activists to withdraw their time and energy from appearing on Reporting Scotland and other BBC outlets.

    The anti-snp bias is now indisputable and the time has come to make a statement to that effect and to notify the organisation that we’ve had enough.

    1. Robert Graham

      Agreed Gentile –
      I wonder if anyone at the top of the SNP is paying attention , every indy blog site has the same advise get yer bloody fingers out , the BBC in Scotland are trying to destroy the SNP and the Independence movement , for christs sake fight back stop helping them by appearing on their biased shows and providing target practice .

  2. John

    The BBC can say what they like , no one believes them , we know all reporters at Pacific Quay are Tory’s , the way they fawn over Davidson is cringeworthy , and boy does she lap it up . However , the people of Scotland are not as daft as they think they are , we can see and hear what they are doing , water off a duck’s back now ! .

    1. Daniel Leslie

      In my opinion, any publicity is preferable to none, and the interview techniques employed by the BBC are testament to bias.
      Ian Blackford was excellent at this and showed Gordon Brewer in a really bad light.

    2. Gerry Robertson

      I’m afraid you are wrong John that is just their attention to promote R D whenever possible and because it works with the older generation who they see as the majority who will deny Scotland its independence

    3. Dave

      I would have to disagree with you there John and Daniel, as I hear people at my work repeat the rubbish they hear on the BBC/RS.

      The SNP need to take a tougher line with the MSM/BBC. We have nothing to lose.

  3. Jon

    Just listened to Gary Robertson discuss the FM’s speech with Daily Record and Daily Mail journalists. The only aspect of the speech that interested them was Sturgeon having to ask the membership for patience.
    Apparently there were people on the March wanting independence now.

  4. Dennis Bartholomew

    why are all the unionists wanting us to have a referendum right know what are they up to why are they so thick we will have to wait to seewhat is going to happen with Brexit before we can have a referendum i think the unionists and the BBc are scared we are going to win

  5. Neil Grant

    The BBC and Westminster government are really the scum of the earth, they have proved this ,when not reporting atrocities committed by this country on many , many, occasions.

  6. Gerry Robertson

    Sorry I hate to continually repeat myself but for sometime now I have been calling for the SNP to PUBLICLY boycot the BBC and others like them who do not give them fair treatment. It did not do D Trump’s campaign any harm giving Fox news the same treatment and now in power with other journalists who distort his views like them or not.

  7. millie


    Nicola Sturgeon’s speech was lauded by commentators across the UK, and the political divide. – This is why the speech was demoted by the BBC in Scotland.

    O/T. **

    *Another £6billion spending for a London project.

    As usual Scotland will be required to contribute £millions to this project.


  8. Al Duffy

    If you know the BBC is based and you continue to fund their activities, then the fault lies with you and not them. I stopped paying the licence fee in 2014 in protest at the poor standard of news reporting. When are other Indy supports going to stand up and be counted and cease supporting Westminster propaganda machine.

  9. Jo

    Yep. BBC Scotland also devoted an entire article devoted to trying to debunk any suggestion that NHS Scotland is performing best out of all the home nations. This was after the Health Minister’s speech.

  10. Stan Moore

    Their emblazoned theme of red white and blue says it all really, very subliminal and directive to say the least… And thats before they open their gobs, brain washed and blow dried from the off…

  11. Clydebuilt

    If the whole of Scotland stopped paying the TV license, Westminster’s propaganda channel the BBC would still be pumped into the country . . . Radio Scotland would still dish out its propaganda.

    Westminster would pay Scots to listen to the propaganda.

  12. Dave

    If the Scottish Government decriminalised the non-payment of the TV license, more people would withhold payment, but it is the fear of getting a criminal record that deters some people.

  13. Dr Jim

    It’s significant to note that Scotlands First Minister’s speech was seen on TV and translated over Europe where most people know who she is but would not know Ruth Davidson from a bump in the road yet in the British Isles and more importantly Scotland where she is Scotlands premier politician all media outlets positively keep the Scottish premier off the TV as much as is humanly possible, so much so the media always have a ready excuse for why they do that, but of course it’s now impossible to hide from the Scottish public that the great British media particularly in Scotland don’t want Scotland to have importance

    The media are running Scotlands politics without having to stand for election

  14. Margaret Palmer-Brown

    Didn’t hear much on the Marr and other Sunday morning programmes either. Sheer bloody hate filled bias but their cards are marked. the Scots have long and unforgiving amenities.

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