Not speaking for Scotland

The reference to Kezia Dugdale making a “major constitutional speech” hints at a residual tendency on the part of even the avowedly pro-independence Sunday Herald to cling to the comfortable simplicity of a time when all of Scottish politics was centred on the faux rivalries of the Tory/Labour duopoly. This is not to say that the Sunday Herald is as bad as the BBC, of course. Where the former merely uses language that harks back to the days when British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) was the dominant political force in Scotland, the latter shows every sign of genuinely believing that it still is.

The news may not yet have reached Pacific Quay, but BLiS is no longer even a prospective party of government. Treating the likes of Margaret Curran as if they were elected political representatives rather than rejected political dinosaurs only makes BBC Scotland look ridiculous. And this is an organisation which should be desperately clinging to whatever vestiges of credibility it can scrape together, rather than squander even more by its obdurate denial of the new political realities in Scotland.

Let’s be clear! Kezia Dugdale doesn’t make major constitutional speeches. Kezia Dugdale doesn’t make major speeches of any kind. No matter what spurious status she is afforded by the British media, Dugdale is as close to be a political cipher as makes no difference.

Not only does Dugdale have nothing of importance to say on the constitutional issue, nobody can trust what she says anyway. She has wobbled and wavered and flipped and flopped and equivocated and U-turned so much that she quite possibly has even less credibility than BBC Scotland.

Quite simply, Kezia Dugdale is a British nationalist. She differs from Ruth Davidson only in terms of personal and partisan interests. In relation to their determination to preserve the Union at any cost, the distance between them is insufficient to accommodate the proverbial cigarette paper. Neither is more than marginally concerned with the need, priorities and aspirations of Scotland’s people – if that. Both would gladly, eagerly, proudly sacrifice Scotland’s interests in the name of defending the ruling elites of the British state.

That is what devolution is all about. Disabuse yourself of any fanciful idea that it is about empowering the Scottish Parliament, which the British establishment perceives as a threat. Empty your head of silly notions about it being concerned with the good governance of Scotland, when the British establishment so clearly regards Scotland’s democratically elected government as an insurgency. Get it clear in your mind that devolution is entirely about withholding powers from the Scottish Parliament and creating a political and fiscal minefield for the SNP administration to negotiate.

From its inception, the overarching imperative of the entire devolution process has been the preservation of the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

This is Kezia Dugdale’s imperative every bit as much as it is the motivation for Ruth Davidson and every other British nationalist. It is all about keeping the British state intact regardless of the social and economic cost to the people of Scotland. Or, for that matter, the people of any other part of the UK.

There is no way that Dugdale can say anything meaningful or significant about the constitutional issue. She can only attempt some new way of rationalising the British nationalist insistence that the government Scotland elected must always be subordinate to a government Scotland rejected. She can do no more than essay some plausible rhetorical device by which to claim for the Westminster elite an authority which is vested only and entirely in the people of Scotland. For it is only we, the people of Scotland who have the rightful authority to determine and constrain the powers of our Parliament.

Kezia Dugdale is the loyal servant of a British state which denies the sovereignty of the Scottish people and usurps their rightful authority over the Scottish Parliament only by means of a political union forged and affirmed in corruption, dishonesty and intimidation.

Dugdale can’t make a “major constitutional speech”. She can only try to find some insidiously deceitful form of words that might sweeten the bitter pill she wants us to swallow.

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6 thoughts on “Not speaking for Scotland

  1. Alan Crocket

    All perfectly true, and beautifully put, but subordination is what we opted for, freely and democratically, in 2014, and until we make a different choice, we have only ourselves to blame.

    1. Dan Huil

      Like you I’m looking forward to IndyRef2. Although IndyRef2 might not be needed if Holyrood voted, “freely and democratically”, for an end to the union with England.

  2. Dan Huil

    Labour only just survives in Scotland because it has “friends” within the bbc desperately trying to keep Labour “important”.

  3. Andy McKirdy

    Too true Dan. It’s like watching people with irrelevant jobs wearing hi-vis jackets thinking they are very important because of the jacket. The BBC is the Labour party’s hi-vis jacket.
    The Labour Party ‘s audience is the older generations who have always Labour and don’t want to learn anything new cause the don’t really care about anybody else anymore and can’t be bothered with the effort of changing. The Tory audience is what it always was plus the one time Labour voters who now make no pretence about basing their social and economic beliefs on the football team they support, crappy future for the country poor prospects for them personally, but they can salute the “Butchers Apron” and sing the anthem. The Liberal Audeince is the those that can pick between the other 2, any genuine Liberal in Scotland is now voting Green.
    They are all given relevance beyond there audience by good old auntie Beeb.

  4. Robert Graham

    A very clear honest appraisal of what BLIS are, there is no other description possible ,no other way of describing them , as for the BBC activly working to undermine the elected Scottish Government , in any other country in the world this organisation would be shut down and its management would be on trial for Sedition .

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