Phantom Power Films planning eight key documentaries

phantom powerThe team behind Phantom Power Films are planning a series of eight documentaries covering Scotland’s continuing constitutional journey.

The series has been billed as a “heady mix of activism, profile, music, film and comedy with a pro-independence flavour that aims to challenge all viewers.”

The first pilot edition is already in post-production and due out at the end of August.  In the meantime the team have released a short promo film [see below] featuring popular political commentator and writer Paul Kavanagh.

Phantom Power Films team member, Alan McManus said:

“The New Scottish Media has developed into an essential news resource for many since the first referendum.

“There has been tremendous work done on monitoring and challenging our public broadcaster, but we also need to create programming content too.

“Perspective will be a high quality politics and arts series with documentary specials that challenge viewers’ expectations and show a different Scotland.

“The ongoing mainstream news agenda in Scotland constantly revolves around key issues such as oil, public spending and the economy.

“The new media can’t possibly compete with or constantly react to this agenda.  What we can do is concentrate on those fundamental issues and produce a rigorous and pretty definitive account; the oil ‘burden’ being one such issue we are already working on.

“We’re hoping, on securing funding, that the series will be an invaluable resource that might serve to both inspire and inform.”

An appeal to help fund the series of documentaries has been launched on the Crowd-funding platform Indiegogo.  Click HERE to donate.

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