Phantom Power releases ‘Journey to Yes’ films

Independent film-maker ‘Phantom Power’ has released short films featuring people who were initially against Scottish independence explaining why they are now in favour.

Journey to Yes

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Fraser says Yes.  Fraser is a Labour member who, let down by the empty promises made by Better Together in the final days of indyref and concerned about an increasingly right-wing UK out of the EU, sees independence as the only choice now.


Daniel says Yes.  Daniel is a Dundee based engineer originally from London.  Daniel discusses the personal, political and economic impact of the Brexit vote and the need for Scotland to take a different path.


Caroline say Yes. Caroline is a business woman who lives in Edinburgh and is originally from Sussex. Traditionally Conservative, Caroline developed a keen interest in Scottish politics after the first indyref that was to completely alter her view of Scotland’s position in the UK. Caroline discusses the post-Brexit landscape, her concern of the increasingly right-wing populist UK Conservatives, disappointment in Ruth Davidson (Edinburgh voted 75% Remain), the economic implications of staying in a Tory dominated post-EU UK and the huge opportunities of independence for Scotland.


Mike says Yes.  Mike Dailly is the Principal Solicitor of Glasgow’s Govan Law Centre and Govanhill Law Centre. Traditionally Labour, Mike was a high profile campaigner for Better Together during the first independence referendum. After the UK Government’s broken promises on more powers, the prospect of decades of Tory austerity and xenophobia, Mike has come to the conclusion that Scotland needs to take a different path now.


Tom says Yes.  Tom Morton is a broadcaster, writer and journalist based in Shetland. For Tom, Scottish independence is a question of moral authority and whether the Scottish people are best served by self-governance. The collapse of Labour, Brexit and the prospect of eternal Tory reign in the UK has transformed the political situation. The independence movement’s claims for self-determination now has a clear moral and reasoned case but it will take time to build a strategic campaign because the next indyref must be won.


Christopher says Yes. Christopher Graham leads Yes Bikers, a group of motorcycle who protest, support pro-independence events in Scotland and now Europe. Christopher voted No based on the mainstream media and now feels he did not have all the information needed to make an informed choice. It was a decision Christopher almost instantly regretted and the further betrayal of promises on more powers validated. Scotland now faces a choice between Tory Britain or a journey to self-determination and a more open progressive Scotland.


Erin says Yes.  Unlike UK General Elections and Brexit, 16 and 17 year olds were empowered with a vote in the Scottish independence referendum. Erin was 13 at the time and was still too young to participate but would have voted No. Erin found herself caught up in the post-indyref fightback and became an active member of the SNP Youth movement. She represents a new generation of politically aware young activists who demand greater representation in Scottish politics. Erin talks about aspects of youth vote in Scotland, opportunities, barriers and how vital it is that young people engage in decisions that will shape their own future. Erin will be 16 this September and is voting Yes at the next independence referendum.


Elizabeth says Yes. Scotland is a small business nation. There are around 350,000 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) operating in Scotland, providing an estimated 1.2 million jobs. Elizabeth owns a cosmetics business that depends on exports and the EU single market. Her decision to vote no was guided by fears that Scotland might not gain membership of the EU. The election of a Conservative majority in the 2015 made Elizabeth begin to reflect on her vote. Originally from Alabama, Elizabeth’s childhood experiences of segregation instilled a deep distrust of divisive politics. Brexit and rise of increasingly right-wing Tory party caused Elizabeth to reject UK politics and fully rethink her position on independence. Brexit now represents a real and present threat to Elizabeth’s business and the workers she supports.

NB David Cameron resigned in 2016 and not 2014 as shown. This error will be updated in future.


Mark says Yes. Londoner and businessman Mark followed Scotland’s first independence debate closely and had been inspired by the Yes campaign with its progressive and inclusive values. After the Brexit result, Mark was impressed by Scotland’s pro-EU vote and the Scottish Government’s handling of events. In November 2016 Mark sold his London home and moved with business and family to set-up in Scotland and join the Yes campaign. Mark reflects on the UK Government’s handling of Brexit and Scotland’s huge potential as an enlightened, open and independent nation.


Jackie says Yes.  Jackie Kemp is a writer living in Edinburgh and author of ‘Politics on the Hill, an Edinburgh View’, a stunning essay reflecting on Scotland’s changing post-Brexit identity that has resonated with people across the political spectrum. Jackie campaigned against independence in 2014 alongside long-serving Scottish Labour politician Tam Dalyell who himself described devolution as “a motorway without exit to a Scottish state”. Jackie reflects on her disillusion with the UK’s current constitutional settlement (England has left us) and how Brexit has altered her view of independence which she now sees as vital to maintaining Scotland and Edinburgh’s ancient links with Europe.

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6 thoughts on “Phantom Power releases ‘Journey to Yes’ films

  1. Alan Johnson

    All three films, but particularly no.3, are utterly convincing, and make compulsive viewing. How can we ensure that they are seen by as many people as possible?

  2. Crawford Cook

    I totally agree with you Alexander. We need to get the message out there. For way too long, the brit-nat unionists have tried to make out that our wishes for a better country are all about being anti-English. They are of course wrong and complete liars and I’m sure my very good English-Scots friends will back me up on this one.

    Divide and conquer is, and always has been the British Empire way…

  3. Phantom Power

    First batch available to download and share: Journey to Yes 1-3 HD films @ and DVD

  4. Mohan

    We moved to Scotland just over 10 years ago by choice. Living here has been a dream in comparison the living in southern England. The peoples, places and landscapes are all superb. The union would be OK if was truly representative of all parts of UK but it is not. London and the south east soak up the country’s money and spend it on themselves at the expense of the rest of the country. That is why voted Yes in 2014. Scotland has a means to do something about it. The majority of England voted to leave the EU because of the same disenfranchisement and Scotland is been pushed out of the EU against it will. This will carry on with Conservatives trying to out do each other on their extreme views. It is time for Scotland to take back control. Some English friends from the west country tell me that they would like to do the if they had the chance to break away.

  5. Graeme McAllan

    From an Edinburgh native now living in Orlando, these beautiful wee films make me greet 🙁

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