No Fishing

They’re like Laurel and Hardy, Starsky and Hutch or for the more contemporary, Ant and Dec. They’re always together. You don’t get one without the other. They come as a pair.

I’m talking about Brexit and Scottish Fishing.

How many times have you watched a BBC Scotland news report about Brexit only to find the reporter reminding you of the damage the EU has done to Scotland’s fishing sector?

It’s been a constant since we Scots voted to remain, only to find ourselves ignored because England … er, didn’t. Fishing is the proxy that balances the democratic deficit. Look at the fishing communities, they nearly voted to leave!!


Since the EU referendum, fishing is the only sector left in Scotland if you believe the BBC and Brexit is its saviour. The story goes that Brexit will see the UK leave the Common Fisheries Policy. At a stroke no foreign vessels will be allowed in UK waters. There will be so much fish that we’ll need to build even more Type 26 frigates to catch them.


That theory took a bit of a dent on Wednesday when news emerged of a meeting between Michael Gove and Danish officials. The Danes let it slip that the UK Foreign Secretary had conceded that foreign vessels will indeed still be able to fish in UK waters.

Major story, especially in Scotland given the SNP has been slapped around the face by ‘Brexit Bertie’ Armstrong and the UKIP skippers he represents. I’d had a spat with the presenter of Good Morning Scotland earlier that day. Gary Robertson seemed confident that there would be “reaction through the day”.

BBC Scotland had to cover this, given it had obsessed over fishing in a way not seen since it obsessed over oil [when the price dropped], and ‘Scottish’ banks [When the UK let them gamble wildly].

It was with bated breath that I waited on the flagship evening news programme Reporting Scotland airing. The story would surely be prominent. It had been given a very brief mention on the lunchtime news programme [see clip below], but it would get more by the time the evening programme aired surely.

When the evening programme aired, I watched each item in turn. Mental health discharges … Calls for an inquiry into Fife council … Baby Box doubts [What was that about?] … A pensioner jailed for life … it went on right throughout the programme and not one mention of the fishing access story.  The fishing story had been dropped.

Below is a two minute video with every news item deemed worthy of coverage by Scotland’s public service broadcaster. The story Gary Robertson confidently predicted would result in “reaction throughout the day” wasn’t deemed worthy of mention.

The programme did mount a rather mean spirited attack on Baby Boxes. A fantastic initiative that is due to be rolled out next week across the country, and will help struggling new mums, has been smeared by dint of a spoiler run by BBC Scotland.

What more need I say?

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15 thoughts on “No Fishing

  1. bringiton

    Gove seems to forget that the EU operates a COMMON fisheries policy.
    If Gove allows Danish boats to fish in UK waters,he will also have to allow Spanish,French etc etc.
    The EU will not allow the Tories to have bilateral deals with individual member states,whether it be on fishing,banking or anything else for that matter.
    Despite what the Tories believe/hope,the EU will continue to exist long after England has gone.
    No question however that the Tories are lining fishing up as a bargaining chip,again,in order to gain consessions for other sectors deemed more important to London.
    Fool me once,shame on you,fool me twice………

    1. Andy in Germany

      Oh heck, I’d forgotten the Common Fisheries policy. (I live near Stuttgart, fishing rights aren’t discussed here much)

      Looks like the old empire method of divide and conquer isn’t going to work here.

      It was clear from the beginning that Westminster would see the fishermen as a bargaining chip for their goals. I’m just astonished that they fell for it. Again.

  2. Col

    Thanks for the analysis bringiton, there was more journalistic integrity in that small comment on this great site than there ever will be on half an hour of the news where you are BBC bull shit, brain melting nonsense that they like to pretend is news.

  3. Jockanese Wind Talker

    As predicted the Scots Fishing Industry and the Comunities it supports are to be sacrificed on the altar of what is best for London and the South East of England.

    Let us see how Colonel Gadafties True Blue (also available in Orange) MPs in the ‘Blue Corner’ (Moray, Aberdeen & ‘Shire and Angus) try and wriggle out of this.

    Won’t be long ’til it’s the turn of our Farming Comunities.

    Well I suppose some of us did try to warn them but it seems they wanted to learn the hard way (again).

    1. bringiton

      Gove seems to have been given the agriculture and fisheries portfolio as well as his environmental duties.
      Not only has he offended the fishermen by saying that,basically it will be business as usual (with a few tweaks) but farmers will have to earn their subsidies (whatever that means) and cannot expect the “handouts” to continue.
      Scary scary news for them and ultimately us consumers when they go out of business and we have to rely on imports from Asia and the USA.
      The Tories appear to be intent on doing to agriculture and fisheries in Scotland what they did to our manufacturing industries in the 1980s and what they have recently done to our oil sector.
      Will some Scots never learn?

