Our own worst enemy?

Wings Over Scotland is pretty much spot on with everything but the timing of #indyref2; which I remain convinced will be September 2018.

Having said that, perhaps the most important point in the article is the first one, about there being no separate Brexit deal for Scotland. For all everybody knows that Nicola Sturgeon is simply going through the motions by submitting the Scottish Government’s proposals, it is a crucially important action, for a number of reasons. It sends a clear signal of intent to our friends in Europe. And the UK Government can hardly be accused of rejecting the Scottish Government’s position if that position is not explicitly stated. It may be gesture politics. But it is far from an empty gesture.

Arguably the most critical aspect of this is the manner in which the Yes movement as a whole responds to the anticipated rejection of the proposals. We can be sure that the British media will relish portraying this as a deserved personal ‘snub’to Nicola Sturgeon and a ‘failure’ of her administration. We can be certain also that the British parties in Scotland will revel in the anticipated abuse, even if they have to be cautious about explicitly celebrating the disrespect to Scotland’s voters.

I wish I could be confident that the entire Yes movement would get fully behind the First Minister and the SNP administration as they make a stand on Scotland’s behalf against the arrogant might of the British state. Experience, however, bids me expect that some elements of the Yes movement will be woefully eager to run with the British nationalist narrative – sniping and carping at the SNP using language lifted directly from the mainstream media.

At which point, those of us who recognise the need to present a united front at this critical juncture in our fight for independence may well despair of any hope for success in #indyref2, whenever it is called.

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10 thoughts on “Our own worst enemy?

  1. East Neuker

    I’m afraid you could be right. The Independence “movement”, if that is the right way to describe it, is not without a range of divisive factionalists who cannot see past their own view of the way things should be, and grasp the first essential, that independence is the prerequisite for any of us to get a chance to escape from the dead hand of the U.K., and work for the change we want, whatever that may be.

    All of us have to realise that independence is needed because Scotland wants to do things differently from the increasingly right wing rUK, which is taking a course we do not want to follow.

    What will happen then will be difficult, and will evolve in time into a a new political and social landscape, the detail of which will emerge slowly, but hopefully will be quite different to what looks likely if we remain in the UK

    If a failure to pull together among nominal yes supporters costs us another lost referendum, Scotland is lost both conceptually and in in reality, perhaps for good.

    England will not forgive, and will make sure to crush and subjugate “North Britain” for once and for all.

  2. James McHale

    There are days when I despair at the back biting and sniping among some affiliates of the YES movement and in particular when they attack the Scottish Government and First Minister in what could be construed as self interest politicking. I’m sure there were those who worked tirelessly up to September 2014 for independence that also had an eye on career development after the event and leading up to the Holyrood election, for their own reasons, naively contributed in bringing about a minority SNP Government. Despair indeed.

    But the overriding memory I have of the independence referendum was the organic growth of the YES campaign, along with a growing self confidence in Scotland, and was entirely focused on achieving the goal and remained so even when rUK threw the entirety of its propagandist might against it.

    This is why I remain hopeful for #indyref2. We will, again, all pull in the same direction. As the saying goes “the Devil makes work for idle hands” and currently there are just a few too many idling away and looking around for trouble. YES will again have to be rock solid and in order to do so it must be focused. Focused on Scottish independence. I believe once the starting gun is fired for #indyref2, division and self interest will dissipate as we converge to bring independence home and ably assisted by online contributors exposing the myths and lies. “London Calling” should ensure that BBC in Scotland will be seen for what it is. The propaganda wing of the Yoon brigade.

    The question for the present is how much damage are we going to have to undo while we wait?

  3. Clydebuilt

    STV news covered the Scottish Governments Brexit Proposals…….. I didn’t notice any details of the Proposals being broadcast……. They went all found tge houses and told viewers nothing about the proposals

  4. TB

    If the SNP had devoted the same dedication to “going through the motions” re. the Brexit negotiations to a genuine commitment to positive propaganda for independence since 2014 I think we’d have a better chance of winning our country back, whenever the vote is.

  5. ronald alexander mcdonald

    We have become accustomed to accepting that if we lose the next referendum e.g. in 2018, that would kill Independence for a generation or so. Says who? There is no legislation to support such a position.

    Supposing we did lose the next one in 2018. Two years later the economy is in tatters. The opinion polls demonstrate a substantial majority for Independence. What then?

  6. Lochside

    i agree Peter. I despair at the contributions on other supposed pro-Indy web sites over the past two years. Supposed left leaning figures pushing an anti SNP agenda at the last Scottish elections…when the enemy: the Tories and SLAB were there to be totally annihilated. And the right…navel gazing about monarchial successions and anti Eu distractions.

    Scotland has a lamentable history of dividing our forces in the face of the enemy…guess who(?)….and I worry that the same axe grinders and fith columnists..who appear at the most opportune moments (for the Brits) will swap jerseys at the critical moment.

  7. Mike Fenwick

    Hi Peter … I wonder if you will remember our short chat on that march this year, when I inroduced myself and said there would be many many areas where we would agree at a fundamental level, and perhaps others, far less, where that might not be the case.

    Disagree: (perhaps wrongly) that 2017 is a sterile year. I attended your launch of DEMOS Scotland, I didn’t become a member (busy eslewhere – see below) , but the development of a Constitution is critical, there are many such matters where hard sweat, toil and brain power are needed, not after any Indy/Ref, but in advance of it – old adage: Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail.

    My own efforts started in June, with the intention of seeing a Scottish currency in place by the 1st of January 2017. It has taken me to meetings across the country, and on the 1st of January 2017, I will be at Holyrood with a presentation of the Scottish “Hand”, (the name chosen and derived from Burn’s “Auld Lang Syne”) to deliver to the First Minister of Scotland. A currency derived of, by and for the people of Scotland.

    Each note is backed by a deposit of legal tender, equally backed with a signed promise from those depositing the coins, and all are now currently held in the safe keeping of the First Minister, there have been 3 such deliveries, and all 129 MSPs have been given individual letters at the outset, noting a series of objectives, and also updated as progress has been made.

    I know from following you that you may not see the question of currency as I do. For me that one word “currency” camouflages much else of even greater importance, regulation of Banks (think 2008), a Scottish National Bank,a publicly owned Payments System (not one controlled by Banks or Mastercard), and so on near endlessly.

    This is a link to a new Facebook site:


    On there you will find links, one short to my last delivery at Holyrood, and one much longer to a YES Orkney meeting … if you can spare the time, watch that longer YouTube link.

    Agree: 100% with every other word from your post, and may I illustrate that agreement by the way the “Hand” has been designed … on it each line is each of us as individuals, but when we unite, when we combine in common purpose, then and only then does the hand itself exist.

    There is no rest for the wicked, Peter … there is no rest for you, for me, and for many others in 2017 imho – nor if we are to see our country independent, should there be!

  8. ScotsCanuck

    heartened to hear the currency question is at an advanced stage ….. great work, Mike.

    With respect to Peter’s issue, it’s all too true that there are no small number of individuals who’s ego and self importance transcend their belief in Independence.
    It can come as no surprise that the Unionist media trip over themselves to offer air time or column inches to these detractors ……. it’s the age old malaise “Divide & Rule”

    However, as has been highlighted, the grass roots populism of YES was truly an inspiration and scared the crap out of the Establishment.
    That engagement must be reignited and when the FM calls IndyRef2 (probably late summer ’18), the organisational framework of YES groups in villages, towns & cities across the country will be the key to success.

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