Professor Jim Gallagher says he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried

hoffa-bodyProfessor Jim Gallagher was all over the news on Monday.  The ‘respected’ academic confessed to knowing the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa, the American union chief who vanished in late July 1975 amid rumours of links to the mafia.

OK, Gallagher said no such thing.  He has an alibi I’m told.  But seriously, given the amount of media coverage enjoyed by Gallagher on Monday, one would have been forgiven for believing the academic had indeed confessed to burying the notorious former Teamsters boss.

So what made Jim Gallagher newsworthy?  He issued a press statement saying independence is bad and that Brexit should be seen as an opportunity.  Gallagher also warned against holding a second independence referendum because of the uncertainty it would cause.

jim-gallagher-better-togetherProfessor Jim Gallagher is a Unionist.  He was a leading member of the pro-Union Better Together campaign during the independence referendum.

Gallagher attacking independence is as newsworthy as rain in Greenock.  We know he opposes independence.

We know he opposes a second independence referendum.  There is absolutely no news merit in his repeating his opposition.

Gallagher of course was also trying to play down the disaster that is Brexit.  And that was the real reason for his appearing across the media.


This wasn’t news.  It was an attempt to set the agenda ahead of the SNP conference this weekend.

Brexit strikes fear into the heart of Scottish Unionists.  The issue is dominating UK news as is the rampant xenophobia that has followed the EU referendum.  The North British media machine is desperately trying to create a narrative that will serve to place Nicola Sturgeon on the back foot.

Gallagher’s non-news coincided with an equally non-newsworthy piece of nonsense courtesy of Labour controlled Glasgow Council.  Failed Labour MSP Frank McAveety enjoyed a similar exaggerated profile to that of his pro-Union brother-in-arms courtesy of the same outlets.

brexit-glasgow-bbcMcAveety’s vehicle was a so-called report published by what BBC Scotland describes as ‘Scotland’s largest council’.

Scotland’s largest council has said the greater Glasgow area will suffer unless there is specific government action to mitigate the effects of Brexit.

Whenever you see that sobriquet being used by the state broadcaster to describe the Labour run local authority you can bet that a politically loaded news item is in the offing.

The report apparently spelled out how Glasgow could avoid the Brexit fallout, if – and this is the key point – the Scottish government and its UK counterpart agreed to make up any EU funding losses.

I had a look at the said report and found it to be a thirty two page, over-verbose collection of quotes, statements and requests that added little to the Brexit issue within the context of Glasgow.  Indeed much of what was contained within the report was already known and appeared to relate to the wider Scottish and UK economies and not Scotland’s largest city.

report-apdOne demand caught my eye, which was that the Scottish government implement its commitment to reduce Air Passenger Duty by 50% in order to boost the economy.

I wonder if Kezia Dugdale will be quizzed on this given her party’s stated opposition to it?

Frank McAveety appeared on Good Morning Scotland and Reporting Scotland and said … absolutely nothing of worth.  What his appearances did do was allow a failed Labour MSP to utter banal and predictable sound-bites aimed at downplaying the damaging effects of Brexit and attacking independence.


There will be more of this kind of non-news provided by Unionists like McAveety and Gallagher this week.  The forthcoming SNP conference requires it.  The guff will be picked by the kind of lazy journalism MP John Nicolson recently drew attention to.

Meanwhile, the search goes on for the last resting place of Jimmy Hoffa.  Where was Frank McAveety on the night in question?

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10 thoughts on “Professor Jim Gallagher says he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried

  1. William Bryan

    Having read the prof’s article earlier today I can only say pull the other one.We have been here before with the vague promises and benefit’s of so called union.Full me once etc etc.No bloody no.Never again!

  2. Andy McKirdy

    Another wonderful example of our beloved Auntie Beeb, both to and radio, giving air time to nonentities with no dissection of their comments by the presenter or interviewer. This has been the common theme for 3 years now and they are not even pretending to be fair and balanced anymore. When was the last time any one heard a BBC interviewer say to any one with a UKOK agenda “you are factually wrong, try again” or a similar put down of nonsense. Maybe why I’ll never get a job with the Beeb!!
    It’s all for the benefit of their dwindling audience who never analyse anything they hear or read and still think the Labour Party are socialists and the daily record is a newspaper!!!
    Again as always ” waken up Scotland”

  3. Clydebuilt

    Apologies . O/T.


    Over the last 5 days I’ve noticed the massed ranks of Scotland’s Football Journalists easing back from the vitriol they dish up towards Gordon Strachan.
    Then this morning Phil Goodlad announces “Chris Sutton claims that Strachan has had enough of being Scotland’s manager”.

    Instead of “he must win this game”, the scribblers have went to some length explaining Gordon’s decisions, in the Herald it was a case of how intelligent he is.

    The mission of our Football Journalists is to turn the fans against the managers, make their tenure untenable, drive them out as fast as they can.

  4. Dan Huil

    The bbc in Scotland believes itself to be the official opposition to the SNP in Scotland. Therefore it has abandoned all pretence of political neutrality. Don’t pay the bbc tax. The independence movement in Scotland is here to stay until independence is achieved; because of its bias the days of the bbc in Scotland are numbered.

    1. Clydebuilt

      Absolutely, they are well beyond the actions of an opposition political party. Hard to imagine SLAB rubbishing the Scottish manager……. Effectively

      Btw …. Now telling us that Craig Brown has rubbished the claims…… So it ain’t game over yet

      1. Clydebuilt

        The BBC has a guy out with the Tartan Army….. Going round encouraging the lads to run down the manager, heard the results today at dinner time

        1. Iain Barker

          Lets see wrong players playing two games in a row as in very poor selections. Wrong formations employed and wrong tactics yet again. It is becoming a nasty habit. The Georgia game was another example of that nasty habit. The game in Dublin it was the same bad choices. Heck even Gibraltar managed to score against us in the Euro Qualifiers. Then there was that lamentable performance against England at Celtic Park.

          Yet NI and RoI who are actually inferior teams to Scotland managed to get to the knock out stages of the European Championships.

          Strachan lost the very patient supporters about half way through the second half on Saturday night. They had run out of patience after having it tested by playing a so called striker who is slower than most of us including me with two arthritic knees.

          Of course the BBC and every other element of the Brit Nat Press and Media is waiting for our teams and other sporting individuals to fail because it takes away any feel good factor and naturally gives them another reason to trash us all as a Nation.

          Well at least the Scottish women’s team have qualified for the next Women’s European Championship just as the Team GB Footie Propaganda raises its bastard heid for the next Olympics and the Brit Nats want us to start a war with the hosts of the next WC Russia.

  5. Iain Barker

    Professor of what exactly and where? Oh and Hoffa is now part of that White Elephant know as the Channel Tunnel. Well it will be even more of a White Elephant when Brexit really takes hold. But never mind us Scots will be expected to bail it out again since everything is hunky dorey Together.

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