      1. BSA

        Why is it scary for farmers to earn their handouts ? Gove simply said that they would have to produce public goods like ecosystem services and wildlife habitats in return for public money. Currently ‘handouts’ are exactly what they are receiving for no public benefit. Gove’s statement represented no threat at all to food production or to farm viability but might mean reduced flood risk and a less sterile countryside. The only unfortunate aspect is that it took a Tory of all people rather than the SG to say what needed saying.

    2. Hugh Bryce

      Yes the farmers will be next. If the Tories have no shame in paying the DUP to stay in power what chance is there that the Fishermen and Farmers are safe. They were warned they would be cast aside to suit England they didn’t listen, are they listening now it is not to late to help Scotland protect them and the people.

  4. Scott

    We all know the CFP is not perfect but if what happened below within the rules just imagine what will go on after Brexit, I well remember many skippers were ready to scrap their boats and sell their licence to Spanish owners,all you have to do is look at the size of some of the fishing boats so a lot of these skippers have done ok out of CFP.
    They think they have troubles just now but just wait until Gove sells them out.

    Black fish: Four fishermen admit £6.5m Lerwick and Peterhead scam

    Four fishermen have admitted that they failed to declare landings worth £6.5m as part of a major black fish scam.

    Seventeen Scottish skippers and a processing firm have received fines totalling almost £1m for their part in the UK’s biggest fraud involving illegal catches of fish.

    The fish were handled by Shetland Catch Ltd in Lerwick and Alexander Buchan Ltd in Peterhead between 2002 and 2006.
    Just some of the headlines at the time what did Bertie Armstrong “Tory”have to say.

  5. Alasdair Macdonald

    The BBC in Scotland seems to have dropped any pretence and impartiality or balance. It is openly anti-Scottish (we are the worst at everything, the surgeon jailed for serious assaults on patients is a SCOT!), it condemns anything the Scottish Government does, usually by introducing the story with a comment from the Scottish Conservatives (“Scottish” Labour seems to be being ignored altogether – either because it is acknowledged that they are, indeed, red Tories or because its spokespersons are so vacuous), it bases stories on opinion and comment, such as the report on former MP, Ms Michelle Thomson. The criticism of the baby boxes was based on a charity of which I have never heard. In the business section of GMS, ‘red tape’ is routinely presented as something to be swept away.

    It is dire.

  6. Bibbit

    Bertie Armstrong, from Norn Ireland, is an extreme Britnat, who wants out of the EU, under any circumstances, including fishermen being worse off.

    Hiding the truth from fishers is part of that extreme nationalism that Armstrong is party to.

    The Baby Box is just another smear by Misreporting Scotland on anything the SNP govt. attempts to do, to better Scotland, or make Scots believe in themselves and their country.

    ‘Belittle, belittle, belittle’, is Misreporting Scotland’s mission statement.

    Both the English ‘Belief Lullaby Trust’ and the ‘Scottish Cot Death Trust’ have issued statements – the latter’s linked to below – clarifying the lies and innuendo broadcast by Misreporting Scotland.

    I firmly now believe that Misreporting Scotland must be run by a unit of MI5 or MI6, so relentless is its anti-Scots propaganda, day after day, ad nauseum. Even Yoons watching this programme must tire of it’s unending doom and gloom outlook on all things Scottish.

    1. Jon

      The Scottish Cot Death Trust, were reported to have said they “have decided to remain neutral”). They didn’t phone up the BBC to say they want to remain neutral. The BBC must’ve phoned them up. Fishing to get statements that would damage the S. G.
      As the State Broadcaster toiled to produce a negative story to Air as the Baby Box is launched.

  7. Proud Cybernat

    A major revelation concerning Scotland’s post-Brexit fishing industry and what does BBC Scotland’s flagship evening news bulletin tell us about it – not a single Jackie Bird.

    And they wonder why we call it ‘BBC Numpty News’?

    1. Hugh Bryce

      The BBC seem to forget when Independence comes where will they be Scotland will have no use for a media that can’t tell the truth. So Jackie Bird, Gordon Brewer and the rest will be visiting food banks to survive.

  8. Dan Huil

    Well well well… britnat bbc hypocrisy stinks again. Stinks more than a barrel of rancid fish guts.

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