Proud to be British … Scared to be Scottish

wee_scottish_six_national“I’m British as well as Scottish” one caller proclaimed on the Radio Scotland phone-in this week.  Sally didn’t say whether she was proud to be either, but I’m pretty certain she would have insisted both.

There’s been little pride on show from Scottish Unionists following news that a Westminster Committee has decreed it’s time Scotland had its own dedicated nightly news programme.  Instead the announcement was met by howls of anguish from the North British tribe.

Most of the arguments deployed against a Scottish Six by the North British Nationalists have been risible.  They’ve fired volley after volley from their ancient cringe-cannon.

Indeed this article isn’t going to list the lengthy, and very obvious, positive arguments in support of a Scottish produced news programme.  Instead, so bizarre and ridiculous was the cringe-binge that I’ve decided to gather them all together in order that the full extent of the ‘Ashamed to be Scottish’ brigade be put on display.

The ‘contributions’ come from members of the public, journalists and former politicians. All have one thing in common.  They object to their own country having a one hour news programme produced and edited here.

Most of the recordings come from the morning radio phone-in on Radio Scotland.  One comes from Reporting Scotland, whilst the rest are courtesy of the BBC 24 news channel. I urge you to listen to these people and marvel at the mindset of the North British Nationalist.

BBC News 24 – David Torrance:

The comments resulted in the pro-Union journalist being ridiculed on Twitter.  Torrance reacted by closing down his twitter account.  His supporters claim he was the victim of intolerance.  What point Torrance was trying to make by saying radio news was much easier to produce than television, is not clear.

BBC News 24 – Brian Wilson [Shown here with John McLellan who is the Director of the Scottish Newspaper Society]

The BBC should provide better news coverage of Scotland and better coverage of Scottish current affairs, says Wilson … just not produced in Scotland, by Scotland for Scotland.  Wilson is rather ‘tragically’ cut off before he can complete his point.

Reporting Scotland: Archie MacPherson

“There’s no public demand” says Archie, “It’s not the talk of the steamie … nobody’s saying this is failing”.  Except of course those people who have been saying Reporting Scotland has been failing since 1998.  Why Archie MacPherson is invited to comment is unclear.  He offers nothing of worth save for a description of a fansasy world he inhabits where everyone is happy with Reporting Scotland.

FINALLY I list clips from the Radio Scotland phone-in show.  The show included callers in favour of a Scottish Six and those against a Scottish Six.  I’ve reproduced mainly those against.  Blair Jenkins and Brian Wilson appear in two clips.  However the rest are simply ordinary people, of, what I would term, a North British mindset.







Blair Jenkins v Brian Wilson [Exchange1]




Blair Jenkins v Brian Wilson [Exchange2]






Brian Wilson responds to a caller


For me the way these folk angrily fight against an hour long programme, produced in Scotland and with the investment and jobs that will entail, is simply breathtaking.  Some of the arguments employed are sad to the point of eliciting pity.  They seem to revel in their own ignorance, actually making stuff up in order to protect themselves from the harsh reality of a changing Scotland.  They are in denial.

Remember, these people are reacting to a recommendation from a Unionist dominated committee in Westminster.  The BBC is not being devolved.  The Scottish Parliament will have no influence over this programme or any other produced by BBC Scotland.  The BBC remains fully under the control of London.

Blair Jenkins revealed several times that the idea of a Scottish Six was blocked in 1998 due to collusion between the then Labour Government and senior BBC management.  Not one Unionist caller complained about the collusion.  Proud to be British … Scared to be Scottish.

I myself support a Scottish Six.  I am though wary that the same Unionist cabal that has all but destroyed the BBC’s reputation in Scotland will continue in the same vein when the project is eventually completed and broadcast.

My hope lies in the belief that the project is just too big for the current team, and new faces will have to be drafted in.  I’d like to see Isabel Fraser, David Miller and Ken MacDonald given prominent roles.  These new faces must help create a new culture if the Scottish Six is to avoid going the same way as Scotland 2016.  Oh, and MacQuarrie will have to go eventually.  The Scottish Six is happening in spite of him.


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11 thoughts on “Proud to be British … Scared to be Scottish

  1. scottieDog

    Well folk can always switch over. Bbc world shows the londinium news. That should keep the cringes happy.
    Very wary myself that they’ll just recruit the better together mob..

