Patience and cunning

There is a distinct and growing sense that the Scottish Government is holding back. That they are straining every sinew to avoid declaring another independence referendum because the time is not yet quite right. There are a couple of things to be done first. One or two pieces have still to be put in place. But the atmosphere of impatience is palpable.

One of those pieces is the memorandum, announced by Mike Weir, that will set out the implications for devolved matters and the powers of the Parliament and Scottish ministers of the UK Government’s Brexit ‘plan’. This is necessary in the same way as publication of the the Scottish Government’s own Brexit demands was necessary. And for a similar reason. It is only be making these things public; by spelling them out in detail, that it will be made clear to all but the most terminally blinkered just how deplorably the British state is behaving towards the devolved administrations.

It is not sufficient to simply state that Scotland is being dragged out of the EU against the democratically expressed will of the electorate. Everybody knows that already. Unionists are defined by the fact that they are happy to accept a situation in which the government Scotland elected is overruled by a government Scotland rejected. It is an essential part of British nationalist ideology that democracy is only to be respected when it serves the interests of the British state.

People have to know more. Politically engaged and informed voters are not content to accept capsule pronouncements from politicians that reduce large and complex issues to mere slogans. People in Scotland want to know just what the implications are of what the British state is doing. They insist on being told exactly how their country is going to be affected by the actions of a right wing regime in London.

They demand to know, not just that the Sewel Convention is yet another British lie, but what the impact of that lie is.

The Scottish Government’s Brexit demands were presented precisely so that they could be peremptorily rejected by the British government. And so that people could witness this rejection. The Scottish Government’s appeal to the UK Supreme court was lodged in the knowledge that it would be dismissed. But people had to see it being dismissed in order that the lies about putting the Sewel Convention on a ‘statutory footing’ might be fully exposed.

Likewise, the Scottish Government must set out in detail the consequences for Scotland’s democracy of the British state’s audacious duplicity in the matter of the Sewel Convention. People have to see the true nature of the political union and what it means for Scotland.

For the SNP administration to forego these opportunities to inform the people of Scotland about their subordinate status within the UK would be a dereliction of its responsibilities. That is why Nicola Sturgeon must hold off from confirming #indyref2 until these opportunities have been fully exploited. It’s all about stocking up ammunition for the coming campaign.

The First Minister is cleverly encouraging Theresa May to provide open-minded No voters with a catalogue of reasons for starting their journey to Yes.

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10 thoughts on “Patience and cunning

  1. johnny rudkin

    to win a second referendum something has to be done about the bbc and mainstream press the bbc are using their scottish news programs to run down scotland at every opportunity this morning they have brought out another report about scottish children in poverty scottish child poverty is the worst in europe they say this statement is on air four times every hour running scotland down tomorrow it will be teachers then health then police universities employment they are going full blast to run scotland into the ground the snp must do something about this or we are on a hiding to nothing

    1. Dan Huil

      I think the bbc is the No.1 enemy of Scotland today – even more anti-Scottish than the britnat parties in Holyrood.

      I think there is scope for optimism, however, in that more and more people in Scotland are seeing the bbc as just another part of the britnat media machine. Thus, just like the britnat press, its influence is waning. As the bbc becomes more and more openly biased against Scotland, and it will, that influenece will wane even further.

      We also have excellent websites like this one offering hope and facts to fight britnat propaganda.

      1. Diane

        I have cancelled my TV licence and do not watch the BBC nor any live TV. I found that even knowing that the BBC was full of bias and propaganda, I could still be unwittingly sucked in to believing their lies and beginning to doubt Scotland’s strength.

      2. Christine

        Old people who see and believe what BBC/MSM publishes will vote according to what they see.
        Most are not computer savvy and more importantly they DO cast their vote.
        We therefore must address the media bias.
        Problem is – I don’t know how we are going to do it.

        From an oldie who is computer savvy and sees the entrenched unionist views all around her and despairs!
        I have been trying to point out the truth but they just think I am deluded, after all that’s not what the BBC is saying – and they would know!!!

    2. Dorothy Bruce

      Read the two articles on the BBC on this blog to understand why the BBC behaves as it does and why it’s going to be very difficult to mute it –

      We need to be creative and try to circumvent the BBC through the use of social media, and the usual leaflets, but we can also try plays and songs, flash mob ditties, beer mats in pubs, postcards left on seats in buses and trains, anything that might help get our message across. And let’s not forget, the BBC is also turning off many people who will explain to others just why that happened.

  2. manandboy

    Excellent, Peter. There is a real need in the Indy movement to fully embrace the process you describe so well.

    I loved this bit – “Unionists are defined by the fact that they are happy to accept a situation in which the government Scotland elected is overruled by a government Scotland rejected. It is an essential part of British nationalist ideology that democracy is only to be respected when it serves the interests of the British state.”
    You deserve a medal for that alone.

  3. Clydebuilt

    The child health scare is based on a report by the RCPHP. … From the reports site.
    Mortality rates for the only age group that allows a direct comparison between England and Scotland ie. the one to nine group In 2014 England had 761 mortalities, Scotland had 49. ….. By proportion if Scotland had the same mortality rate as England we would have seen approximately 64 deaths.

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