No thinking required!

Simon Johnson is an enigma. Is he really so politically unaware as to be incapable of understanding the Scottish Government’s strategy over Brexit? Or is he merely pretending to be stupid for the purposes of peddling British nationalist propaganda?

Either way, how does such an individual get to be a journalist, never mind licence to style himself ‘Scottish Political Editor’? Does that title not imply a certain acumen? Does it not at least suggest a passing familiarity with Scotland’s political scene?

None of that is evident in yet another article which has more to do with mindless lashing out at the SNP than with exploring and illuminating issues. And, as if Simon Johnson hadn’t already done enough damage to any remaining tatters of credibility, he reaches deep into the malodorous barrel of malign dishonesty that is the resort of only the most pathetically desperate Britnat hack to scoop out a quote from the odious Jackie Baillie.

It is perfectly possible that Baillie has genuinely convinced herself that the SNP is campaigning to leave the UK single market. It is entirely possible that the same demented imagination which conjured her grotesque caricature of the SNP also entertains sick fantasies of the rump UK building a Trump-style wall to prevent all trade between Scotland and England.

It is entirely believable that the Baillie craves for Scotland every kind of misfortune imaginable as punishment for challenging the divinely ordained supremacy of the British state. But one would surely hope that a senior journalist on what still purports to be a leading newspaper would eschew such insanity.

It’s not rocket science, Simon. It’s just very basic politics. Only those British nationalists who believe their own propaganda could suppose that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t perfectly aware of how infeasible it is to quit the EU but remain in the single market. But does Johnson seriously think Scotland’s First Minister should simply sit silent in a corner and meekly accept whatever the UK Government does?

Actually, that’s precisely what the likes of Johnson and Baillie think. They are quite genuinely offended that the government Scotland elected should refuse to submit entirely to a government that Scotland rejected. They quite sincerely consider it outrageous that Nicola Sturgeon would seek to defend and promote Scotland’s interests. It’s just not British!

As intellects less crippled by hate and resentment will have recognised, it is essential that the Scottish Government be seen to explore every avenue as they seek to shield Scotland from at least some of the damaging effects of being dragged out of the EU against the democratically expressed wishes of Scottish voters.

Those more acute intellects will have also noted the trademark logic-bending contradictions and inconsistencies in the rhetoric spewing out of simpletons such as Murdo Fraser. In one breath these clowns insist that only the UK Government has the authority to negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU – taking an unwilling Scotland with them. In the next, they demand that the SNP administration come up with a plan to rescue Scotland’s economy from the dumb vandalism being wreaked by a totally clueless British political elite.

Don’t look to the Unionist media to untangle any of this. They have only one explanation for pretty much anything that happens in Scottish politics. No thinking required! Just blame the SNP!

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4 thoughts on “No thinking required!

  1. bringiton

    You would think that with the huge economic uncertainty the Tories gave created through Brexit,they would be delighted to get rid of the economic dead zone north of their border.
    The English press should be demanding of them how much longer can England afford to support us indolent bankrupt Scots?
    At a stroke they could recover some of the income being lost through leaving the EU by declaring Scotland a fiscally independent region.
    The London hacks then would no longer have to publish their concerns about Scotland’s economic situation as it would be a matter solely for us Scots and our elected government.
    Lies,damned lies and the English press.

  2. Dan Huil

    I take much heart by the increasingly shrill comments coming from these britnats. Their arrogance and ignorance towards Scotland proves they honestly believe there will not be IndyRef2. It will be doubly satisfying to see the looks on their snobby faces when IndyRef2 is announced.

    Meanwhile Scotland-hating Scots like Baillie continue to write their own political obituaries and condemn themselves to the traitors’ bin of Scotland’s history.

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