Radical left website forced to correct article after complaint from National Yes Registry

A left-leaning website has been forced to issue a correction after it falsely claimed a Grassroots Yes conference had concluded currency proposals by an SNP think-tank would undermine prosperity in an independent Scotland.

The correction on the Common Space website followed a meeting this weekend which saw Yes groups gather to discuss ideas in the SNP’s Growth Commission report.  The meeting – labelled Gathering2 – saw local Yes groups come together for a comprehensive consultation on the findings of the Commission’s report.

The Sustainable Growth Commission was established by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in September 2016. The Commission published its findings in May this year with a view to encouraging debate and discussions within the Yes movement.

One of the key areas covered by the Growth Commission was currency.  The video below was published by the think-tank to coincide with the report’s publication.

According to Common Space, Grassroots yessers concluded the currency proposals would “would ‘undermine’ indy prosperity”.

However following publication of the article, the website was accused of having misrepresented the Yes grassroots meeting.

National Yes Registry, which arranged the gathering, tweeted: “This is not true. The consultation process has barely begun! How can it find anything. Please remove this tweet as the article has been revised. Please revise your tweets to.”

Common Space amended its article and published a correction.  The website also issued a corrective tweet.

However there was further controversy when National Yes Registry took exception to another article on the same website.

According to Common Space, “Dr Craig Dalzell looks at ’s grassroots indy consultation on the GC report, and finds there is more to take issue with in the report than just the currency plans.”

In a series of tweets National Yes Registry took exception to some of the claims contained within the article.

Nattional Yes Registry responded:

“Very disappointed in this article Craig, Gathering2 was not ‘billed’ as a continuation of the SNP national assemblies at all. It was billed, in part, as the START of a grassroots consultation process on the growth commission. A process where the topic tables will start discussion.

“… Gathering2 is NOT the consultation, it is the beginning of discussions on topics the grassroots have raised as collectively important to us winning IndyRef2. How those topics are advanced & how they interact with the growth commission is what will guide the consultation process.

“Common Weal were not invited because Gatherings are not debates between opposing sides. They are where the grassroots groups come together to discuss, plan and hear each other on the things that are central to how to move forward together networked as a movement.

“Before writing an article like the one you have written, I would have thought it was standard practice to contact the organisers of the event (& consultation process) to find out what it is actually about, & how it will actually operate.”

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3 thoughts on “Radical left website forced to correct article after complaint from National Yes Registry

    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      Who says they are friends, John?

      The Trades Union Movement, Environmental Action Groups, The ‘Radical’ Left have as history shows all been infiltrated by The Establishments agents.

      Also remember Adam Tompkins used to be Left Wing Republican Independence Supporter but in a few short years is now an MSP of The Right Wing Conservative & Unionist Party (North British Branch).

      Whether these individuals flip flop their beliefs so as to best feather their own nest, are Agents of the State, are jealous of others higher profile (or success) within The Indy Movement or just 180 degree their previous point of view in a Damascene conversation it will all come oot in the wash.

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