  2. Jas

    Listening to some of these comments, you soon realise the level of anti-Scottishness that exists among our own population. It is a very strange thing when people actually hate themselves, which is what this comes down to. Sure, we can all cringe a wee bit. Me, I like to cringe at River CIty. But then I dislike all the other soaps too. But these guys? You get the feeling that they are fearful of any meaningful power falling under Scottish control. Legitimacy for them lies with the Establishment, and if that means despising their own country (a ‘region’ to them) as well as themselves – well, what can you say? Sad, very sad.

  3. Sandra

    I wish BBC Scotland would come up with some actual viewing/listening figures for these programmes that “aren’t broke so don’t fix ’em”. I avoid Call Kaye on health grounds, but on the few occasions I’ve tuned in I get the distinct impression it has a very select, hardcore unionist audience who only emerge from their sensory deprivation chamber to watch reruns of the White Heather Club.

  4. Graham

    I wake up to GMS at 6 am to get the headlines for 20 mins and on the morning of the Committee announcement I’m sure I heard the editor of the Spectator, born in Nairn, say it was an SNP plot. Maybe he’s too young and wet behind the ears to know that talk of a Scottish Six predates even devolution.

  5. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    “The BBC is not being devolved. The Scottish Parliament will have no influence over this programme or any other produced by BBC Scotland. The BBC remains fully under the control of London.”

    The above three sentences are central to GA Ponsonby’s post and to the broadcasting crisis in Scotland.

    Ultimately the BBC is but the velvet-gloved fist of the Imperial British State. Anything offered to Scotland will simply be a careful calculation on how little meat to throw a growling but securely chained dog.

  6. roddy anderson

    It’s remarkable how those Brit-scot callers instinctively conceive the UK news as ‘national’ and the Scottish half hour as ‘regional’. It’s disappointing that BBC Scotland presenters never think to question callers on their idea that Scotland is a region.

  7. Connor McEwen

    ” Cringe an shortbread ” ,!!!
    That is what you should call you’re timely documentary on INDEPENDENCE eventually.

  8. Iain Barker

    The Scottish but British cringe. Ask any of those cringers what it means to be British and the brains fry from overheating. One good war in 300 plus years isn’t what I would call a good track record fro being British as invariably everything comes down to Imperial or Post Imperial wars when dealing with the British cringe.

  9. John Robertson

    I be grudge Every Single Penny i “currently!!”pay towards the “BBC BIASED TV Liceince”, I get or receive more acurate upto date news via Social Media that “Yes I pay a Seperate Fee but Worth it!!!.

    Back to the “BIASED BBC TV Liceince”,it did not suprise me in the choice of people Selected to broadcast their Unionist so called “I am Scottish but prefer to be called British” Views and opinions .Well they definatly do not and did Not represent the vast majorty of Scottish TV Audiance views or opinions .(I have wiped my ass with better quality Loo Roll than the Unionist crap they spouted).

    Proves yet again BBC BIASED AUDAINCE PRESANCE AND DIRECTED.To speak on behalf of all Scotland,I think NOT!!.

    Well done Blair Jenkins, for trying to get your point accross from a Neatural Journalist point of view.I for one aggree with you 100% as do countless other ScottishTV.Viewers I do not doupt.

    I am sick to the teeth of watching English orinated and all to often on “STV”,ITV for example ,Normal Weekly Programmes Cancelled to broadcast English Football and sport.
    Not everyone will aggree with be but i know whom I am!!,and I know whom You are.

    Let me spell it out for them Im Proud to be “Scottish” and Not a Unionist Living in Scotland “prentending to be Scottish”.

    I am very seriously considering stopping paying my very hard earned pittance salary to continie contibuting some of it towards the “BIASED BBC” but,Insted i would rather donate my “Liceince Fee” towards much more need Chartys Across Scotland knowing my money is not being spent soley for the benifit of the “Unionst BIASED TV.

    Just briefly” if I May”,I am appauled by those whom object to TV ALBA and programes broadcast in Gaelic!!!This is Scotland and Yes we have Rural areas Northern and Western Communities whom No doubt pay the BBC BIASED TV Liceince fee ,they surely contribute and are entitled to watch suitable broadcasting relative to their Local needs and Scotlands Native spoken Tongue.

    “TIME FOR CHANGE CANNOT HAPPEN SOON ENOUGH!!!Yes We are But 5.3 Million dituted,Sovergn People Still Dictated to by Victorian outdated and well Dead British Imperalism State of the London Bubble.

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