Poll suggests most Scottish voters now back independence

A newly published poll suggests support for Scottish independence may have overtaken backing for the Union.

The poll result shows 58.7% of voters in Scotland now support independence with 41.3% backing the Union.  However independence supporters should treat the figure with caution as the result is based on a 175 strong Scottish subsample of a much larger UK wide survey of 2013 people.

The survey was carried out by ORB International on behalf of the Telegraph newspaper and polled respondents between March 15-16th.  It asked the question: “Do you support or oppose Scotland becoming an independent country and leaving the UK?”

Of the 175 Scottish based respondents, 103 backed independence with 72 opting to remain part of the Union.

The UK wide survey also showed most people believe Brexit is more important than the potential break-up of the Union.  Nearly 60% rated the UK leaving the European Union more important than Scotland becoming independent.  Only 26.6% disagreed.

Asked if they would still back Brexit even if it led to Scottish independence, more than half – 50.5% – said they would against 37.8% who took a different view.

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27 thoughts on “Poll suggests most Scottish voters now back independence

  1. Kerly

    Not an avalanche but evolution of Scottish peoples views which will take time .
    People who hold old British values thee,s days either have to hide behind a key board
    Or argue with you when they are in a group that is in the majority either way usually turning to abuse . I can understand the abuse because they can see their ways disappearing
    I always recon the more the abuse
    The nearer we are getting

  2. Brian McKay

    Interesting that a majority of English respondents seem to have no problem with Scottish independence. Begs the question, why the ‘English’ government should have a problem with it. After all if their voters are comfortable with it why shouldn’t their government? Could it be that they depend on Scottish resources more than they like to acknowledge?

  3. Graeme Fox

    It’s us loyal Scots who don’t want independence. Being a part of the great United Kingdom is what has made us Great Britain and that is something that separatist nationalists will never understand.
    They use things like Brexit as a means to an end – the EU means nothing to us because it’s an entity that’s only a little over a generation old – whereas the bonds forged under the Union Flag have been centuries in the making.
    Republican Irish didn’t break us and neither will the minority of republican Scots hiding in the bedrooms abusing Unionist Scots.

    1. Neil Watt

      It’s simple. The Conservatives came to power on a manifesto including remaining in the EU and single market. No other party except UKIP advocated leaving the EU. Boris Johnson and Theresa May supported membership of the EU. Cameron resigned after the referendum because he supported EU membership. The referendum failed to specify what the plan would be if the Leave vote won. So, we now have a party leading us in the opposite direction to it’s own party policy and the opposition also want to go down this road. There’s no mention of Scotland, Northern Ireland or Gibraltar (all of whom voted to remain in the EU), or the millions of Brits living abroad, and in Europe who will be seriously affected by this.

      T. May is behaving like a dictator leading the country to disaster and not caring about what anyone else thinks.

      Scotland was a separate country. It still is. It just has a united “monarchy”. It maintained an independent legal system and judiciary so all it’s “laws” were interpreted by Scots or created by Scots. The criminal law, family law, property law, inheritance laws and many other laws remained separate from English law. It was then given back it’s parliament. The fact that it shares a monarch, as do all the commonwealth countries with the Queen as head of state does not make it part of the same “country”. It merely consolidated some of its powers and institutions with England. It did not become a “region” or county of England.

      All of this is semantics. The real issue is that we are being led down a dead end by people who are opposed in principle to what they are advocating and were not elected to do this. The advisory referendum pre Brexit was badly drafted and has created a huge doubt as to what people actually did want and you can twist this anyway you want to make it look like everyone who voted to leave meant that the UK should also leave the single market and that they would have voted the same way if they realised this meant keeping free movement of people.

      Parliament, and especially Theresa May need a big wake up call about this and this will come when private companies start making plans over which no one has any control except their shareholders. Companies are not “patriots” regardless of the Tory revanchist jigoism. It has already started.

      All empires end. The United Kingdom in its current form has had it.

    2. Csth

      You might want to replace loyal Scot’s with just LOYALISTS.
      You keep telling yourselves your right or #I’nalrightjack pff

    3. Lee

      Loyal scots??? You think your loyal because you do what english mps tell you?? Your not loyal your a traitor

      1. Clydebuilt

        There’s nothing positive or clever calling someone a traitor. Wherever their loyalties lye.

      2. ChuckR

        The traitors as you call them are people like you and that ILK. Voting for uneducated sheep who have strong alliances with Irish republicans who caused terror murdering innocent good people. I hope you think good of yourself TRAITOR

    4. Jas

      Can you clarify ‘Republican Irish didn’t break us’? As far as I know Ireland did gain its right to self-determination, just as many other former British colonies have down the years. It’s impossible to stem the democratic impulse once it takes hold. There will always be those who resist this impulse due to a sense of misplaced loyalty to, and identification with, the dominant ideology. This can take many curious forms, but I’d hazard a guess that, in this case, it just comes down to supporting a certain football team.

    5. Robert Graham

      The comment ,did not break “us” who exactly are “us” ? , What makes you think you are ,or will be treated any differently from any other immigrants to these shores , in case you missed it ,we are and always have been annoying whining moaning jocks , with funny money , at best we do not enter their thinking , we are not on their Horizon if you believe Unionists north of the border are special oh dear sorry to burst yer Balloon
      There is no Union it’s just an Occupation by a bigger neighbour get over it .

  4. Stewart

    Presumably the Scottish poll, if it is sub-section of a UK one, will not include EU citizens or 16 and 17 year olds The poĺl might therefore be skewed towards a unionist slant.

    1. Me Bungo Pony

      To be fair, there are more people in London.

      Still, Scotland is a country, not a city, so I take your point.

  5. Graeme

    I don’t think it’s fair to call Graeme Fox a traitor, he described himself as a “loyal Scot” he just didn’t say where hi loyalties lye although it wouldn’t take rocket science to figure out they don’t lye in Scotland

    At least he had the decency not to call himself a “proud Scot”


  6. Robert Graham

    even if Independence was the prefered choice of 99% of people does anyone believe we would ever hear about from the BBC or any of the Scottish Media ? ,
    They dare not ever let people find out or know the truth .

  7. Tony O'neill

    What do you call a person who is responsible ac
    tively involved in denying his country it’s rightful freedom?, but is very happy for it to be ruled by its larger neighbour.

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