Phantom Power releases ‘Journey to Yes’ films

Independent film-maker ‘Phantom Power’ has released short films featuring people who were initially against Scottish independence explaining why they are now in favour.

Journey to Yes

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Fraser says Yes.  Fraser is a Labour member who, let down by the empty promises made by Better Together in the final days of indyref and concerned about an increasingly right-wing UK out of the EU, sees independence as the only choice now.


Daniel says Yes.  Daniel is a Dundee based engineer originally from London.  Daniel discusses the personal, political and economic impact of the Brexit vote and the need for Scotland to take a different path.


Caroline say Yes. Caroline is a business woman who lives in Edinburgh and is originally from Sussex. Traditionally Conservative, Caroline developed a keen interest in Scottish politics after the first indyref that was to completely alter her view of Scotland’s position in the UK. Caroline discusses the post-Brexit landscape, her concern of the increasingly right-wing populist UK Conservatives, disappointment in Ruth Davidson (Edinburgh voted 75% Remain), the economic implications of staying in a Tory dominated post-EU UK and the huge opportunities of independence for Scotland.

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5 thoughts on “Phantom Power releases ‘Journey to Yes’ films

  1. Alan Johnson

    All three films, but particularly no.3, are utterly convincing, and make compulsive viewing. How can we ensure that they are seen by as many people as possible?

  2. Crawford Cook

    I totally agree with you Alexander. We need to get the message out there. For way too long, the brit-nat unionists have tried to make out that our wishes for a better country are all about being anti-English. They are of course wrong and complete liars and I’m sure my very good English-Scots friends will back me up on this one.

    Divide and conquer is, and always has been the British Empire way…

  3. Phantom Power

    First batch available to download and share: Journey to Yes 1-3 HD films @ and DVD

  4. Mohan

    We moved to Scotland just over 10 years ago by choice. Living here has been a dream in comparison the living in southern England. The peoples, places and landscapes are all superb. The union would be OK if was truly representative of all parts of UK but it is not. London and the south east soak up the country’s money and spend it on themselves at the expense of the rest of the country. That is why voted Yes in 2014. Scotland has a means to do something about it. The majority of England voted to leave the EU because of the same disenfranchisement and Scotland is been pushed out of the EU against it will. This will carry on with Conservatives trying to out do each other on their extreme views. It is time for Scotland to take back control. Some English friends from the west country tell me that they would like to do the if they had the chance to break away.

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